Lost Hope

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Jaxon smirked at me. He watched me closely as I lead them to the cells to kill the rogue. Walking all the way to the back I saw Milo in the same cell that I had been in. I felt the familiar fear pushing its way through my stomach to the surface and I shoved it down with my anger. Glancing up at the wall I walked over to the hotshot on the wall and pulled it down. It only took a moment to figure it out. Turning back to the cell I pushed the fear back. I was in control now.

Milo opened his eyes, sat up and gave me an evil grin until he saw what I was holding in my hands. Then I saw the horror creep into his eyes. He sat up rigidly. I stepped deeper into the cell. I watched Brody yank Milo into the chair and strap him in tightly. Milo immediately started begging and pleading with me for his life.

“Let me out of here. You can’t let her use that on me! She’ll kill me! Oh come on Jaxon don’t let her use that.” When that didn’t work he turned to me.

“Cherry Pop, come on you don’t want to do this. I was always the gentle one! You don’t want to hurt me, not really.” I paused and gave him a look of sheer incredulity.

“You are kidding me right? You were no different from the others. No means no, not ‘just leave me with less scars.’ You’re a prick and now you will die like a prick!” I turned on the hotshot and I felt the vibration as it fired up and the power of his future pain was starting to excite me and it must have shone in my eyes.

“Wait! I can tell you what he is planning!” I started walking slowly towards him.

“I don’t believe you. See, you never told the truth so I’m not buying it.” I looked over at Jaxon and Brody and Jaxon’s expression was void of emotion and Brody’s was full of hatred as he looked at the rogue. I turned the hotshot up to level seven out of ten. Then I stuck it hard against his stomach. The scent of the electricity frying his skin made my nose crinkle in disgust as his screams echoed off of the walls. After about five seconds I stopped and pulled it back. I turned it up to eight and looked at him slyly.

“So Milo, do you have anything to say to me for all of the times you hurt me?” He was sobbing but I listened closely.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’ll never do that to anyone again just please don’t use that on me again! Please, please, please! I beg of you. I’ll do anything you say!” I stopped pacing and looked at him with nothing but coldness.

“I seem to remember begging and pleading with you and your pals and it didn’t do any good. As a matter of fact you all laughed at me.” I turned back to the hotshot and cranked it up to level ten. His whimpering became screams of agonizing pain when I placed it between his legs and held it to his most sensitive male part. His eyes rolled backwards into his head and his screams eventually stopped. The clothing and skin had burned away and the blood pooled on the floor. I tossed the powered down hotshot to Jaxon and walked out of the cell leaving the lifeless rogue in my past. As soon as I got to the outside. I turned,dropped to my knees and vomited.

My hair was quickly pulled back and arms went around me protectively as I finished. The worst part was actually knowing that I had gotten revenge on him. It never occurred to me that I could do something so evil and cold. I didn’t even feel like I was myself. I felt like I was something on the same level as they were. I was definitely not proud of what I had just done. I hugged Brody and cried for a few minutes before getting up and jumping into my shift and I took off into the trees for a run. I needed to clear my head from what I had just done.

I shut off my mind link and I ran from Silver Moon to Dark Moon and I went to the pond that sat at the southern border. It was there three hours later that Brody found me. My legs were dangling in the water. My mind was frozen in pain and misery. His scent hit my nose before I saw him. He walked over to the pond and into the water and sat next to me. He lifted me and pulled me into his embrace wrapping his arms around me.

“Are you okay babe?” I breathed in his scent that calmed me so well and I shook my head softly.

“No. I’m not. What I did to Milo was equally as heinous as what they did to me. I’m ashamed of what I did.” Brody was quiet a moment and kissed my forehead.

“I’m proud of you for facing him and your past. I know it wasn’t easy but if you hadn’t done it, I would have done it gladly. They all deserve that and more for hurting you like that. How about from now on you leave the torture to me? That way you won’t feel so crappy about it.” I sighed and nodded.


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