Lost Hope

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Brody never told me what he was working on. He got home late that night and he was just worn out. He walked into our room and passed out on the bed fully dressed. When I walked out of the bathroom I saw him and I walked over to his feet and pulled off his shoes and jeans. I yanked the covers over him and kissed his lips softly. His arm reached around me and pulled me into his side. Even in his sleep he nuzzled my neck. I wiggled my body into his and smiled softly as my eyes closed to the sound of his soft snores.

It went on this way for two more weeks. Each morning he was gone before the alarm and each night he came home more tired and secretive about what he was doing. He refused to say anything about what he was doing and Matthew was covering for him and it was making me bitchier and bitchier. Friday morning when I got to school I was on a rampage. Even Jaxon couldn’t calm me down. Most of the wolves in school gave me a wide berth because of the rage and power that I was emitting as my alpha blood hummed loud and angrily.

What the hell was he doing that was so secretive that he couldn’t tell his mate? Was he seeing someone? Did Matthew have him doing something dangerous? My wolf was very irritated and she shoved herself to the front and was making herself obvious. Realizing that I was losing control of my temper I slammed my locker and left school in the camaro. I decided to go for a drive and calm down. I was speeding on the highway up by the canyon and before I knew it I had whirling lights and a siren following me.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I slammed my hand against the steering wheel angrily.

Looking in the mirror I decided that the cop’s car wasn’t as fast as mine. Matthew had souped it up for drag racing. I stepped on the gas and laughed as the cop disappeared in my rear view. I looked forward and slammed on the breaks as I caught sight of the three car roadblock just ahead. The cop had called for backup. The Camaro skidded sideways and fishtailed hitting one of the cars in the door before I got it under control again.

The smell of burning rubber was overpowering my nose as I tried to decide what to do. I had a license but it was less than a year old. I tapped on the steering wheel as my mind spun out. I realized how much trouble I was in. If I went to prison my wolf would eventually die or I would expose all wolf shifters when she forced her way out. Then undoubtedly, I would be shot before I could be cut up for research by the government. I sat there shaking when I called out to my family.

Jax! Brody! Alpha Matthew!

What’s up cuz? You in chemistry causing trouble?

I left school and ...Yes! I’m in big trouble HUGE, life altering trouble!

Brody jumped in, undoubtedly because Matthew told him something big was wrong. Hope? Baby? What’s wrong? I could hear the worry in Brody’s voice.

Guys, I fucked up big. I’m near the top of the canyon and the cops have barricaded me in with roadblocks and they have guns pointed at me. I can either give myself up and go to prison, which I can not do, or I can do something really daring and I might not make it. So come look for me, ok?

My voice shook as I spoke. It was at that point that Jaxon, Jerod and Angelina ran out of their classes and to the parking lot. Once out of the parking lot Jaxon called his father. Matthew and Brody were running to their respective vehicles.

Hope! Baby, don’t do it! We’ll get you a lawyer or whatever we need to do. Baby, you can’t leave me. I can’t do this without you! I’m doing this for you. I’m on my way. Just wait for me! I love you Hope! Please don’t do this!

Ducking as bullets hit the passenger side of the car, I wiped my tears. I heard his pleas and my heart broke at the sound of the pain in his words.. I’m sorry! Wish me luck. They are shooting at me now. I have to try this- I love you.

I blocked my links, I could feel Brody twisting the mate bond in fear and our link was vibrating so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks from ignoring it. I wiped my tears and focused on what I needed to do.

I stepped on the gas and spun the car in circles and then I took aim at the edge so that I would drive off of it on as much of a parallel angle as I could.

“Please Moon Goddess, don’t let me die or go to prison.”

My stomach was in knots. When I saw the cop cars getting nearer, I felt the bile rise in my throat and I slammed my foot down on the pedal. I was thrown hard against the steering wheel and my head slammed into the window as two cop cars hit me from the opposing sides. The force spun my car in a ninety degree angle and before I could adjust, my door opened and I was yanked out of the car. I was shoved hard into the dirt face first. My arms were yanked behind me and someone’s knee gouged into my back roughly as handcuffs were put on me.

I gave up. I couldn’t fight back without exposing myself as a wolf. It was over. I was done for. My tears flowed freely as I was shoved into the backseat of a squad car.

Brody’s POV

I kept yelling for her to talk to me but I felt the block go up and then I was running on sheer adrenaline. I had the gas pedal on the floor of the truck that I had taken that day. Just as I came up on the canyon road I saw something ahead that made my heart stop. I pulled over and watched the scene unfold, completely unable to do anything. I saw the Camaro heading for the cliff side of the road and two squad cars forced it to spin sideways. My heart got caught in my throat as I watched them yank Hope out of the car. She was arrested and put in another car.

I didn’t even notice Jaxon or Matthew when they pulled up behind me. I was doing everything I could to keep from shifting and ripping the policemen apart. My wolf was about to lose it entirely. Matthew and Jerod held onto me until the police were gone. When they let go of me I felt my wolf come forward and I followed the squad car to the station hoping to see my mate. I stayed off the road and kept as inconspicuous as I could be.

Matthew and our pack’s lawyer met me at the station with clothes. I waited for hours in the waiting area. I felt her mind block finally fall away. I closed my eyes and to anyone else it would look like I was resting. My wolf was just beneath the surface. He wanted to kill everyone between us and Hope.

Baby? Are you alright?

I could feel her fear and anguish through the mate bond and it pulled at me hard. I could hear her crying in my head.

We’ll get you out of here. Mr. Fontaine is already working on getting you released on bail.

It’s not going to work. I’m a flight risk. The cop already told me that.

Not knowing what to say I ran my hand through my hair roughly. I was so frustrated and angry with her for putting herself in danger.

What were you doing? What made you so distracted that you were going that fast?Do you realize that I couldn’t have lived if you had died! It would literally tear my heart apart.

I could feel her rage building.

YOU made me crazy! You wouldn’t tell me why you were ignoring me and leaving for eighteen hours a day, for WEEKS! What the hell is so important that you put it before me? What did I do to make you stop loving me?

Nothing! Baby, I was trying to surprise you with something but it was taking longer than I expected! I had Matthew and the others covering for me. I was doing it all for you. I could never stop loving you. You are the other half of me, there is no one that I could love over you.

What was it you were doing? Hope asked sounding tired and sad.

I was trying to find out what happened to your mom.

I could feel her crying through the bond again. My own tears were threatening me.

Baby, don’t cry. We’ll figure out how to get you out of here. I love you.

I love you too, Brody. I’m so sorry.

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