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He's got the hot looks and body sexy as hell. Being a multi Billionaire adds more charisma to his perfection. He is what every woman dreams for in a man. He's engaged to be married to the perfect woman. His life was sailing smoothly following his perfect plan and obeying his every command until the object of his obsession from the past reentered his life ruining his well organized perfect life. She's trouble. He knows that. Now that she's off limits to him, he never wanted anything in his life as much as he wants her now. When something or someone comes with a tag "Forbidden" attached to them, the temptation becomes hard to resist. After all, a heart wants what it wants. And you've no choice but to give in. The Consequences be damned. Now, who will break the rules and who will resist the temptation? Who will resist who?

Chapter 1

“Chase... You..’re going, too.... . Please.. Slow down baby.”

Stuttered the young woman in between her gasps, writhing beneath his hard body on his bed. The sexy blonde is one of the famous Victoria Secret Angels. She has been his newest conquest. They met only ten days ago when he attended the show as their prestigious guest.

He ignored her plea and went on with his aggressive thrusts. He doesn’t do “the romantic love-making” shit. He’s a hard worker and after work, it’s time for him to party hard and to fuck harder.

Alexander Chase Davis runs the most successful Construction company. His company “Davis Construction Group” tops the list of top ten construction companies in the world.

He is also the well-known Hotelier and listed among the top ten richest Billionaires in the world. He owns a chain of Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts all over the world. “Davis Group Of Hotels And Resorts” are branded as the best in the world.

None of the women hold the interest of this most eligible bachelor for more than a week. This hot blonde is an exception as she clearly succeeded in spending more than a week with him. Because she’s very much to his liking in bed, meaning she puts up with his insatiable aggressive appetite in bed.

The woman kept on screaming loud enough to kill his mood and adding to his annoyance his cell phone kept on vibrating as well. And he couldn’t ignore it anymore. With a groan, he clamped his palm over her mouth shutting her up and pounded hard and fast until he reached his climax.

Discarding the condom he wrapped a towel around his waist and checked his phone. He saw three missed calls from his Dad. He checked the time and it’s too early in the morning for his Dad to call him.

He signaled the fully sated woman who lay sprawled on his bed to keep her mouth shut and dialed the number. His Dad picked it up in one ring.

“Dad, is everything alright?”

“Of course it is, son. What makes you think otherwise?”

Chase groaned in annoyance.

“Seriously, Dad? You called at six am in the morning for nothing?”

His Dad laughed in response before answering him. “Oh, nursing your morning wood I see. Did I cock-block you or something?” His Dad spoke in an amused voice and Chase resisted the urge to disconnect the call.

“And it’s one o’clock in the noon here in Greece, son. I called you to inform you about the progress of your new deal with the Castles.”

‘Castle. That name again’

“I offered him double the market price as you asked me to. But he still refused your offer,” his Dad's voice from the other end of the phone cut through his thoughts, catching his attention.

Chase now listened carefully as his Dad spoke business from the other end of the line. His rich and deep voice sounded as calm as the sea. At the age of 56, he finally decided to retire from the business and handed over the reins to his hands. Not that he had any other choice, after all, he’s his only heir. It doesn’t mean that he got everything arranged on a silver platter. His Dad, Andrew Davis, being the ruthless businessman that he is, made him work his ass off to reach this position. Stepping into his Dad’s shoes at the age of twenty-one wasn’t a piece of cake. He worked hard day and night to achieve this name and fame. Now he’s twenty-five and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Not to be rude or anything, but he’s what every girl dreams of. He’s got the hot looks, height, and sexy body, thanks to his gorgeous parents and being a Multi-Billionaire adds more charisma to his perfection.

“He wants you to marry his daughter and he’ll give a ten percent discount on the property you want to purchase from him,” his Dad paused before adding with an amused voice, “as your wedding gift. ”

Oh, he’s enjoying this alright. Chase can’t believe his Dad is trying to use the situation to his advantage. His Mom is dead set on finding a bride for him. But he’s not at all ready for that commitment shit. His Dad knows that he’s not going to give up his Casanova image anytime soon. He’s aware of his “no strings attached” linkups. He can’t complain though, as the apple didn’t fall too far. His Dad was known for his ways in his youth. He was a man-whore before he met Chase’s Mom. He says it’s love at first. His parents are hopeless romantics and sometimes their romance makes him sick. But he’s happy that his parents are crazy in love even at this age. God bless them.

“What the bloody hell! Did I hear marriage? Seriously, Dad?” Chase snapped in disbelief while his Dad chuckled at his outburst.

“Dad, I’m serious. I mean business okay. I want that property at any cost,” he declared with finality.

Dimitri Castle, a Real-estate tycoon owns a private Island in Greece. Chase wants to buy that island. He’s planning to build a seven-star hotel in Greece and what better place than an Island to build it on.

He’s planning to gift it to his parents as their thirtieth wedding anniversary gift. Being a Greek American, it’s his Dad’s wish to settle in Greece. Yes, they’re of Greek descent. His great Grandfather immigrated and started his Restaurant business in America. It got kicked off and reached the peak. Long story short, now his Dad wants to reconnect himself with his roots. So, after retiring, the first thing he did was to take his wife on a long-awaited holiday in Greece. They’re staying in a hotel right now. What they don’t know is that Chase has already bought a land and is building a home for them there. He wants it to be a surprise for them. The house is almost done and the interior designing is in progress. Should be ready by next month and he’ll gift it to his Mom on her birthday. He can’t wait to see her. He already misses her so much. Oh yes, he admits that he’s a mamma’s boy. No shame there. She’s his world after all.

