Lost Hope

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Hope’s POV

Monday morning came went without a sighting of my favorite frenemy. Tuesday did the same and by Wednesday I was getting perturbed at her absence. Thursday I went to the guidance counselor’s office.

“I need to see Mrs. Hendrix about a student.” I said to her receptionist.

“She already left for a meeting at the school board. Can I help you with something?” I felt my alpha blood humming slightly and she seemed nervous.

“I need Angelina Brandt’s address. She hasn’t been in all week and I want to check on her.”

“Oh, I can’t give you that. I’m sorry.” Seeing the fear in her eyes I let my bitch come through a little more. I leaned my closed fists on her desk and sneered at her.

“I think you can. I even suggest you do it, now.” The underlying threat in my voice spurred her into pulling up her computer and writing something on a post it note. She shoved it towards me.

“You didn’t get that from me.” She denied as she looked at the ground nervously.

“Thank you.” I nodded as I took it and left the office.


I took Brody’s car keys during lunch and he gave me a strange look. I reached over and kissed him and gave him a smirk. “I’m stealing your car to run an errand ok? I’ll be back by the end of the last class.” I stood up and grabbed a donut off of his plate and walked out of the cafeteria. Before the door shut he was next to me pulling on my arm.

“Where are you going? Can I tag a long?” I chuckled lowly.

“No, you can’t. I’m going to check on Angelina. Something is wrong. I can feel it but I hope that I’m wrong. Chances are that she just has the flu but I need to check.” I showed him the address and he looked at it memorizing it. “I’ll link you okay?”

Wrapping his arms around my waist he nodded and pulled me into him. “You’d better. Be safe. Love you.” I smiled.

“Love you too.” I walked away from him and out of the doors to the car.

Twenty minutes later I was outside of a two story house that had seen better days. The garbage cans were knocked over on the side of the house and the lawn had garbage ripped up all over it. The broken down truck in the driveway had the hood up and parts on the roof of it and on the ground next to it. The largest window was taped up on a diagonal. There was another window that was card boarded up. The bad feeling that I had was getting worse. Slowly, I walked up to the front door that looked old and it was scratched up like an animal had tried to get in. My senses caught scent of wolves. There were at least two on the property. I knocked on the door and I heard yelling and a young boy covered in bruises answered the door.

“What do you want?” He said unhappily.

Brody? You remember that address right?

Yes, you ok?

For now, yes but it’s not safe here. I need you here.

I’m on my way.


“I’m looking for Angelina. Is she here?” I asked the little boy. He seemed afraid and I heard a voice in the background that sounded familiar but before I could place it an older man reeking of alcohol grabbed the boy and threw him bodily into the house. The man gave me the creeps with the way he was staring at me. He grabbed my arm lightly, pulling me into the house.

“Yes she is in her room. Come on in and you can see her.” The sudden darkness of the room caused my eyes to adjust. I could see the back of a chair across the room. Angelina’s father let go of my arm but blocked the doorway to the front door. I pretended all was normal and that I wasn’t frightened in the least.

A door opened down the hallway and Angelina walked into the hallway and when she looked up and saw me her eyes became frightened and she glanced at her father who appeared predatory. The man in the chair rose up and came into the light and grinned at me. ”What are you doing here?”I stepped back into the wall behind me and felt the fear raise the hair on my neck as my wolf fought me trying to make her way forward.

“Hello there Cherry Pop! I’ve been looking for you.” Rourke smiled brightly.

My first response was to run as fast and hard as I could. However, my legs felt heavy as if encased in steel and sunken in concrete. My throat was suddenly dry. I knocked over a standing lamp and grabbed Angelina and pulled the both of us into her room slamming the door shut. I could hear Rourke’s laughter in the other room. I expected the door to be ripped off of its hinges any second.


Almost there baby.

Rourke’s here!

I brought backup.

Angelina looked frail and almost broken. She had been beaten pretty badly. ”How long has he been here?”

“A few days, he’s my uncle.” I pulled her into my arms and as the door was busted into pieces I shoved her behind me protectively. She was part human there was no way she could handle Rourke’s attack. I shoved her behind me. “Stay behind me Angelina.”

There was a loud crash and wolves were fighting all over the front of the house and as Rourke launched himself at me I yelled at Angelina. “RUN!” She jumped onto the bed and over the broken door. Rourke crashed into my chest. The force and momentum of it knocked the wind out of me. We fell and he landed with a knee on my pelvis before falling next to me. My wolf shifted and my growls and snarls were ferocious sounding. I was already ripping into his gut and dodging his hits. When he shifted his weight and started to shift I reached for his throat and tore into the side of it missing the jugular entirely.

I could hear Angelina screaming in the hallway. She had grabbed her little brother and was pulling him with her into another room. One of the wolves from Silver Moon entered the room after her. Thank goodness she was being protected.

I felt the third wolf before I saw him. It was Brody and Jax was right behind him. The teeth that bit down harshly into my side tore a scream from me that I never even heard. I felt everything start to go black and it felt like slow motion. I saw Brody rip into Rourke’s back yanking him away from me and Jax’s wolf literally ripped him to pieces. The last thing I remembered was Brody’s terrified voice calling my name.

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