Love is a Pretty Tragedy

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All We Are

Estelle's POV

The crisp autumn air made my curly hair whip around my face as I crossed my arms walking across campus. My perspective had changed ever since I had first received that phone call from Henry. I was done moping and worrying about our relationship and my future family problems. I was getting the college experience I had always dreamed of. I couldn't deny that during every lecture, every pep rally and every time I was with friends that Henry would pop into my mind. He had only called me three more times since the first time he had called. Every time I spoke to him, he sounded so assured, telling me to just enjoy college right now, make new friends and experience a life he couldn't.

Finally, I had reached my beautiful dorm, as I walked through the main hall, I was able to recognize a few faces now. The wood burning fireplace had been running just for a few weeks and could make anyone feel like they were at home. Every time I walk in, I am reminded how fortunate we were to get this dorm. There was a wave or two as I walked up two flights to my dorm room. We decorated our door with only the crunchiest of the red, yellow and orange leaves to celebrate fall. Inside I found Aly studying on her bed, and I also saw Ethan was there studying as well. He spent the majority of evenings and afternoons in our dorm room, but of course it wasn't for me.

"Estelle, how was Biology?" Aly had a new glow about her that I hadn't seen before as Ethan and her bonded. She had a couple of boyfriends in high school, and even though they weren't technically together, she seemed happier than ever. She noticed that I was less gloomy than the first few weeks that I was here too.

"It was biology." I sighed and plopped my bookbag on the funky green chair that Aly had reluctantly gotten me for my birthday and sat down in it. I was glad she did it was my favorite place to catch up on shows on my laptop. "What are you studying?" I already knew the answer, it was the only class they were in together and used it as an excuse to always be together.

"Calculus, you know." Ethan was the one to reply this time. I believe each day he felt less bad about being interested in Aly. I knew they were right for each other from the start. Aly saw him first and wasn't able to keep her eyes off of him ever since. She was the one that always wanted to invite him places, but she was just being the kind friend and letting me have him after a bad breakup. I hadn't told her anything about Henry yet. I'm not sure if I will, as she will never understand why I forgave him so quickly.

"Ah, well I think I'm going to the TV lounge." Not that is where I really wanted to go, but I knew they didn't want me awkwardly sitting in the room as they had their flirty banter. With that they were instantly back to it. It gave them an excuse to not have to be polite to me anymore just because it was my room. I grabbed my keys and started to make the short trip down the hall. There was already a guy sitting in there watching a show I didn't recognize, hopefully we could compromise, I thought. I took a seat down in an armchair diagonal from the boy. I finally looked at his face and couldn't believe what I saw.

I jumped into his arms with my excitement and gave him a million mini-kisses. Blurting out what I needed to say in between each one, "Henry!" "I've-miss-ed-you-soo-ooo- much!"

"Babe." My heart melted.

"You found me." I was out of breath, so excited to see him.

"I told you I would." He had the biggest grin on his face. I jumped off his lap and sat down beside him, finally being able to examine him. He was as buff as the day that I saw him kiss that other girl, if not buffer. He looked more mature in a way. I knew he had to be taking the pills and that is what made him look the way he did. I grabbed his bicep, and he flexed it for me. I couldn't lie and not be impressed.

My cheeks already started to hurt from my continued smile, and he just got here. "Been working out a little, huh?" I teased him.

"Glad you could tell." He licked his lips. It was an invitation, and I took it. I kissed him as I had been picturing in my head for the past two months. "God I've missed that." He said when we both finally took a breath. I knew it was inappropriate to be doing this in the lounge as an RA could walk by. It also wasn't an option to bring him back to my dorm, even though that is where I wanted to go. There was no easy way to explaining to Ethan and Aly how Henry got here so unexpectedly. Maybe I could try to kick them out.

"We should go somewhere more private." I whispered. Henry's hand slid into mine as if it was an everyday occurrence, just like it used to be. "Now, I have to kick Aly and Ethan out of my room first, and they weren't expecting you or know we are back..."

"Sounds good. Unfortunately this can't be a long visit though." Henry replied and right before my eyes he disappeared. It would take a while to get used to that. However, I didn't waste anytime as I sprung off the couch, and almost skipped down the hall. I knocked slightly on my dorm door to make sure I wasn't interrupting anything.

