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I have a new task, I need to find someone to love. I am Agalia and I am on a quest to find love, somebody to love I have been searching for someone to love for a longtime, ever since college all concentrated on was my business and my family,my baby boy. Now that I already have an empire and my family is happy, I want to find someone. Someone to love, but what if he is a playboy? What if doesn't understand love and it is not on his emotional scale? What if that destroys me? --- I am living life to it's fullest, a different women everyday and owning a chain of restaurants and hotels. I have a meeting with my biggest competitor soon, but who knew that as soon as I looked into her eyes I would be a goner. I can't love someone, it is not in me to fall in love. Lust after someone that is possible but love is not. I have no clue but after hearing her scream Ryder I knew I could never leave her.

Romance / Erotica
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Prologue(8 years before )

I can’t believe I got the investment I was looking for, I can finally let my business take off. Walking back onto my brother’s campus to tell her I hear someone screaming into the phone, shaking my head I walk by. I am still elated, and nothing can take me down now, or that is what I thought.

I hear a slight buzzing in my pocket, ” Agalia, I am sorry that we didn’t call before, but we think something is wrong with your sister. She is not opening her door no matter what we say I can hear some crying from the inside, you’re the one she listens to come to talk to her. It is breaking my heart to hear her crying.”

I say yes into the phone and run out of the campus, and catch a cab to the train station. My family lives in London, while I study at Cambridge, I am in London to get the investment. It was supposed to be a surprise for them, but right now I don’t care.

A half hour later I arrive home I walk upstairs and knock on Dahlia’s room door. I hear crying from the inside, oh no, what happened. “Lia open up, let me in.“, I say.

I hear a click, and the door opens slightly letting me enter, her eyes are puffy and red and her beautiful brown long hair all rumpled like she pulled it. I draw her into me, “What happened to you, tell me, Lia.“I reason with her.

“Someone... tried to...rape me.“, she whimpers, who tried to do that to my baby sister.

“Who baby, who tried to?“, I ask waiting for an answer.

“Don’t know I didn’t see his face, his hands went inside my body, his filthy hands touched my body.“, she shakes.

I keep rubbing her back as she cries her heart out if I ever find that fucker I will kill him with my bare hands.

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