Love is a Pretty Tragedy

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Right As Rain

"Hello, Mr. Owens." I said reaching up to hug Henry around his neck. He picked me up and spun me around and gave me a kiss on the cheek before setting me down.

"Good afternoon, Miss Gray." He gave me a half smile.

"Here goes to a care-free day without any worries or work." I declared and grabbed his hand. We walked over to sit on the dock by the lake. I took my flip flops off, and he took his shoes and socks off. We have done this so many times before, just let our feet barely touch the water. The water is pretty chilly, and it sends a shiver up my back every time. I leaned against Henry and felt the sun shine on my face. It's so nice how we can not talk but still feel such a powerful connection. Before too long, it became too hot, and I couldn't help but to fan myself.

"I think I know what you're thinking." Henry said tauntingly.

"You think so, huh?" I said with a laugh, except I seriously had no idea. Since I was only thinking that it was really hot.

"I think you want to go for a swim." Henry said raising an eye brown. "I know I'm right. So don't even try to deny it."

I laughed again, "Psychic, but sadly I don't have a bathing suit on me." I made a clicking sound with my tongue as I raised my shoulders.

"Wait, bathing suit?" He acted as he was pondering the thought of one. "I mean I feel like if you have it, flaunt it, which you obviously do." His smile was growing larger by the second.

"Only in your dreams, babe." I said with a sympathetic tone, that only seemed to egg him on.

His eyes started to turn toward the sky. He bit his lip and nodded his head. "Oh, every night babe." He said with a smile. I gave him a playful jap in his side.

"Well, fantasies are all they will ever be." I said shaking my head.

"Is that true?" Henry whined. "It's not like I haven't see it all before."

"Excuse you!" I squealed. It was true of course, but that didn't mean I wanted to admit that he was right. There should be no reason I wouldn't want to go skinny-dipping. The lake was completely private, so that wouldn't really be the problem either. However, the idea of getting naked in a dirty lake, no thanks.

"Don't make me have to push you in with all your clothes on." Henry said standing up actually looking serious.

"You wouldn't dare." I stayed put in my spot. Henry bent down and picked me up. He gave me a few swings of his arms. "Okay, maybe you would. Please don't! I love you."

He smiled and said, "I love you too, babe." Then he threw me in the lake. I went under and opened my eyes, but closed them again because it was so dirty. The truth is I can't swim very well. I really never learned anything but the doggy paddle and just kind of that. I floated up and spit the water out of my mouth. Unfortunately, the water was pretty deep and really dirty.

"I hate you." I said pulling myself back on the deck.

"No, I think you are confused since a second ago you just said that you loved me." He said helping me out. Perfect chance was the only thing running through my mind; so I pushed him in with me. It was difficult, but mission accomplished. I started pulling myself back on the deck again, but my waist got caught by a certain someone. He pulled me back in, and I turned around and caught his gaze. I wrapped my legs around his waist, leaned in closer and slowly our lips touched, just barely.

A tingly feeling went through my body; a slight smile appeared on my face and I kissed him again, except more passionate this time. Our lips slowly parted, then I realized that we were slowly sinking as Henry's feet must be sinking into the mud since he was tall enough to actually reach the bottom. My legs unwrapped from around him, and I used the ladder to get up this time. Suddenly, thunder boomed from beyond the trees. I glanced over at my right and saw rain coming down hard. I looked at Henry, and he saw it too.

"Should we make a run for it?" I asked as the rain inched closer.

"Nah, we're already wet!" He said with a laugh.

"You know what we have never done before that is in almost all the cutesy, romantic movies that I know you love." I said, as I slowly I inched closer.

He acted as though he was deep in thought, then shook his head. "Um, how about you show me." Just then the rain started falling, I stood on my tip toes and kissed him again. The rain pounded on every part of our bodies. The passion only increased as the other elements added to the intensity. It was surreal how our relationship was almost from a fairy tale. I grabbed his hand and ran to the tire swing, which he put up for my birthday last year. I got on, then him after me. The rain let up, and the sun started to come out behind the clouds.


"Um hm." His eyes meet mine.

"What are we going to do?"

"About what?" Although, his expression showed that he knew.

"About us."

After that there was silence except not the nice, calm silence we shared earlier. There was a lot of tension now. "I don't know, babe. I thought this was a day of no worries, right?"

"I know, I know. I'm just so confused."

"Babe, let's enjoy these three months and worry about it then. Okay?" All I could do was slightly nod my head. I looked over in the west and saw the sun already setting. I knew Henry was right but as our day was ending I knew that this summer would be too. He seemed that he could just go through life day by day, but I definitely wasn't the same.

Henry could tell that I was still thinking about all the worries that I have been thinking about since I had gotten my college decision letter. He hopped down from the tire swing as he put out his hand for me to take. I took it reluctantly as I knew he would be leading me to his car and then my house. I wish for just once that he would let me disobey my parents and stay out all night. Another reason why he was just too good for me. He gave me a kiss on the hand before the two of us walked off still drenched from the rain.

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