"Come in!" It was Aly.

I opened the door, and they were in the exact same spot. "Hey. So, I just got some really great news!"

"You finally met that cute boy that lives on hall that is in love with you!" Aly responded with her usual self. Even though Henry had been occupying almost all of my thoughts recently, I had lied a couple of times when she caught me in a daydream.

"Yes!" It was close enough to the truth; I did just see him down in the lounge. "This is such a huge favor, but do you mind maybe going to the study lounge, or Ethan's room for just a little while? I invited him in here to hang out to get to know each other better." This would probably work out better than the truth.

"We got it." Before Ethan truly had the chance to register that he wasn't flirting with me like he should, and that someone else was getting there. Aly already had his hand, and was leading him out of the room. "We won't be back until at least 7! I want all the details when I come back!" She shouted as she left our dorm room.

I felt a hand on my waist and turned around. Henry was already there. "Too much of an embarrassment to you now?" Henry joked. I was glad that he wasn't taking our situation too seriously all the time. He put his hand behind the nape of my neck as I stood on my tip toes to reach his lips. Somehow, even though it had been a while since he worked there, he still smelled like the ice cream shop. Just like I had always remembered him.

I slowly began to back up to my bed as he followed. "Well better make the best of our short time together." I whispered while taking off his shirt. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen him without a shirt on. He looked even more breathtaking than I remembered. Realizing he must be thinking the same. I slipped my shirt over my head. He kissed my lips first and then gave little nibbles all the way down my neck. He reached the tops of my breasts and kissed each one lightly. My whole body instantly heated up. I was about to undo my bra, when he resisted. "Let me." He turned me over and messaged my shoulders. I let out a slight sigh; it was just what I needed. He then kissed my spine leading to my bra and unhooked it with his teeth. My bra slowly fell off as I turned around; his lips were instantly locked to mine.

Laying on his chest with both of us speechless, always brought me back to our first time and how awkward and rushed it was. How now, we were so comfortable with each other. I was so happy to once again be connected; it helped relieve all of the stress that I was constantly feeling. We were together again, just like we were supposed to always be. I glanced up to his face and noticed he was deep in thought. He was worrying about us again. I'm sure he did it as much as I did myself. He looked down and saw me gazing. Henry decided to share his thoughts. "I'll have to go back tonight; I'm meeting with Edmund again. He has an update on the dagger. I was just thinking how there was no way that I could leave you though." Both of our smiles were bittersweet. He ran his fingers up and down my back, leaving a tingling feeling in its path.

"It will all be worth it." I reassured him. "Maybe we will even have forever after all this is over."

"I need you to do something for me though." Henry ran his fingers through my hair. "This is what I came to talk with you about before you distracted me." He flashed his famous half smile which I missed so much.

"I'm sure you didn't mind." His smile just widened at my statement.

"Can't say that I did. However, I need you to sit Ethan down, and tell him you know everything. Tell him that the thing he wants, or your father wants for him is his for the keeping. We don't want the leadership of your clan. Don't scare him though."

"I won't. I'll do it." I promised him. Ethan and I didn't talk any, but I would do this for us.

"Thanks babe. Try to get him on our side for the fight, maybe he could help." Henry placed a kiss on my forehead.

I looked out my blinds across the room and saw the sun was almost down. Henry saw the frown form on my face. "Even without my parents' rules we can't spend a night together."

"I got here pretty late. I apologize for that. I suppose I should go before Aly gets back." Henry slipped from under me and began to put on his pants.

I watched him slowly bucket his belt and try to find his socks. "If you leave promise you will visit more often than you did before." I begged him. I wrapped the covers around me and sat at the edge of my bed.

"I'll come at least once every week or so, okay? I'm sorry; I just had to get Sean off my trail first. I love you so much Estelle." He kissed me as he teleported away. I knew he didn't want another tearful goodbye, and I understood. However, it seemed that we would never get to say my 'I love you' back to him before he had somewhere to be.

Just then Ethan and Aly walked in, and I knew the true reason why Henry teleported away so quickly. "Ah!" Aly said as she ran from the room. I had forgotten I was naked. I guess I will have some explaining to do. I just hoped the boy down the hall wouldn't mind.

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