Lost Hope

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Hope’s POV

When we got back to our pack Aunt Sherry and I went up to my room. I knew what she wanted to know and I needed to tell someone that wouldn’t hate me for it. I trusted her so I was ready to tell her because it was eating away at me and I needed advice about Brody.

“Hope? Honey, I need you to tell me what happened to you while you were away from us. Did someone hurt you? I need to be able to help you and you need to let me.”

I reached up and hugged her tight. She was such a kind and caring woman and I had already grown to love her. Nodding, I sat back down. I smiled slightly through my tears and started my story back on the day the rogues showed up and captured me. I could see her reactions as clear as day. She cried for me at the worst parts and cheered my efforts at trying to block them out of my mind while they hurt me.

“I know the moon goddess made a mistake. I’m not supposed to have a mate. I’m not good enough anymore so-”

“Stop right there young lady! What happened to you was incredibly horrible and nothing will help them if I ever get the chance to see those rogues. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t supposed to have your mate. Brody and you were made for each other. He would never hold this against you.”

I shook my head in confusion at her anger. “How could he not? I have scars scattered all across my body and I’m scared that he will see me differently because they are a constant reminder that I’m used goods. They broke me.” My head dropped in shame as I tried to fight the tears, to no avail.

“No, if anything they are proof that you are extremely strong and that you are more than good enough for him. Don’t doubt yourself. You are quite the catch Hope Woodson.”

I chuckled halfheartedly and hugged her back. I desperately wanted her to be right but part of me was still worried that she wouldn’t be. What if she was wrong? Could I take that chance? All I had ever wanted was someone of my own to love me. If I told Brody and he rejected me...I don’t know if I could handle that.

Hope’s POV

I spent the next few days avoiding Brody. I was still determined not to have a mate. Surprisingly, he let me have my space. Brooke said he was busy with pack stuff that Matthew had him doing. Also according to Brooke he noticed that my beef with Angelina was picking up more and that he couldn’t help but chuckle at it. No one deserved the backlash more. As Angelina’s bruises faded she started plotting against me and I was always one step ahead of her.

Yesterday, Angelina wrote on my locker in permanent marker. It said ‘Bitch’ in all caps. I just smirked and took my own marker and wrote above it so it read ’I AM THE BITCH!’ When Angelina saw my big smile she was not only angry that I was not upset but she was down right pissed off that I laughed it off and thanked her for making my locker easier to find.

Today, when Angelina came in she opened her locker and was immediately covered in blue ink all down her face and hair. Her scream of rage was heard throughout the halls. I just grinned like a Cheshire cat and kept going. Angelina ran past Brody looking like a smurf, he immediately burst into uncontrollable laughter. Jaxon made it a point to watch us as a means of entertainment. He said he never knew what to expect next. The rest of the student body was giving me a wide berth and Angelina was just raising hell about my existence to anyone who would listen to her.

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