Lost Hope

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Monday morning I woke up alone. I felt the sheets on his side of the bed but they were cool to the touch. My brow furrowed as I wondered where he was so early. I slapped the alarm so it would stop annoying me. There was no sound from the bathroom. I got up and took a shower and got ready for school in a hurry. I tried to link him but he was blocking me. This made me uneasy so I hurried and went to see Brianna in the kitchen. Brooke was there eating bacon and Alpha Matthew was playing a game on his phone.

“Where is Brody and why is he blocking me?” I asked the room in general. Alpha Matthew looked up with a blank look on his face. He looked at his mate and Brooke and he linked Brody.

“No worries Hope. Brody is fine, he is just working on something and he can’t be disturbed. He said he will pick you up after school.” He caught Brooke about to say something so he kicked her under the table.

“Ye-Oouch! What was that for?” Matthew chuckled as she rubbed her knee with a scowl.

“That was a warning not to be yourself today.” When she went to argue he picked her up like a ragdoll and gave her a noogie messing up her hair. She started yelling and kicking her legs at him so he dropped her on the couch. “Go fix your hair Brooke, come on Hope I’ll drop you off at Jaxon’s. He was hoping you would ride with them this morning. I think his mate is giving him trouble or something.”

“Okay.” I picked up a handful of bacon in a paper towel and followed him outside to his car.

When we pulled up to the pack house at Silver Moon. I saw what looked like a yard sale or a bad eviction going on. Jaxon’s belongings were all over the front lawn. He was yelling at Angelina who was throwing his stuff out of the third floor window. Matthew’s voice rang out in laughter at the scene before him. I gave Matthew a grin and shook my head as I got out of the car. Jax heard the door and came over to me totally exasperated.

“Hope, please do something with her! She won’t even let me in and I’ve already broken two doors this weekend.” His voice sounded as desperate and frustrated as he looked.

“Chill out cuz. Let me talk to her.”

I walked past him and went into the pack house kitchen and got coffee and donuts for the two of us. When I got to the door I could hear her yelling at him from, I knocked and called out.

“Angie! It’s Hope, I brought coffee and donuts open up!” Not thirty seconds later the door was yanked open and she pulled me in while searching behind me in case Jaxon had run up too. Shutting and locking the door she ran her hand through her messy hair.

“What’s going on? It looks like a scene from a bad B movie out there. Jaxon is ready to tear his hair out. What did he do?” She took her donut and sipped her coffee. Angelina looked tired and she was irritated with him.

“He won’t stop touching me! He won’t let me sleep in my own room. I can’t move without literally running into him. He was insisting that he guard me in the shower!”

“What? You know why, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I’m not ready to be marked yet.” She sighed in tears of frustration. I reached over and hugged her and let her cry on my shoulder.

“The Alpha wolves are so protective. It’s like they are in overdrive and he really can’t suppress or harness it all of the time. You really have to give him something or he is going to drive you up a wall.”

“I know. He beat up one of the pack wolves because, Jax said he was “looking” at me too much.” I felt bad for her and thought about Jax’s wolf needing to be under better control.

“What do you want to do? How does he make you feel?”

“Oh, you mean besides like I’m his property?” She sighed and smiled tiredly. “He makes me feel like a princess when he isn’t being an ass.”


Yeah, can I come up yet? Is she sane yet? I want her in my room and I am not relenting on that.

She may not have trouble being in your room as long as you aren’t in it. I heard you have beaten up a pack member for looking at her. YOU CAN’T DO THAT! Were you being a perv when you wanted to guard her in the bathroom? Dumbass!!!

What’s wrong with wanting to protect her?

Your mate is not a thing, she is a person who you are supposed to respect and love. She is not ready for sex with you yet and you need to give her a little space. If you don’t you will keep pushing her away and you will lose her for good.

I just want to sleep next to her and hold her at night. My wolf is ready to lose it.

Dude you need to reign him in. You are freaking her out! Let me see what I can do.

He says his wolf is really giving him a hard time. He understands that you aren’t ready for sex yet. He wants to hold you while you sleep. His wolf wants to protect you. Honestly, if you let him mark you it’s not only best for him but if something happened to you, he could find you a lot easier. It’s better for your protection and he will stop threatening to beat up pack mates. Can I tell him that you will let him mark you?”

For a moment Angelina didn’t say anything but bit her fingernails nervously. Slowly she took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay. He can come up and mark me.” She said hesitantly.

Jax, come up here like a person. Angie said she will let you mark her.

Not even a minute later Jax knocked softly at the door and I let him in after giving Angelina a hug. “Behave Jax!” She smiled at him softly in embarrassment. “You guys have five minutes! We are already late to school!”

Fifteen minutes later we were on the way to school. Aunt Sherry was putting away Jax’s things and Angelina was sporting her mate’s mark on her neck. I rolled my eyes at the now, lovey dovey couple. They might just drive me crazy.

By third period I was getting annoyed at Brody for not unblocking me. I was getting bitchier by the minute and it was starting to show. Now that Angelina and I were friends, which surprised everyone, life had become less interesting at school. No more pranks to play on each other. Every time I saw them Jax was hovering and I could tell he was making her crazy so I took my bitchiness out on him. She was yelling at him in a whisper shout when I walked up to him. His alpha blood was humming like crazy.

I walked up to them and grabbed his forearm and yanked him away from her. His wolf’s eyes glared and he snarled at me.

“Back off Cujo! Jax, you are pushing her too hard too fast. She is safe here. Either You, Brooke or I are in all of her classes. Let the girl breathe. You can mind link her now, so give her some space before I kick your ass!”

I purposely let my alpha blood hum hard so he could feel that I was not taking his crap. I turned my head and realized that most of the hallway was full of wolves on their knees because of the power we were emitting. I dialed mine back, and after I smacked Jax in the gut he did too. The humans were looking confused and a little bit dazed.

Angelina came over and started rubbing Jax’s arm soothingly. I nodded to her and she smiled at me when Jax buried his face into her neck. I shook my head, smirking as I walked off to my next class with a little wave.

At lunch Jax and Angie seemed much better. I sat with them and he hugged me tight and then grabbed Angie and pulled her in with us. Out of nowhere he started tickling me and my shrieks of laughter in my head got Brody’s attention.

Baby? What’s going on? Are you okay?

Oh, so you ignore me until you think someone else is making me happy? I see. What the fuck Brody why are you blocking me? And it’s just Jax. I’ve been helping him with Angie.

I could literally hear him sigh. I’m just working on something. I’ll tell you about it when I see you but right now I’m just really trying to focus. I love you Hope.

I love you too Brody. But from now on no blocking me! I could hear his soft chuckle.

All right after this no more blocking.

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