Lost Hope

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Brody’s POV

Beep beep beep! I reached over and hit the alarm sending it flying off of the nightstand. Somehow it was still going off. I reached down and yanked the cord out of the wall and dropped it. Hope ducked under the covers and hid her head. I chuckled and pulled the covers over my head as well. I leaned over her pinning her to the bed with my body and began kissing her neck which sent her into gales of laughter in ticklish delight. As I suck on my mark on her neck, they turned into moans of desire. Feeling my ‘early riser’ at attention I backed off to leave the bed but Hope reached up and pulled me against her.

“Babe, I need to get out of bed or I might not be able to stop.” My voice sounded raw and husky to my own ears. Hope was kissing my neck and I was starting to doubt my own willpower. “Baby?”

Hope had this lustful look in her eyes and I was at my wits end as she ground her core against me. “Please Brody, stay with me. I need you. I want you.” Her breath shuddered against my skin.

That’s all it took. I didn’t need any encouragement after that. Kissing her deeply and more passionately while she let her hands wander over my body sent waves of desire through me. She lifted her core to me and I felt her readiness for me. She touched me as she slid me into her and I swear fireworks exploded in my brain. Hope’s mouth slid over the spot on my neck where her mark should go and she kissed it for several moments before she bit down. I felt the pain blossom into the most sensual feeling as the connection cemented itself between us.


We were leaving the house two hours late for class. “Babe I have some pack stuff to do this morning. I’ll be there to pick you up after school though. I have a warrior assigned to you today since I won’t be there.”

Hope was giving me an odd look. “Fine, I guess.” I smirked and kissed her and teased her a little. Grinning I looked up and saw Ryker by the front doors. She rolled her eyes at me and then she smiled bright enough to light up New York City. “I’ll see you after school Brody.” I watched her get out and when she shut the door she winked at me.

I rolled the window down and reached across the seat. She ducked her head in for a moment. “Link me if you need me. I’ll be here after school.” She nodded and blew me a kiss then she walked inside with Ryker. Looking at the clock on the dash I groaned. Jaxon was gonna give me crap about being late. Hitting the gas I headed out to Silver Moon.

When I got there Jaxon was glaring at me. “Yeah, yeah dude blame your cousin. She jumped me this morning.” To my surprise he laughed shaking his head.

“I told her that the mate bond was strong. When coupled with your own feelings its unfightable I hear.” I nodded with approval.

Following Jaxon we headed down into the cells. The rogue was furthest away from the doors. No fresh air for him. He looked very irritated and not in the least bit friendly. He sneered at me and glared at Jaxon, whose alpha blood was making him cower in fear.

“So where’d Cherry Pop run off to? She is such a sweet-” I growled menacingly at him and he laughed. “Ahh, so you are the mate aren’t you?”

“Shut up Rogue.” Jaxon glanced at him as if bored. He opened the door to the cell and went inside checking the restraints on the chair he was in.

“Now, you are going to tell me what you were doing at the school.” Jaxon demanded sternly. He walked over and leaned against the wall. The rogue eyed him carefully. After a moment he looked at me and I snarled at him dangerously. I knew I had to keep my wolf calm. I needed information so I could protect my mate. I wanted more than anything to tear these wolves apart though.

“Been looking for her since she escaped. She really got under his skin. No one fights back like she does. Makes fucking her so much better, ya know?”

He sneered at me and laughed. I was doing all I could to push my wolf from taking over. I was shaking hard. Jaxon calmly grabbed something off the wall. He came back into the cell and stuck the end of it on the rogue’s arm. The rogue immediately screamed out in pain as electricity burned through his nerves like fire. I felt a smile creep across my face as he suffered.

“Hey Jax, I need to get one of those for our cells.” Jaxon chuckled at me.

“So Rogue what is your name and how do you know Cherry?” Jax moved to give him another jolt of electricity with the hotshot. Jaxon looked at me and said. “Yeah it’s a cool toy to have around. For questioning its cool because I can turn it way up, making it so strong that he would eventually give me anything I want.”

I watched as Jaxon stopped and turned it up a notch then proceeded to threaten him with it. The rogue responded. “Name’s Milo. I used to help take care of her after Rourke captured her.”

At the name Rourke I walked into the cell with him and Jaxon. I knew this rogue raped her just as the others had. My wolf wanted to rip him to shreds for hurting our mate. I felt my beta blood humming loudly over the room and he shrunk in his chair. His eyes stayed lowered but he watched me warily.

Jaxon glanced at me and asked the next question. “Where is Rourke and is he still looking for her?” The cattle prod lit up like it was New Year’s Eve and Milo watched as Jax moved forward towards him.

“Yes! He wants to get her back! He is close, only a few miles. He figured she would end up in the school. She looks so good now.” He said licking his lips. I wanted so badly to end him right then.

Jaxon watched as I let my claws out and I punched Milo in the face letting my claws slice across his skin leaving open gashes in their wake. Milo cried out and spat his blood out at me. “Asshole!” he yelled at me with a sneer.

Jaxon walked out and put the hotshot on the wall. I took the liberty to beat on Milo for a few minutes. My wolf wanted more but I walked out of the cell when he fell unconscious. “Jax it’s just not enough for what they did to her.” We went outside and locked the cells down. He nodded.

“I agree. We need to keep her safe. You guys completed the mating right?”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“Okay, well at least we won’t be totally in the dark if something does happen.”

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