Lost Hope

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Cherry’s POV

I walked around the city until I ended up at an old high school that was abandoned a few years ago. It is home to a few winos now. I headed for the football field and laid down in the middle of it and looked up at the stars. I always wondered if my parents and I were looking at the stars at the same time. It seemed to comfort me just a little to think that they were.

It’s been twelve years since my mother dropped me off at the fire station. The fireman told the social worker that he saw my mother but she just hid. I wished she would come back. I could forgive her if she did. There could have been extenuating circumstances that made it possible to be forgiven. I just wanted her to come and get me. There were no clues as to who my father is except a last name beginning with the letter W. I sighed and I looked up at the stars and think about what Miss Brooks said.

“Cherry, most kids who are dropped off like you were, never hear from their birth family. The percent is in the high nineties. I’m sorry.”

I lit another cigarette and I kept looking up at the sky. The lights went off so I knew it was ten o’clock. My mind strayed back to Sissy and Marcus. I’m so glad that they have each other. I wished I had someone who cared that much about me. If he had his way, Marcus would marry Sissy tomorrow and she knew that. It made me happy for my besties.

My neck and back began to cramp up. I got up and did some deep stretches and rubbed them hard, trying to make them loosen back up. The muscles were pulling so hard that I could see them rippling like an alien crawling through my flesh. They were curving my body into freakish positions while I screamed in agony. Every bone, muscle, ligament and tendon started pulling and twisting in grotesque ways. My shoulders and arms were first to go, the bones broke and started moving both inside and through the skin to rearrange themselves.

Panic and fear gripped me as tears streamed down my face. The pain was so bad I could barely breathe. Next went my legs, they broke with thunderous cracks that tore through my hips. It was excruciating! At this point I was praying for death. My hands and feet twisted into paws. Claws forced their way through my skin as did the millions of tiny pin pricks all over my body as fur came in. My voice was raw from screaming. No one was coming to help me. It didn’t matter how loud I was, even the cops wouldn’t come to this part of the city.

At some point my cries turned into howls and the torture stopped. I looked down and saw my shredded clothes. I glanced down and saw paws. Confused, I looked over my shoulder at myself and saw that I looked like some kind of dog-like animal. What the fuck? I am black and white like ashes with blond socks. I laugh sardonically in my mind. Great, I saw Van Helsing the other day and now I’m a freaking werewolf! Haha! I could feel someone else in my head and my mind flashed on a wolf. Shit! They are going to lock me in the looney bin for sure now! My heart was beating so loudly I could feel its beat in my throat.

I stood up, and it felt so weird being on four feet instead of two. After sidestepping a few times I started to run around the field. Realizing that there was a plus side to this I jumped and ran up and down the bleachers a couple of times before I heard a whine in my head that made me stop in my tracks. It sounded like an animal.

In my head I stared at my inner wolf for a moment when I heard my stomach rumble in starvation. Okay, we need food, got it. I bet we eat a lot more now too huh? The wolf part of me just nodded and I started to walk. Can I turn back to my human side too? I must admit, the amount of relief I felt when she nodded was astronomical. Cool, let’s get some food.

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