Lost Hope

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Hope’s POV

I was shaking with fear. Mr. Fontaine had just left and I have already spoken to both him and the prosecutor. The bile in my stomach was rising and I jumped up and vomited my stomach contents in a toilet that was in the corner of the cell. The tears wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t see Brody until my court appearance on Thursday. I was going to go before the judge and accept the already signed plea bargain.

I could feel Brody’s anguish and it was hurting so badly. I couldn’t believe how terribly wrong everything went. So bad, so fast... and now it was going to cost both of us our lives. I could feel my wolf inside of me and she was angry and confused. She was also threatening to come out and I kept pushing her back down.


The guard opened the gate and I followed directions and I was led into the courtroom two buildings over. When it was my turn I looked around to see only Matthew in the room. Fear started building inside me.

Matthew? Where is Brody?

I’m sorry Hope. He’s not in any shape to be in a human court. He’s back at the pack house.

I couldn’t stop the tears. I knew what he meant. Brody was flipping out and was most likely locked in a cell to keep him from ravaging the humans to get to me.

I have found a way for you to maybe keep your wolf under control while you are in there. We have a doctor prescribing you meds for a “condition”. It’s a tiny bit of wolf’s bane. It should be able to keep her weak but not kill her. When they give it to you make sure you take it. I’ll bring Brody up to visit as soon as he can handle it. Remember your strength and quick healing in there. Don’t get into fights if you can help it.

I nodded towards Matthew and stared at the floor.

“Ms. Woodson?”

Mr. Fontaine nudged her. “Hope.”

“How do you plead?”

With a crack in her voice she muttered. “Guilty, I’m so sorry.”



YES, There is a sequel in progress. We will find out what happens to Brody and Hope in the Sequel that is titled "Saving Brody" I'm working on it now so please be patient with me. I love the comments and votes so please let me know what you think of what you've read so far.

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