Lost Hope

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Jaxon pulled up to the school and parked his car. I looked at the building and the tons of kids pouring into it.

“Nervous?” He asked and sighed when I shook my head.

“Nope. I’ll be fine.”

“Come on I’ll help you get your footing and help you find your locker and classes. Remember, there are two packs plus humans attending this school. Keep your cool on the shifter stuff.”

“Yeah, I know. Your mom already went over this stuff with me.”

Jaxon got out of the car and I did as well. I pulled out my locker information and looked it over. The layout on the map looked pretty simple. Two floors, three hallways per floor plus an attached theatre, cafeteria, offices, library and gymnasium. Hearing constant chatter I looked up to see random girls practically drooling over my cousin. I smirked up at him.

“Shall I let you hang with your adoring fan club?” I teased him not having noticed the stares and looks I am getting from the boys yet, but Jaxon had.

“No, I think my skills will be best served keeping you safe today. Did you notice the guys all staring at you?”

“Pfft! Yeah, like I need help. I’m probably more dangerous than you are Jax.” This earned a hearty laugh from him and he pulled me into his arm by the shoulder.

“You are my baby cousin. You need anything, you just link me, ok? Here we are, your locker. Meet me by my car after school. See ya Hope!”

He kissed my forehead as Jerod walked up. They walked off talking to a group of girls. I rolled my eyes with a smirk and watched them disappear around the corner.

After finishing up at my locker without speaking to the people around me I looked at my class schedule and walked back the way I came. As the first bell rang a snooty looking blond girl walked right into me and fell backwards sending her books flying all over the hallway floor. The girl was caught by her friends and came up pissed off like it was my fault.

“What the fuck bitch? Don’t you have any manners? You are nothing and this is my school. You need to back off and maybe I’ll let you grovel your way -” I smirked evilly. I didn’t like girls like this one and I made no pretense otherwise. I walked right up into her face and gave her a bitchy glare. My alpha blood was humming and she seemed to feel it.

“Fuck you bitch! You ran into me!” With attitude dripping from my words, I pulled back my right fist and punched the snooty little bitch right in the face. The girl screamed and landed on her butt, with her friends half underneath her.

“My name is Cherry, and it’s my school now, bitch. So watch yourself!” I went back to looking for my class, completely ignoring the looks on the girls’ faces.

A girl in the hallway saw what I had done and came up to me and offered me her hand to shake. “I saw what you did, standing up to Angelina like that was beyond awesome! She is a total bitch to everyone. I think you broke her nose.” The girl giggled with glee at what had just happened.

I took her hand and shook it. “Cherry Woodson.”

“Brooke Michaels.”

“Nice to meet you Brooke.” I smiled as I stopped at a room. “This is me. Where are you off to?”

“Next room over. I’ll look for you at lunch if I don’t see you before then.” Nodding at Brooke I turned to enter my classroom.

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