Lost Hope

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I had managed to avoid him until lunch. Debating whether or not to actually go into the cafeteria I hesitated by my locker. Arms wrapped around my waist but there were no sparks. My wolf started snapping at some other males arms around us. Who else would be so bold? Ramming my elbow back hard, I turned my head with a frown to see who it is. It was a wolf I didn’t recognize. He is cute but he isn’t as good looking as Brody. I frowned over the fact that I was comparing him to Brody.

“Get off me asshole!” I looked around and the hall was still fairly busy but emptying quickly. I had to be careful.

“Hey Cherry Pop, let’s go hook up.” This wolf was pushy and he didn’t smell like pack, more like rotten garbage. Wait, did he call me Cherry Pop? He looked vaguely familiar. Another face flashed in my mind. Recognition and panic made me ram my fist upwards into his nose, stomp on his instep and punch him in the throat. “I said get off me fucker!” I yelled as my panic rose exponentially. Rourke’s guy! He was Rourke’s guy. He was the one who had fed me. He reared back and hit me in the face.

“Stupid bitch!” I fell against the lockers. I heard a terrifying growl just before he was picked up and thrown bodily into the lockers face first. Brody was all over this guy. His beta blood was humming loudly and he was enraged and beating him bloody. If he didn’t stop he would go to jail in the human world. I got up and tried to pull Brody off.

“Brody! Stop! You’ll kill him!” I grabbed him around the waist and tried to pull him backwards off of the guy. I felt the sparks again and tried to ignore them. Brody was beating on an unconscious male at that point. I wondered if he had as much trouble resisting the bond as I did.

I did the only thing I could think of. I pulled his face to the side so he was looking at me and kissed him on the lips. It had the desired effect. It did make him stop hitting him, but now he was kissing me aggressively and I didn’t know how to stop that so easily. Pulling away from him was harder than I thought it would be. I let him tug me out to the parking lot where he pulled me back into his arms. I began shaking in horror as I realized that Rourke knew where I was.

“Hope, are you alright? Who was that guy? Did he hurt you?” He put his hands on my arms and looked at my bloody lip and nose. My instincts took over as horrible memories flashed through my mind. I freaked out and punched him in the face as he was wiping the blood from my lip. Stumbling back I stared at him in horror at what I had done. Brody was truly confused at why I punched him. “Baby? What’s going on?” Brody pulled me back into his arms and my shaking became harder. I would shift soon if I didn’t calm down. Brooke came outside at just the right moment and saw how distraught I was.

“I’m taking her home Brody.” Brody looked at me with worry clearly etched in his features. I was shaking hard and trying to wipe tears from my face. He wiped my tears gently and kissed my lips as he put me into Brooke’s car and belted me in.

Brody watched Brooke’s car until we were gone and then he went back into the school to find Jaxon in the cafeteria. Catching his eye he motioned to him to join him, and because of me, he did.

“What’s up Black?” Jaxon asked. Brody told him what happened in the hallway and about my reaction to it afterwards. Jaxon got upset and his brows furrowed in thought. Jaxon tried to link me only to find himself blocked from my mind. “Find out where Brooke took her.”

Brooke was pulling me from her car at Dark Moon’s pack house. We were getting some odd stares from her pack mates that were there. I was zoned out completely, stuck in the hell that was my memory. She pulled me into Brody’s room, assuming that it would be the most comforting to me because of our bond. As soon as his scent hits me, I buried myself in his pillows and blankets and curled up into a protective ball and cry. All my mind could think of was that Rourke knew where I was. Everything that he said to me came rushing back in deafening screams in the back of my mind.

Brooke sat on the edge of the bed and comforted me. I murmured “He knows where I’m at.” She stared at me worrying, and mind linked Brody.

Brody! What the hell did you do to her? She is zoned out to the point I had to drag her in and push her up the stairs because it’s like she isn’t here.

I saved her from an asshole in the hall! That’s it. Has she said anything yet? Where the hell did you take her? She blocked Jaxon and her pack, they can’t reach her.

I took her home. She is in your bed crying and staring at nothing curled up like a ball. She doesn’t even respond to her name at this point. She murmured something though, she said “He knows where I’m at.”

I’m on my way Brooke.

Brody looked at Jaxon. “Brooke took her to our pack house. She put her in my bed to sleep. She isn’t acting normally for what happened. I know she has been through some stuff. That guy triggered something bad for her. I’m going over there. I’ll call you later man.”

They gave each other a nod and Brody left and Jaxon headed to take care of the body in the hallway before someone else discovered it.


Jaxon thought about what happened. Frowning at him he pulled the rogue into the trunk of his car and took him to the cells at home. He would question him later. Heading into his father’s office he found his parents discussing some pack issues. Both of his parents looked up at him and he sat down and told them what happened at school and Hope’s reaction to it.

Sherry looked upset as her brows furrowed “I have a hunch. You said that she is claustrophobic. Her first instinct when touched by her mate or any man other than you is to fight and run. She has scars that didn’t come from a fight…take me to her Jaxon.”

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