Lost Hope

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Before I could say anything, I was slammed up against the lockers that I was standing in front of. My bag and books went flying all over the floor. My eyes landed on the large muscular male who was caging me in with his arms as his body leaned into mine. He seemed to be hell bent on touching me. I felt my body reacting and my eyes locked on his. My eyes flashed and I had to push my wolf back. She was flipping the hell out. Sparks shot up and down my arms and waist where he was touching me. The sparks caught my attention. What the hell is all this about? His face was in my hair at the side of my neck tickling me and he rumbled out one word near my ear. “Mate!”

Oh, hell no!

Fear gripped at my heart. Pushing him off of me as the hallway cleared I raised my knee and nailed him in the nuts. He bent over in pain but refused to let my arm go. Wow, he is so handsome! What? Where the hell did that come from? It’s got to be that damned mate bond that Jaxon was talking about.

Determined not to feel the effects of the bond I dug my nails into his hand drawing blood. He yelped and a teacher heard the scuffle and appeared in the hallway. “You two need to get to class, NOW!” The teacher glared at us until we entered a classroom.

I couldn’t let the human teacher know what the problem was so I grabbed my things and entered my class with my mate following me closely. I took one of the back seats in the class and glared at him when he sat right behind me. Then I ignored him. I couldn’t help but feel him over the bond, even though I was not touching him and it unnerved me more than a little. Maybe I should talk to Jaxon more about this mate bond thing. I obviously underestimated its power.

When the teacher took roll I found out that his name was Brody Black. When the teacher got to my name I stopped her. “I go by Cherry.” The teacher made note of it in her book. To my horror I hear, Cherry Black or Cherry Woodson Black or Cherry Black Woodson in my mind and I grit my teeth as I mentally smack myself upside the head. Stop it, Stop it, Stop it! I heard snickering behind me and I rolled my eyes in frustration.

Before the bell I looked at the classroom number I needed next and as soon as the bell rang I hurried out of the room and waited for Brody Black. As he came out of the room I grabbed his arm and yanked him into a dark classroom across the hallway. He let me, with a smile on his face, the jerk.

“Who the fuck are you and why did you attack me like that?” I noticed that he was tall and good looking and his rock hard physique was giving me goosebumps. I felt my resolve slipping so I gritted my teeth tightly and forced my attitude on him.

He smirked and gently pushed me up against the wall and sniffed my hair tickling my neck. I had to bite back a moan to keep him from hearing how he was affecting me. Reaching up, I pushed him back harshly. “I’m Brody Black, your mate and beta of the Dark Moon Pack.” I gasped softly. They killed my dad.

“Dark Moon Pack? I Hope Woodson of the Silver Moon pack reje-” His hand covers my mouth quickly and he growled at me threateningly.

“Don’t you even think about it. You are my mate and that makes you MINE!”

Shaking my head, I bit his hand hard and argued. “The fuck it does! I’m my own person. I belong to no one!” He yanked his hand back quickly shaking it off.

Brody pushed me against the wall and held my hands up against the wall as he kissed my neck and took in my scent. I was having trouble with the force of the bond. A soft moan escaped me and I closed my eyes, trying to fight it. “You are mine Hope Woodson. It would be easier if you accepted that now.” His husky voice said near my ear. He went to kiss me and I started to melt as his lips touched mine softly but then reality came flying back into my head and I bit down on his lip, hard. When he yelped I shoved him hard.

“The fuck I am!” I angrily spat and ran out, going straight to my locker I shoved my bag, boots, jacket and things into it. Exiting through the nearest door I glanced around and not seeing any humans took off outside. I couldn’t help the fear that was making me run. No one was going to force me to do or be anything I didn’t want. I was certainly not letting a mate bond that was being forced on me decide my future. My blood was pounding in my ears, I leaped into my shift and never missed a beat in my stride.

The beta had followed me outside and was surprised to see his mate shifting. A proud smile took over his expression and he watched me disappear into the treeline before going back inside. She is feisty and will make a very strong mate for me. Brody grinned. He was looking forward to the challenge.


Yeah Hope, you ok?

Um, sorta, but I left school I’m almost to the pack house now.

His voice sounds worried. What happened?

Well it was an eventful hour and a half. I hit some bitch named Angelina. I could hear his laughter. ...and I met my mate.

What happened? Who is he?

He is the beta of Dark Moon, Brody Black.

Jaxon jumped up and burst out of his seat, barrelling out of the classroom he was in.

What do you need from your locker? I’m coming home.

I left my bag, boots and jacket in my locker. If you could get them, please?

I’m on it.

Oh, and Jaxon? I may have underestimated this mate bond thing.

I could hear his laughter, jerk.

Oh, I’m sure you did lil cuz, I’m sure you did.

Not long afterwards I heard his car flying up the road. I was sitting on the porch in short shorts and a tank top. The Alpha and Luna were on the other side of the territory so I had managed to evade questions so far. I looked up as Jaxon slammed the car door with my stuff in his hands.

“You should have told me before you left. I’d have taken care of him. Brody is such a dick!”

“Sorry to spoil your fun. I’m just not okay with being manhandled by guys. Until I became a wolf I was always stronger than the guys around me. I wasn’t expecting to be shoved up against a wall and pinned there by a guy, who is declaring that I am his, while at school.”

Jaxon growled and pulled me into his arms for a reassuring hug. “I’ll kick his ass for you.”

“I tried to reject him but he covered my mouth so I couldn’t, then he threatened me about it. He really is a jerk!” Looking at Jaxon I saw how upset he was and sighed. “I’m gonna go for a run. Clear my head and all of that. Don’t worry, I’m fine. We’ll figure it out later.” I stopped and kissed his cheek and walked to the treeline, stripped and shifted. I ran for a while.

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