In The Night

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Chapter 7


I jarred awake feeling pain rush down my right side. Recent events and Amelia flashing through my mind. Growling in frustration and clear pain, I pushed to my left side to ease the pain in my right side.

“Alpha, you mustn’t strain yourself. Your wound is almost healed but not completely yet.” Gretchen urged, her tiny little hands pushing me back onto the mattress.

“How long was I out?” I brushed off her hands, my voice hoarse and scratchy.

“Four days.” Gretchen answered. “You lost a lot of blood. We-we all thought we had lost you. I was so scared.”

She did not want to be the one to deliver the news that she had killed their Alpha. She pushed me back down onto the bed.

“I’m fine.” I growled in irritation.

Opening my eyes, I winced and glanced around my bedroom. I was out for four days since the day I left Amelia’s home. I remember not wanting to leave her. I remember receiving the call outside her home that they were moving again.

I had to leave.

“Where’s Leo?” I asked.

“And here I thought you were good as gone.” Leo’s voice came from the doorway.

“It will take more than a few dark bullets to kill me.” I muttered before waving Gretchen away. Gretchen was our pack doctor. She works in the human hospital but her main responsibility is with the pack. She was also a werewolf.

Leo sat down in the chair by the window next to the left side of the bed. He crossed his legs and arms and leaned back.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I was already sorting through personal belongings. You know that good old Mercedes you have in your garage-” He joked. He has been a longtime friend. He was also my Beta and like every other Alpha-Beta relationship, we grew up in the same pack. We trained together. I wasn’t supposed to be next in line for Alpha but Uncle Jonathan died several years back from a tragedy.

An Alpha can’t run a pack without his Beta and Beta is chosen because of the loyalty and trust that the Alpha has in him. When he is gone, the Beta took over matters in the pack temporarily.

I chuckled and shook my head knowingly, “It always comes down to that Mercedes.”

“It’s a babe. You have to understand the luxury that baby brings.” He said.

“Leo, there are more important things I am worried about.” I replied seriously.

He sighed, “You need to loosen up.”

“The last time I did, you know what happened.” I responded, feeling the memories flooded me.

“It isn’t your fault. Her death isn-“

“I don’t want to hear it.” I muttered. “Tell me what I want to hear.”

Leo looked like he wanted to argue with me for a second but he nodded, “Before you went down we took down most of them down. When you collapsed the rest had dispersed.”

“And the woman and children?” I questioned.

Leo looked down, “They killed every one of them.”

“Not a single one lived?” Fury pulsed through my veins. Red began blurring my vision.

“No, Alpha.” Leo answered immediately.

Anger aiding as my adrenaline, I slammed my fist into my nightstand and it shattered upon impact. It was the only way to direct my failure. I couldn’t save them.

“How many were there?” I whispered lowly, rage threading my voice.

“three human girls who looks to be around the age of 7 to 12, one she-wolf, and three human women.” He reported. I knew he was enraged as much as me but Leo always kept his calm when I am not. It wouldn’t help us both if we couldn’t contain our anger. Leo knew that without my Luna he needed to be the one to calm me down. He was the closest to family.

“We are looking for the next camp. It shouldn’t be far. We will get them this time.” Leo tried to make me feel better. “Their death isn’t on you.”

“It is on me. I failed like how I failed many times before. I can’t protect nobody. Little girls and women are being captured and sold in human trafficking and even I can’t stop that. Don’t tell me that it isn’t my fault.” My voice raising at the end, my nails digging into my palms as I fisted my hands tighter.

“Cassius, don’t do this to yourself, man.” Leo started. I ground my teeth and shook my head, refusing to hear his reasoning. I knew he was trying to calm me down—rid me of my guilt but nothing will stop the bitter bile eating and burning my insides and crawling its way up my throat.

“I’m going out.” I ignored his comment and attempted to push off the bed but the world spun around me. I fell back onto the bed, covering my forehead.

“You are still healing.” Leo stood up from his chair and walked to my side, just in case I decided to bolt.

