Love is a Pretty Tragedy

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Where Love Went Wrong

Estelle's POV

It was a small white pill, no bigger than one of my fingernails, but I knew how much power it contained. Henry had warned me what it caused, and more importantly in this moment the powers it could provide. There was a hazy cover to my vision as the surrounds became blurry as I focused in on the pill. Consequences didn't cross my mind as I could only pay attention to Henry screaming behind me. Each sound-wave was much more intense than I had ever heard anything before. I couldn't take much more time; I swallowed the small pill. I instantly felt it dissolve, and a strange feeling hit my whole body. I assumed that wouldn't be enough so I shook the rest of the bottle out. Only five other ones. I quickly swallowed all five of them, each making me feel more empowered.

I sprinted over to Henry in a millisecond. I lifted him into my arms even though his body was so heavy as he laid barely breathing. Edmund, he had spoken. I tried to think if I knew where he might be, but my thoughts were ceased by a sharp pain my stomach. It was similar to what a hunger pain would feel like, but only ten hundred times worse. "Ahh." I gritted my teeth. I didn't know where Edmund was, and Henry was no longer able to tell me. However, I believed I did know someone that did. I put my arms around Henry, and remembered what he had told me earlier. I took a deep breath and focused on being with him and pictured a place in my mind.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a large room that I had only been in a few times before. The man that was sitting in the middle was concentrating but instantly looked up when he saw me. "Estelle!" He screamed before rushing over to me. He grabbed my face and couldn't believe his eyes. He was staring at my new fangs, the symbol that let him know that I had turned without him. "What is he doing here? How did you get here?" I didn't have time for my father's questions.

"Where-e is the le-ader of He-nry's clan?" The words stumbled out of my mouth as my whole body began to ache. "He's dying," I spoke firmly.

"I thought you had forgotten about him..." My father trailed off as he now got a first look at Henry. He saw just as well as I did that he only had a few minutes left as the poison would soon reach his heart and then that would be his end.

"Tell me NOW father. I will do anything you ask of me if you just do this." A new rage now entered my body. "I will figure it out myself if you don't tell me." I threatened.

My father's face reached mine once again. "It is in the building by the warehouse on the west side of town on the top floor. Picture it and you will get there." I shook my head to show I understood before doing just that.

I wished with all that I had left in me that it would bring me to Edmund as I was feeling weaker by the second. The full transformation wanted to take place, whether I was ready or not. I opened my eyes and looked around me and didn't notice where I was. The final teleport seemed to take everything out of me as I could barely see anything that was happening. It appeared that a man was running toward us. "Help, help," I pleaded. As soon as I spoke, I felt horrible writhing pain exploded through my whole body. This was a pain that I had never experienced before, and I believed was a pain that humans just could not experience. I slowly lost consciousness as my body finally knew it was finished.

I open my eyes to find a familiar place. I had to blink a couple times for my eyes to recognize the baby blue walls and striped bed sheets. As I glanced to the side my head felt extremely heavy, but I saw two people I didn't expect to ever forgive me after I betrayed them. My parents both had huge smiles on their faces. I didn't understand at all.

"We are so glad you are awake." My father said with his usual calmness. "It had been a week and a half, but it does take some vampires longer than others especially as you practically decided to torture yourself to save him." They seemed so happy; I wondered if that meant they had gotten their way, and that Henry was gone.

"Where is he?" I could feel tears already begin to come to my eyes as I only hoped that my final effort worked. Both of my parents looked at each other before lowering their heads. "What?" I couldn't read their facial expressions as they appeared blank. I turned my head to look at the door and saw Henry standing there. A gasp left my mouth as I saw him standing there, a little bit of the sunlight from my open window hitting his face. He had a slight smile on his face and looked as healthy as ever. I instantly popped out from under my covers to find that my head hurt worse than I thought. I grabbed it before laying back down.

My parents walked out of the room as Henry walked through the door. I noticed they still avoided eye contact with him. I suppose they did not magically fall into good terms during my transformation. "You're alive!" I exclaimed as I almost couldn't believe it.

