In The Night

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Chapter 5

A few days after my date with Cassius, I visited the local gun shop. I go here often--sometimes to buy the items that I need before going out into the woods and other times just to see what they have in shop. I know how crazy this sounds that I use my free time to go shopping at a gun shop.

I was scanning the glass cases, looking at guns they had on display. My eyes landed on a glock pistol they had on display. It looked nice but the price on it doubled my utility bills. When my dad passed away, I found out I was the beneficiary listed on his life insurance. I received a substantial amount of money to keep me busy for a while. I use some of it to prepare his funeral.

I tapped the glass lightly and clicked my tongue as I looked at the pistol. Should I, or shouldn’t I?

“Nice choice. Do you know how to use a gun?” A male voice asked from my side and appeared from the corner of my eyes.

I looked up from the gun that I was eyeing to see who the man was. It wasn’t someone I recognize which means he doesn’t live in this village. He was tall and lean. Dark curly blonde hair cascading over his forehead almost in an impishly cute manner. His crooked nose exemplified his cuteness. However, it was the strength in his cheekbones that refined his masculinity and made him look kind of sexy.

A flash of Cassius’s dark and mysterious face passed through my mind and insanely I felt slightly guilty for eyeing another man. Why? I have only gone on one date with Cassius.

Cassius did buy you your favorite pizza.

Yes, but that shouldn’t flood me with guilt and shame. This feeling even I couldn’t explain.

He was a gentleman. You talked almost until one in the morning before he left. Not to mention, the soft feathery kissed he gave you. He leaned in and kissed you on the cheek. THAT is something.

I almost scoffed in annoyance at my inner conscience.

Don’t lie to yourself. You have feelings for him.

Yes, but I have only just met him.

But you feel an unexplainable connection from the moment you met him.

The male before me still waiting for an answer from me cleared his throat. I realized that I haven’t answered him and my staring has become borderline stalker.

“Yes, my dad taught me.” I answered.

“A woman who knows her ways with guns. That’s hot.” He stuffed his hands in his jean pockets and rocked back and forth on his feet.

“Hot? I prefer the term deadly, dangerous, lethal, killer.” I retorted dryly.

He chuckled, his eyes scrunching up at the corners as he grinned down at me, “I like your sense of humor.”

“I wasn’t kidding.” I met his eyes when I answered him.

“Well then, it is a pleasure to meet a dangerous woman like you.” He stuck a hand out, “My name is Tristan Conners.”

He said without a blink or a flicker of doubt that I was anything but sane. I took his hand in mind.

“Amelia Williams.”

“I have to say I haven’t seen you in this town before. Are you new? Are you visiting?” He inquired, leaning against the glass counter with one elbow.

“This is my hometown.” I replied.

“Ah, so you are returning.” He said. “You have family here.”

I nodded slowly, “You can say that.”

“Not too fond of them?” He asked.

“No, it is not that.” Feeling like he was digging to territory that I didn’t want to talk about. Family was a touchy subject for me. I began to shift away from him. He put a hand out to stop me.

“Sorry. Did I say something wrong?” He asked, concern reflecting in his eyes.

“No. I just have things to do.” I replied and tried to weave around him but he pushed off the counter and blocked me again.

“I would like to meet you again. Can I have your number?” He asked.

“Tristen, listen, it was nice meeting you but I am really not looking to make friends.” I told him, raising my hand up to halt any more advancement from him.

“But I am funny. You will learn to love me.” He persisted with a grin. “C’mon. What can a phone number do?”

“Quite a lot.” A voice answered from behind me.

I turned around to see Cassius walking up to us. A dark look in his eyes that sent a cognizant shiver down my spine, wringing goosebumps on my skin from head to toe. His enticingly ample lips thinning into a firm line. My senses doubled and I felt the need to throw myself into his arms and cling to his body like a baby monkey clinging to his or her mother.

The rigidness in his shoulder extruded anger and fury. His beautiful ashy grey eyes glinted with dislike but when it flitted over to me the little half-moons in his irises almost glowed like little night lights.

Must be my imagination.

“Cassius, what are you doing here?” I looked him up and down and noticed he was limping on his left leg. Explains why he was gone for a couple of days and not a single word from him. I not have experience in dating but I wasn’t stupid. He should’ve texted me if he was really interested in me the next morning after he left my home or let me know if he had any plans on another date but instead he disappeared.

“I was just stopping by to grab some supplies.” He answered me but I felt in my guts that he was lying.

“Cassius, nice to see you.” Tristen said from beside me. My head whipped between the two. They knew each other?