I haven’t been healing as well as I have in the past. Part of it had to do with her. Ever since I lost her I felt like I have lost a part of myself. That was until I saw Amelia but even then, I wasn’t healing completely. I don’t know why. My bond with Amelia should strengthen me.

Amelia is my mate. Leo said that she might be my second chance mate but second chances never happens. Werewolves mates for life.

I knew I needed another day to heal but my wolf was clawing my skin wanting to be next to our mate. The last image I had of her before I left. Her standing before me at one in the morning with her long platinum blonde hair that reminded me of the Alaskan snowy hills—untouched, pristine, and glistening under the sun. Her pale skin intensified her emerald green eyes but it was that cute button nose and those plump strawberry lips that had me almost wanting to ravish those lips.

Instead, I had leaned down and brushed my lips against her soft cheeks, inhaling her sweet apple blossom scent. She didn’t put on perfume or body spray. That sweet apple blossom scent was her body wash. I can smell it and almost visualize her lathering it over her body. It came natural with her natural feminine scent.

My fingers barely grazed hers when I pulled her in for a kiss on the cheek. The way she sighed had my wolf howling and my canine’s lengthening, wanting to sink our teeth into what was ours. Being next to her took everything in me. All I wanted to do was sweep this human mate off her feet, run her to my home and lock her in my room. It will keep her away from everyone. But I know Amelia and that feisty stubborn mate of mine will probably end my life—in multiple ways.

I couldn’t wait to bring her home.

“Rest, man. I’ll come see you later.” I heard his retracting footsteps but I stopped him, lifting my head to make sure he was paying attention.

“I need you to go watch her while I am here.” I ordered. Leo nodded and disappeared out the door.


I’m in a gun shop staring at her while she shopped. I have been following her since last night. He asked me what she ate for breakfast and lunch. Scrambled eggs and pancakes. He asked how well done did she like her eggs. I had to note how crispy her bacon was too. The Alpha was going crazy that is what I concluded after he asked what kind of dressing did she have with her salad. Was he bored out of his mind sitting at home?

I watched Amelia lean over the glass pane and tapped it with her index finger as if she was debating to buy the glock pistol. What women shops in a gun shop? Apparently, our Alpha’s female. She was oblivious to everything around her. She was 5’5, maybe 150 to 160 in weight. She’s ordinary but I can see why Alpha was entranced with her. She was innocent, untouched, and pure.

I don’t mean it in a sick perverted way.

No, she was the opposite of him.

He was dark, pain, and wrath.

Cassius had it rough and the whole packs knows it. We don’t even breathe a word of what happened. The tragedy in the pack, nearly tore us apart but Cassius pulled through. He held together the pack and it wasn’t easy. Altogether, we were well over fifty members.

I leaned against a shelf and picked up a box of ammo for acting but my eyes were on her. If anything happened to her, I won’t live to know what will happen next.

Cassius was extremely protective of Amelia, more so than her. I saw Tristen entered the shop and his eyes immediately landing on Amelia. I knew right away that Cassius wouldn’t like this. Sticking my hand into my pocket, I picked out my phone and texted him that Tristen was here.

I felt Cassius’s rage and I can almost guarantee the pack did too. As a pack we were connected to our Alpha. Our wolf souls were connected. It was what made us stronger. It was what told us our Alpha was very angry.

Tristen threw a smile at Amelia and teased her. He even moved in to touch her. I told myself not to step in unless he tries something funny. If he did, I’ll tear his arms off from their sockets. That will teach him to lay his hands on our Alpha’s female.

It didn’t take long before Cassius arrived. I am pretty sure that he ran in wolf form. The limp in his leg told me it caused his healing to slow even more. Shaking my head, I watched him act like an irrational, hormonal teenage boy but what had my wolf’s chest puffing with pride was the fact that Amelia seemed unfazed or unafraid. The dear woman didn’t even know she was going up against an Alpha. I smirked and chuckled softly to myself before shaking my head and walking out the door.

Cassius has his hands full, that is a fact. I was peculiarly curious as to what Amelia’s reaction will be when Cassius tells her he is a werewolf and she is his mate. I’m sure she will send him to whatever circus he came from.

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