Lost Hope

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Brody’s POV

I was in the pack houses’ conference room with Mr. Fontaine and Alpha Matthew. He was going over the paperwork for Hope’s court date. “The district attorney’s office has offered her a plea bargain.”

“For speeding?” I yelled and jumped to my feet. I wasn’t sleeping and my wolf was furious and he wanted to protect our mate. Matthew used his alpha command on me.

“Brody, calm down and control your wolf.” I started taking deep breaths as I stared hard at the lawyer.

“It’s not just speeding. They have her down for speeding, destruction of public property, reckless endangerment of the public and of endangered species, attempted murder of the police officers that were injured while trying to apprehend her at the time. The list goes on but that is the gist of it.”

My eyes flashed black and I snarled in fury. “Attempted murder! She wasn’t trying to kill them just to get away from them.” Mr. Fontaine was used to handling the legal stuff for the pack. This was his first major criminal case for the pack though. He looked upset for the pack.

“With the maximums they could sentence her up to forty years or so. The new judge wants to make an example out of her to prove he is a badass.” He pulled some papers

out of his briefcase. “They are offering her five to fifteen years in a minimum security prison and suspension of her driver’s license permanently.”

My wolf pushed forward with a menacing growl that reverberated throughout the building as he shifted in the middle of the room. I barreled through the door as Brianna entered the room, nearly knocking her over in the process.

“Matthew?” Mr. Fontaine looked scared as he watched Matthew shift and go after his beta. Brianna frowned as she addressed him. “I take it that you didn’t bring good news?”

The attorney shook his head and sighed sadly. “I wish I had. I know that prison is a death sentence for your kind. I wish so much that I could get her out of this mess. I have to present this to her next. I need Brody to tell her to do it. Maybe she can get out on an early parole.”

Mr. Fontaine stood up and shook her hand in his and he left. Brianna looked at the offer that was on the table and shook her head in disbelief. Pulling out her phone she called Jaxon to relay the information.

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