Lost Hope

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I woke up gasping as water was poured over my face. Rourke was leering down at me and he punched me in the jaw again. This time it cracked. The pain was explosive! My eyes were rimmed in red from my tears and my voice was hoarse from screaming. I was stubborn and kept refusing him even though he cut me more with that damned knife. I was naked and tied to the bed and I was bloody from the cuts across my chest, stomach and legs. I fought him with everything I had in me. The more I bit him, scratched him, and fought him the more determined to break me he became.

He had left me alone for four days to heal this time. The last time, my jaw had broken and my face was swollen for nearly two weeks. My body was becoming rail thin from refusing to eat much. It was causing my healing to go slower but I still fought him every time. Rourke kept using his version of corporal punishment to try to break me. He was determined to make me submit to him.

“You’re nothing but a whore! You’ll never have a mate. No one would want you once they find out what you are. You aren’t good enough. You’ll only be my whore Cherry. My bitch! Now be a good bitch and I won’t hurt you.”

Rourke’s lackeys came to turn me over so I was on my stomach. This effectively made it almost impossible to hurt him from this position. He turned my head to face him. I spat at him and he backhanded me hard across the face.The ring on his hand tore a gash in my cheek.

I woke up shaking in a cold sweat. It felt so real. Pulling the damp comforter off I got up and changed into a dry nightshirt. Moving to the window seat I pulled my legs up and wrapped my arms around them. I leaned my head back and wiped the tears from my face. “I have to find a way to push him away. Brody can never know what they did to me.”

A while later I glanced at the clock and decided to just start getting ready. It would give me extra time since there was no way that I could go back to sleep now.

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