“I’m not kidding either son. Dimitri is very much interested in you rather than your business proposal. I even saw magazines with your face on the cover piled up on his office desk. For a moment I was tempted to believe that he might have developed a secret crush on you.” Andrew laughed in good humor. He sounded so relaxed.

“Heads-up son, my dear wife has met the girl who actually has managed to impress her,” his dad said. His tone carried a serious warning. Chase scoffed, running his fingers through his messy bed hair. A rustling noise sounded from the other side and a second later Chase heard his mom’s angelic voice through the speaker of his phone.

“Miss you, my baby. How are you managing without me?”

Despite being upset from the news of his mother meeting the girl, a huge grin appeared on his face upon hearing her concerned voice. He felt like she’s caressing his cheek. “Miss you too Mom and don’t worry about me. I’m a big man and managing perfectly fine. Is Dad taking good care of you?” Chase asked his mom, his words were coated with humor and he heard his Dad, scoff in return. They’ve put him on speaker phone.

“Tell your son, Grace, you’re my wife first and then his mother. I know how to take care of my wife. I don’t need his assistance. He’s trying to teach daddy how to make babies.” Andrew exclaimed in a mock anger and Chase laughed at his Dad’s displeasure. It’s their thing to compete with each other. They both fight for Grace’s attention all the time. In the business world they’re ruthless monsters, but at home, they’re like jealous toddlers crying for this woman’s love. He heard his Mom scolding her husband in a no-nonsense tone, they both are very well aware of.

“Oh come on, Grace. I was your baby before that devil was born. You don’t even call me baby anymore.” Andrew’s whining faded into the background as his wife walked away from him.

“Chase, Sweetheart, I’d met the girl. She’s beautiful and very friendly. Sophisticated and sweet as well. She’ll be a perfect bride for you. It won’t be a bad deal if you ask me. You’ll get the property you want and I’ll get the daughter-in-law I desire. Think about it for me. Will you?”

He grunted in displeasure before agreeing to his mom’s offer. He can’t say no to her. His Mom squealed in happiness when he agreed to meet the girl.

Chase groaned once he ended the phone call.

'What did I sign up for?'

He agreed only to please his mother. But in reality, he just wants to crack this deal as soon as possible. Once he lands in Greece he’ll make sure that he gets the Island, signed and registered in his name. That Island is huge and beautiful. It’s the perfect place to build his Hotel.

“It’s time to meet Dimitri Castle.”

With that decision made he proceeded towards the bathroom to take a shower.

“Castle”, ever since he heard that name the flood of memories from the past started to resurface in his mind. An angelic beauty which haunted his dreams for years started deceiving his heart again. He shook his head as if to erase her existence from his thoughts.

He found himself getting hard again by just thinking about that name Castle. Cursing at himself, he turned off the hot water. A cold shower is what he needs right now. No matter how aggressive or wild he gets in bed, it’s clearly not going to put off the burning desire he has for a certain woman from his past. She’s the reason he’s not ready to commit. No woman till now succeeded in erasing her from his memory.

Dressed in a tailor-made Italian designer suit he eyed his reflection in the mirror while fastening the watch around his wrist.

He watched through the mirror as Sheryl, his female companion stretched her arms, slowly rising up from the bed. Black silk sheet she’d herself covered with, slid down exposing her breasts in the process. She was as naked as the day she was born. Her pale skin looked good against his black bedspread. She got down from the bed and picked up his gray dress shirt from the floor which he wore last night. Her naked hourglass figure was a pleasant sight to watch for his eyes as well as for his very male pride in his pants.

After putting on his shirt, Sheryl didn’t bother fastening the buttons. She padded her feet lazily walking up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind admiring his handsomeness through the mirror.

“I’m so sore, Chase, every part of my body hurts. You were being the monster that you are. I can’t even walk without limping. How will I walk on the ramp tonight?” She grumbled, not sounding distressed at all.

He pulled her to his front and kissed her hard. She didn’t resist.

“Order something and eat before you leave,” he said. With one last look at his reflection in the mirror, righting the knot of his tie Chase made his way out. Suddenly the stupid woman screeched, halting his steps from going any further.

“What happened Sheryl?”

“Look what you’ve done, Chase. You can’t keep ruining my skin like this every time we make love. I have a show tonight. I can’t prance around showing these ugly scars to everyone on the stage,” She whined showing the hickeys on her neck and her breasts. He cringed at her words “we make love”. For him, it was anything but making love.

Chase knows very well that she’s creating a drama just to get his attention. He can bet on his billions, that she’ll be prancing around showing those hickeys to everyone with pride. He wouldn’t be surprised if the tabloids carry a news with pictures of her and him, with headlines in bold capitals, how she’s succeeded in winning the heart of an eligible bachelor and how madly, they are in love.

Bull fucking shit. Anyways, it’s time to get rid of her

Her reaction and that annoying voice made him clench his jaw in anger. “Paint some makeup on it, Sheryl. Big deal.” With that said, he walked out of his Presidential Suite.

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