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Frey Sanders never cares much about others. Not what they do, not what they think. But when he messes with the wrong people, things are bound to become more complicated. [NaNoWriMo project] Frey Sanders isn't a shy guy. He is a lot of things - obnoxiously loud, over-confident, spoiled - but shy was never even in the list of words to describe him. He has enough confidence to have lots of friends, not considered to be the most popular in school, but definitely a welcomed guest at most tables during lunch. And as the son of the owner of the most popular club in town, his image is nowhere near being ruined. It all becomes a bit complicated when he pisses off the wrong people, and they decide on teaching him a lesson in humility. What they aren't aware of, are the raging fights inside Frey's own mind that he struggles with every day. With an over-bearing mother, a mostly absent father and his own mind messing with him, will Frey be able to handle their revenge? A group of friends teams up, coming up with a plan to get back at Frey; all with a different reason. But Frey responds to everything a whole lot different from what they expected. How will they teach Frey a lesson, if he turns the table and the plan backfires in their faces?

Romance / Other
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Intro: Daniel Quinn


Daniel Quinn

Friday, late-night

“Frey, Frey, Frey!” The crowd was cheering loudly, all pumping their fist in the air while they repeatedly chant Frey’s name to encourage him to down another shot to defeat school’s most popular jock, Samuel in their drinking game.

From a small distance, Daniel was watching them with a small scowl of disapproval on his face. He was, however, feeling impressed by Frey’s ability to down that many shots without ending up with alcohol poisoning.

Sam’s face seemed a little greenish, as if he was about to throw up, and Daniel wished he would be smart enough to forfeit and hand Frey another win.

He won’t last much longer anyway.

Daniel was shaking his head while placing a couple of beers on the bar, receiving payment from the customer who ordered them.

“The rest is yours, cutie.” A big wink from a slutty looking girl, hair so big and bold that Daniel couldn’t see anything else but her hair.

Daniel smiled in appreciation, a bit charming because flirting simply is part of the job. And Daniel needed this job.

With a sick mother and a gone-to-get-some-cigarettes father, he needed to make money to provide for a daily food-supply for him, his mother and his little sister.

Daniel didn’t know how much longer he could keep this up and working for the Sanders family proved to be quite of a challenge.

Frey Sanders was the living proof of the existence of jerks on this planet, and his father wasn’t much better either.

Frey was what you would call an all-American fuckboy, with the hot looks, the charming smiles, always knowing what to say.

His brown hair messily styled, feigning as if he wasn’t paying any attention to it, while he probably put in a lot of effort to get it to look like that. It matched his piercing blue eyes perfectly, made them stand out even more.

Daniel was a masochist for torturing himself by fantasizing about Frey every so often, but he still did.

How could anyone not fantasize about Frey Sanders?

Daniel wouldn’t go and call him ‘as straight as they come’, and he actually thought if Frey would be drunk enough, he would fuck a guy, as long as it would mean he was getting some action. Because that was exactly what Frey was like; sleeping with a new girl every week, and not caring to ever text or call them afterwards. Plenty of girls had been in the club, in front of Frey, crying because he wouldn’t grant them the honour of giving them attention after he slept with them.

Frey really was a fuckboy, not just in the literal sense, but in attitude to. He never gave a fuck about anything.

And still, Daniel liked him.

Though he would never admit that aloud.

As Daniel focusses back to Frey and his drinking game, he was just in time to witness Sam running towards the bathrooms, and another victory went to Frey.

Another sleepless night to Daniel, as he was probably going to have to clean up afterwards, before Mr. Sanders would ask him to drop his son off at home, safe and sound, without his mother noticing the fact Frey was yet again drunk.

Frey, being sober, could be great company, with humour and caring over his friends, wouldn’t it be for the fact the only times Daniel would ever see him sober, was during school.

Besides, Frey has two sides to him, and even in sober state it was always a guess which Frey would attend school; the cheering, outgoing Frey, or the depressed, annoyed and snappy side of him.

“Did you see that?” Frey addressed Daniel as he appeared in front of him with a huge smug grin on his face. “I totally ruined him.”

Daniel owed this job to Frey, so he tended to keep in any objections to him drinking this much at work. Not that Frey had a shift right then; that would’ve been bad. Frey never worked Friday nights. He didn’t ever want to miss the one night to further impress his friends and ruin his liver.

Daniel also had no idea why his father would allow him to drink as much as an eighteen-year-old.

Frey always drinks for free, like Daniel did too whenever he was off-duty.

The difference was the fact Daniel never over-did it, and Frey always did so.

Whatever Daniel drank on a night off, Frey would drink while he was on a shift.

His father was definitely shutting an eye whenever it came to Frey; and complaining about him—let’s just say Daniel wouldn’t be the first to get fired because of it.

“Yeah… great.” Daniel answered with a slight tone of dismay. “But you might want to drink a little less. Maybe stick to water.”

“Water?” Frey pulled a face in shock and pretended to feel insulted. “That’s an old-people’s drink.”

Which got him angry looks from two girls seated at the bar, both sipping water. “Just give me a beer.” He impatiently waited for Daniel to get him another beer, tapping his fingers on the bar.

“I’m not cleaning up after you,” Daniel told him with another look of disapproval, as always. “And I might refuse to bring you home…”

“Oh boo-hoo,” Frey whined, while he lolled his head with a high level of irritation to it. “Let go, Daniel, live a little.”

Daniel frowned, impressed by the other boy’s sober attitude. Frey wasn’t swaying to and fro like he’d usually did after a game. He didn’t have the glazy look to his eyes, or the heavy and difficult pronunciation of words that goes with drinking way too much.

“How come you’re still clear as day?” Daniel asked the boy curiously. Trying to figure Frey out had previously proven to be impossible, so Daniel recently resolved in simply asking him about his ways.

“Oh, well…” Frey winked, and a new charming smirk appeared on his face. “Might have followed you up on your advice…” He shrugged, swirled around on his feet and made his way back over to his friends, leaving Daniel behind baffled. His eyes found the empty shot-glasses, and curiosity got the best of him.

He smelled, looking at the glass Frey last downed suspiciously as if it would kill him to take the last sip to taste.

It proved to be water, and Daniel couldn’t fight the laugh that bubbled up.

Yeah, that fitted Frey and his sneaky attitude.

The boy found two bottles of Tequila that were used to pour the drinks during the game and found out one was filled with simply water.

It wasn’t like Daniel would ever complain about anyone defeating Sam in anything. The jock had a way to big ego and at least for a couple of days, he wouldn’t be as loud and obnoxious as always, simply because everybody believed Frey was a better drinker.

Then again, Daniel was indeed asked to drop a hammered Frey off at home and make sure his mother wouldn’t notice his current state.

And that always proved to be a challenge with the other boy’s overly controlling mother.

Daniel was just thankful that Frey’s best friend Arun had been there to help him with his side-job of babysitting Frey.

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