Lost Hope

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Cherry’s POV

Twelve years later

Looking around the game room I didn’t see my best friend, Sissy. She is a really petite girl and she is pretty, which is not a good thing for a girl in here. I checked for her in the bathroom and she wasn’t in there. I walked out into the hallway and I caught a scream in the distance, it was faint but there were walls between us. I ran down the hallway and barrelled out the door into the alleyway.

“Sissy!” My eyes took in the situation as my friend screams. She was half naked and Duncan was forcing himself into her while Alex is holding her arms and hands down. Herschel was standing in front of me sneering.

Herschel was tall and bulky for sixteen. He was also not the brightest bulb in the box either. I bodily threw myself at him knocking him off balance and he went down on his back. I jumped on him, straddled him and started punching him in the face repeatedly. He tried to shove me off but I gripped my knees around him tighter until he yelled. His sides would be purple tomorrow. The blood was pouring out of his nose. I kept beating on his face. Grinning to myself as that tootsie pop commercial flashed through my mind, ‘How many hits does it take to make the boy cry? Four hits.’ I got off of him and he rolled over and stood up reaching for my arm. I slammed him backwards into the concrete wall and his head bounced off of it hard and he collapsed to the ground unconscious.

“Shit! Did you see what she did to Herschel?” Alex yelled out in frustration reeking of fear. Alex was not quite as bulky as Herschel but he was fairly strong for a guy of seventeen. He left Sissy and Duncan and ran at me with a two by four in his hand. When he swung it at me I blocked it with my forearm and hit him with an uppercut that broke his jaw. Collapsing to the ground he held his face, crying out in pain. I yanked his arm backwards breaking it at the elbow. His screams were now louder than Sissy’s.

Duncan looked up as I yanked him off of Sissy. She rolled away and grabbed her clothes, hurrying to cover herself. The terror and pain in her eyes was hard to ignore. “Cherry! He has a knife!”

I gripped his arm and slammed it into the concrete wall at the elbow. The knife fell as his bone cracked loudly. His screams finally got someone’s attention and I heard someone yelling in the distance at him to ‘shut the hell up.’

“Cherry! You bitch! I’m going to kill you for that!” He took a swing at me and missed. I kicked him as hard as I could right in his exposed dick. I watched as his eyes crossed and the breath in his lungs just stopped as he collapsed, screaming in agony. I slammed my fist into his nose just to break it, that worm deserved it.

“Not today you aren’t! Fucking asshole!” I spat on him and walked over to Sissy and helped her up off of the ground. “You okay?”

“Let’s get you to the nurse.” I half carried Sissy into the group home that we lived in. Once inside the building I saw Lowel. He was the guard, down the hall yelling at the kids to quit yelling and to be quiet. Hypocrite! Once I deposited Sissy at the nurse’s office I headed to the administrator’s office. I was ripe with fury and someone was going to catch hell for my friend’s pain and suffering.

“Mr. Jonas!” The door swung open and bounced off of the wall, denting it as the doorknob hit it. The older males in suits sitting across from the administrator looked at me as did he. His face took on a blustery shade of purple as he started yelling at me.

“Cherry! What the hell are you doing barging in here like that?”

My anger had me breathing a little heavily. I was shaking from rage and I was still trying to calm down. “I thought you should know that Duncan was raping Sissy in the alley. Hershel and Alex were helping him so I kicked their asses. Sissy is in the nurse’s office now but needs a doctor. I thought you might care that once again I was doing your job while you were sitting on your fat ass!”

My attitude was coming off of me in waves. I was positive that he could feel my rage. My fists were clenched as I tried to hold my temper in check. His face paled and by the tension in his spine and face I could see how cowardly he was. I turned and walked back down the hallway towards the outside doors again. I needed a smoke. I heard voices muttering in the office and footsteps coming down the hall as I open the door.

I grabbed a cigarette out of my pocket and lit it just as the door burst open and my friend Marcus walked over to me. I handed him a smoke and he looked over at the boys laying on the ground and smirked as he lit it.

“What the hell happened to them?”

I took me a minute to answer. I was fixing my cherry lipstick before putting it back in my pocket. “I did. Duncan and his boys were hurting Sissy. Duncan was raping her when I came outside.” Marcus raised his reddening face in a murderous rage and went over to Duncan and punched him a few times in the face and kicked him in the crotch, making him even bloodier. Duncan’s cries were high pitched and full of pain since we had quite literally kicked him bloody.

“You did a good job there Cherry. You didn’t leave much for me to do to them.” He high fived me and glanced over the other two and snickered at them.

Marcus was sixteen and Sissy is fourteen. He often talked of them getting out at eighteen and getting a place of their own. I could see the worry over Sissy in his eyes. I’d known for a while that he loved her. I could see them together in the future. “I took her to the nurse’s office. Go check on her. I’ll be in later.”

Marcus tossed his smoke on the ground and the door slammed behind him. I could hear the ambulances and the police arriving as I left the alleyway to take a walk and calm myself down.

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