Lost Hope

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Jaxon burst into my room to wake me up at six am. ”Get up Hope!”

“Ouch! Son of a-” came from the bathroom. He walked over to the doorway and looked at me applying my eyeliner. “Fuck you Jaxon! I poked myself in the eye because of you. Fucker!” I backhanded his chest and he laughed at my misery. “Don’t call me Hope. Everyone has called me Cherry for years.”

“Why do they call you Cherry?”

I laughed and held up my lipstick. “Because I always wear cherry lipstick. It just stuck. Now, I don’t go by anything else.”

“You worried about your classes or the kids today?”

“Nope, should I be?” Jaxon smirked.

“You know you are old enough to find your mate don’t you?”

I hesitated then started applying my makeup again. “I don’t want a mate.” He chuckled softly and scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“That’s not really the way it works. You have no choice about getting one or who you get. The goddess has made someone for you and you alone. You can accept your mate or reject them but in the end you will normally be mated even if you do reject them. The mate bond is that strong.”

I listened and stared at him in the mirror as I applied my cherry lipstick and smacked my lips approvingly. Then I stuck it in my pocket. Turning and walking passed him into my room I grabbed my bag for my school stuff and set it on the bed. Looking at myself in the full length mirror I turned sideways then looked at the back of myself over my shoulder. After approving the cherry red spaghetti strapped tank top over my ample bosom, the skinny blue jeans and a leather jacket and leather calf high boots. I shoved in some gold dangling earrings and a bracelet on my wrist.

“I’m stronger than the mate bond. I’m not worried. I refuse to be forced into anything I don’t want.” I grabbed my bag and walked out of the room with Jaxon shaking his head with a huge smirk on his face trailing me.

“Yeah, it’s not that simple.” I turned around and looked at him determinedly.

“Of course it is! I don’t want a mate and I’m not having one and that is all there is to it.”

I ignored his chuckles all the way to the car. I couldn’t help but smile, he was such a jerk.

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