Henry bent down and brushed a curl out of my face. "It took a couple of days to heal completely, but you brought me in just in time. Edmund was shocked to see the kind of power it took for you to bring me there." My smile was only widening as I was so glad to once again be able to look at his smiling face. To see the way his hair looked as though it was never combed and that he had just hoped out out bed, the little curve of his nose, the way the lines of his jaw met perfectly, and most important to look into his sharp jade eyes. "However," Henry moved to sitting on my bed and placing my hand in his, "you almost got yourself killed in the process. As well as take a huge risk that you can never take back." He began to shake his head as I believed that I saw a tear escape his eye as he turned away from me. I had never seen Henry cry before, and I knew what he was talking about as my decisions began to rush back to me. I had taken the pills that were going to kill Henry; and now I assumed me as well. It would just be a matter of time.

"I had no other choice." I declared.

"You did though," Henry's voice cracked. "Now we are both screwed, and I never wanted that for you. It was stupid and rash, Estelle. I know you weren't yourself at the moment it happened..."

"Even if I was, I would have done the same. We will just keep taking them." I knew that was an option, even if Henry didn't favor it, but he might more so now.

Henry just shook his head once more before squeezing my hand. "I never wanted this for you." He repeated. "I was going to die anyway; I made the decision to stop taking the pills after we killed Sean. You should have just let me go then."

"Henry.." He eyes flashed toward mine. "You know I couldn't have done that."

He just nodded his head once more; he knew. He would have done the same for me. "Well, we will talk about this more; however, there is somewhere here to see you that I believe you will be astonished to see."

Astonished? I thought. Who? Aly or Ethan? I didn't know if I could see them right now. Henry began to rise as I saw someone walked through the door who I never expected to see alive again. I attempted to once again sit up, but my whole body felt sore, as though I had worked out for a week straight without stopping.

"Well, Ella you showed me up this time."

Tears of joy were running down my face as I was so confused and happy at the same time. "William." Henry stood to the side to watch the reunion, as William came in and kissed my forehead. "How are you even..." I began.

"I supposed whatever dagger Sean had used to kill me, the power stopped once he died. I woke up in a strange room with a couple of other bodies that weren't as fortunate as me. It instantly kicked the transformation though, that you now know yourself, is quite an ordeal. Honestly, none of us know how exactly this happened, baby sis. He must have used some dark powers to kill me that wore off when you killed him. It must have been an overlooked piece in his grand plan. He never thought that he would lose."

I was speechless, as I was just staring at my brother's face. I reached out to touch his cheek to make sure he was real as he just chuckled. "I just can't-"

"It is still getting to me too. Try being dead for over 6 months?" William was always the one to joke even when something was so serious.

"Wow." I really couldn't think of much else to say, except I did have one more question. "Kearn?" I asked with concerned eyes to Henry, who had been standing to the side this whole time, but all he did was shake his head somberly. "Does this mean-?

William knew what I was concerned about. "That you are off the hook? Yes, it will be my duty once again to carry on the family legacy." He pretend to take a small bow. "You would really suck as leader, good thing I wasn't really dead." He joked. "It looks like I will be getting engaged to Kaylee, Ethan's sister not too long from now. She is really beautiful and sweet. I really had a crush on her for some time now." William admitted. It was like he wasn't gone at all.

"However, I did hear there is some bad news on your side." William said softly. I looked over to Henry who just looked down, potentially forever unhappy in what I had done. "Don't tell Henry I said this," William leaned in closer. "I think you did a very brave thing for love. Most people wouldn't have risked their own life for another." William scooted closer and pulled me into a tight embrace. I grabbed this t-shirt and held him tight. I took in this moment as he was someone I never believed I would get another chance to hug. I looked up and saw Henry standing there with a frown. "I don't want to lose you again Ella." William whispered.

I didn't want to think that could be a possibility. William continued, "Father already has some people out looking for a possible cure, something to counteract the pills. There can still be hope. Don't give up." William promised.

He broke away and left the room, to leave me just with Henry once again. He stood there staring at me, examining every inch of my face as I watched him. It was so much to take in, so much happiness, but the smile was completely gone from his face. He slowly walked over to my bed and grabbed my hand. Giving it a soft kiss before looking into my eyes. "Let's go someplace only we know."

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