Lost Hope

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Brody’s POV

The pack party is tonight. I was hoping to spend some time with Hope and get her to accept me as her mate. After school I saw her getting into Brooke’s car. She looked a lot better. I was just thankful that it is a bi-week so there was no football game tonight. Coach had been riding my ass this week and I just wanted to wind down with my girl. I jumped into my Camaro and followed Brooke’s car to the pack house.

While I was unloading the truck with the kegs for the party. I saw Hope come out and go to the treeline, strip and shift. I grinned at her wolf and whistled, she turned around. I knew her wolf was happy to see me and I waved her over. She trotted over to me, tail wagging happily.

“Gimme one sec beautiful and I’ll go with you. We want to see our mate too.” Her wolf nuzzled my leg for a moment and sat quietly, waiting for me. When I was done we walked to the treeline, I stripped and shifted into my wolf. My wolf immediately sniffed her wolf’s rear and nipped at her playfully. We ran with each other chasing and frolicking until the sun started to set. I laid down where we had a great view at the top of a nearby hill. She snuggled up under my chin and licked my face. I kept her tight into my side and my paw over her protectively.

I couldn’t deny that this was perfect. I was calmed by her presence and she made me feel happy. As soon as the sun set we ran back to the pack house together. Upon arrival we shifted and she went straight into the house to eat and get ready for the party. I just shook my head. I was not making as much progress as I would like but every step counted, even baby steps.

Matthew and I were called out to go check the northern border with the warriors. We were told that there are possible rogues in the area. When we got back the party was in full swing. I kept feeling the bond twisting in my chest.

“Uh….Isn’t that your mate?” Matthew asks curiously as he points at my mate.

I quickly caught sight of her. Hope was pounding beers like it was water and dirty dancing with one of the wolves in my pack. She was clearly drunk off her ass. My eyes narrowed in anger. The menacing growl I emitted got the attention of most of my pack mates.

“Good luck bro.” Matthew murmured. Brooke linked me.

I tried to warn her but she is upset about something and is being belligerent and won’t listen. I’m sorry. As a matter of fact those who have tried to intervene in her hefty drinking have been told off rather vehemently.

I was standing there in disbelief watching her allow some wolf she had never met before tonight, grind on her and kiss her like she was his. What was wrong with her that she could do this to me? My wolf started fighting me to take over.

I saw red when Victor put his hands all over my mate. My guttural growl reverberated through the house rattling the windows. I yanked Victor off of her from behind and grabbed his hair in my fists. I slammed Victor’s face into my knee over and over. I didn’t stop until Matthew and Grayson pulled me off of him. Someone ran to get the pack doctor. Hope stumbled and held onto the wall as she tried to figure out what was going on through her drunken haze. As soon as the pummeling was stopped, I grabbed Hope roughly by the arm and dragged her outside. I slammed her up against the side of the house and stared at her eyes. They were so full of pain and confusion.

I let go of her and ran my hand through my messy hair as I tried to find the words. Hurt and rage were the emotions in the forefront of my mind. “Fuck! Hope! Is that what you want? Some random guy to fuck you?”

Hope had no balance left and was slurring her words badly, she shook her head. “N-no, I was dancing and I had- a lot, a lot, to drink. I don’t want to remember th-the bad ... stuff. I can dance with anyone I want. You are not m-my boss!” She poked me in the chest to drive home her point. She seemed to not have even noticed that Victor had been there.

Hope grabbed her beer and I slapped it out of her hand angrily. Then I scooped her up, ignoring her protests, and carried her upstairs and deposited her onto my bed. Gently I took off her shoes and dress leaving her in her bra and panties. My wolf was ripping at me to come out. Gritting my teeth I put one of my t-shirts over her head and kept my eyes on hers.

She murmured so softly I almost missed it. “I can’t let them…. hurt me, again….no, I can’t have a a m-mate...can’t tell you, not that. You’d hate me...” Her voice was so low that I barely caught what she said. I locked the door and mind linked Matthew where we were in case I was needed.