“I have to disagree. Now if you will excuse me, Amelia and I have a meeting.” Cassius replied curtly. He wrapped his hand around my elbow and began tugging me away from Tristen.

“Hey-“I started. He squeezed my arm and dragged me out of the shop. I turned around to a Tristen who smiled and waved after me.

Cassius dragged me like a rag doll down a block to my parked vehicle. He shoved his hand into my jacket pocket and took out my keys.

“Get in the car.”

“What? No.” I sputtered. “You can’t control me like this.”

“I don’t have the patience, Amelia. Get in.” He growled, his eyes darkening by the second.

I crossed my arms, “You’re not my father.”

“For f/uck sake, stop fighting me.” He snapped, his eyes turning again into that fiery amber gold. “Get in!”

I clenched my teeth in anger. I didn’t like his tone and when he walked towards me and I saw that he was going to manhandle me again, I quickly whipped out my knife from my belt and pointed it at his groin. Luckily, no living beings were in sight. The street was empty.

“Don’t touch me, Cassius.” I said in a low voice.

He glanced down at where the point of my knife was touching the zipper of his pants before huffing in irritation and running a frustrated hand through his sexy hair. God damn it, even when he pissed me off he was godly sexy.

“God, you manage to piss me off and turn me on all at once.” I didn’t realize what slipped from my lips until it did. My eyes widened and he glanced down at me in surprise. Heat rushed through my body like a tidal wave. Even without a mirror, I knew I was red as a cherry.

I backed away and placed my knife back into my knife sheath. Clearing my throat, I tucked my hair behind my ear and tried to walk around him. However, Cassius manage to spin me around and pinned me against the side of my jeep. How he managed that while limping was beyond me.

He licked his lips before bringing his bottom lips between his lips. A cock and sexy smile gracing his lips as he did and what appears to be joy reflecting from his eyes now.

“Turned on?” He questioned with a sly smile.

“I didn’t mean you.”

“You were looking at me when you said it.”

“No, I wasn’t.” I snapped back, pushing against his chest.

He pushed his chest against my hands.

“You were. Admit it.” He smirked.

I scoffed, “Whatever. You think too highly of yourself.”

“If it wasn’t me who turned you on, then who did?” He softly asked, leaning closer to me. I could feel his breath warming my cheeks.

What do I say? What do I tell him? He was right but I refuse to give him the pleasure.

“Oh look, Tristen is walking this way.” I looked behind him.

At the mention of Tristen’s name, his demeanor changed. A scowl appeared on his face and he took a step back. Glancing behind him just to make sure Tristen wasn’t there before running another frustrated hand through his hair.

“Get in the jeep.” He ordered again.

“We are going to do this again?” I arched an eyebrow at him.

He growled like an angry wolf, “Will you stop being so stubborn and get in?”

“Only if you ask me nicely.” I retorted but felt my inner self simmer into a corner while I felt his eyes flash amber gold. I’m starting to get use to that look. I don’t know how he does it and I am pretty sure an ophthalmologist will die trying to figure this out but I didn’t mind it. I actually like the way his eyes changed color. Must be the lighting.

“Amelia, we can do this one way or another. You go in willingly or I force you in.” I took it as a challenge and he saw it in my eyes. I thought he will be angry but what looked like pride shined in his eyes before he took a predatory step towards me.

Thirty minutes later, I was tied up nicely in the back seat of my jeep. I put up a good fight and a few punches before he managed to tie me up with his scarf. When I attempted to hurdle angry rants at him, he used my scarf to cover my mouth.

I saw him glanced into the backseat, “I warned you.”

I mumbled that he was lucky and if he unties me I’ll show him but it came out as muffled sounds that sounded like a dying cow. One corner of his lip lifted when he heard my response.

“You’re a fighter. I’ll give you that.”

I mumbled back that if I ever get out of these restraints I’ll castrate him. He chuckled when he heard me.

“Now, since I have you nicely wrapped up, I wanted to talk about our second date.” He said as he took a turn down the road towards my cottage.

I scoffed and his smile broadened. He was really taking pleasure in my current predicament. There is a fat chance he will not get a second date with me but even that thought I knew I will go on a second date with him. Why? Because there was this stupid unexplainable pull towards him. I swear if he was any other guy I would cut him.

But you think he’s f/ucking sexy and the way he tied you up has you dreaming about how he will be in bed.

I rolled my eyes at my inner conscience. If she was real, I would totally slap her. A few minutes later he stopped in front of my house. Turning in the front seat, he placed a hand behind the passenger chair to look at me.

“So what about that second date?”

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