I thought about what the pieces of what Hope said might mean and I figured out that she must have been sexually assaulted at some point. It tore at my heart that anyone would purposely hurt my feisty little mate. It made me want to rip into them and tear their hearts out. I pushed my head into her hair and neck and took a deep whiff of her scent so it would calm me down.

I didn’t want to mark her without her consent but my wolf was insisting. I didn’t really see much of a choice either. She was almost marked by Victor downstairs. I crawled on top of the covers and kissed Hope’s neck tenderly. In her drunken state she turned and gave me her neck. Her breathy moans at my kisses down her neck and across her collar bone were pushing my wolf onward. He pushed forward and bit down and left my mark on her neck. When he did her eyes instantly widened and she shrieked in pain that turned into a deeply intimate moan as it turned pleasurable. When I pulled back and licked the wound shut she slapped me across the face and sat up. Tears were racing down her cheeks. My wolf growled angrily.

“How could you! What the fuck Brody! I wouldn’t have thought you would do something like that to me! How could you force that on me? I hate you!” She slurred her words and shoved and kicked at me so she could wrench herself away. After getting to her feet she swayed and started throwing everything she could get her hands on, at me. A vase, my laptop and a lamp were the first casualties. When she went for the door I tossed her over my shoulder and smacked her on the butt. Then I dumped her back onto the bed. My little mate sure was feisty.

“I had to do it. My wolf was demanding that we claim you!”

Hope suddenly seemed more sober and was demanding answers. “Oh really?! WHY the FUCK would you have to do it like that?” I sat her down with my arms still wrapped around her and kept her tight against my body.

“I know you don’t want a mate. Believe me, you’ve made yourself abundantly clear about that. But see, the goddess put us together because she made us for each other. I’m sorry if you don’t find me to be what you want but you are stuck with me.” I sighed with frustration and continued.

“This is the second time in two days that I’ve found another wolf trying to have his way with my mate because you were unmarked. My wolf and I can’t leave your safety up to chance. You are my biggest strength and my biggest weakness and my enemies will know that. If something happened to you I could find you now. I can keep you safer this way. It’s your own fault. You left me no choice with your behavior.”

“If that were true why couldn’t my Dad find my mother when she took off? Huh?”

“I don’t know. It’s possible that they weren’t fully mated. Ask your family if he marked her.”

Now with even more questions she quieted down and let me put her under the covers. I pulled my shoes and jeans off and slid under the covers with her. She eyed me suspiciously. I carefully pulled her up against me and cuddled her body to mine. I felt her tense and then relax. I couldn’t help but smile at the more powerful sparks. I chuckled to myself, I couldn’t wait until she realized that I would be in her head now too. “Go to sleep baby, we’ll talk in the morning.”


Hope’s POV

When I started to wake up I was hit with blinding sunlight coming through my eyelids. It amplified the headache I was already developing. “Uhhh….I feel like death.” I heard myself groan.

Brody mumbled and pointed to a pitcher full of water, a glass and a couple of pills on the nightstand. Still holding my head I turned greener and leaped out of the bed and ran for the bathroom. He shook his head and waited for it. He heard my violent retching and chuckled lowly.

I let my head hang over the edge of the toilet and felt my head continue to spin faster and faster when I closed my eyes. “Ugh, please just kill me now…” I held my overly acidic stomach and groaned. “Are there any soft flour tortillas in the house? If so can you bring me a couple, please?”

Brody disappeared and came back with a mostly full pack of tortillas and handed the pack to me. I grabbed one out and started eating it slowly. ”They are the only thing that helps my stomach after drinking too much.” He nods and watches me curiously.

“Do you remember last night’s events?” Flashes of the previous night played in my head and I was horrified that I let that wolf grind on me and that I had dirty danced on him.

“Uh,... I really wish I didn’t.” Seeing how green my face was in the mirror my gaze settled on his mark in the bathroom mirror. I looked down at myself in shame. I acted like a slut and had failed to keep him from marking me because of it. I was certain that he would leave me when he found out anyway. I wiped the tears that were threatening to fall. I walked out of the bathroom with my head down and went get my things from Brooke’s room.

When I returned, I went into his bathroom and started the shower.

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