Lost Hope

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Animal control was coming after my wolf and I on a regular basis now. I had started hiding in abandoned buildings and warehouses to avoid them. It was raining outside and I was underneath a tarp that was covering some machinery in a warehouse by the docks. I heard voices enter the room and realized that I recognized at least one of them. I yawned and stood up. Peering around the edge of the tarp I saw only two men that were talking to another whom I couldn’t see at all. I knew that the voice of the third was someone close to me but I just couldn’t pull it forward. Sneaking out of my place of safety I crouched low and crawled across the aisle to the next row of machines covered in tarps.

I heard the third man say something and the tone of his voice changed. It was Tony! I hadn’t seen him since he aged out of the system over a year ago. I couldn’t even remember how many times he saved my ass over the years. He was like my big brother from another mother. I loved him and looked up to him.

Hurrying so I could see my friend I sneaked as close to them as I could and hopped up onto some crates near them. I could hear what they were doing and it sounded like a drug deal going bad. I got to a spot higher than they were when I saw the guy called T-dog and his buddy yelling at Tony. It quickly escalated and they started beating on him. I growled so angrily that it vibrated around the room as I launched myself off of the crates. T-dog pulled out a gun and pointed it at Tony. He shot him in the chest. I knocked T-dog to the ground ripping his throat out in a vicious fit of rage. The second thug ran out of the building and I let him go so I could check on Tony.

I sat next to my friend and licked his face as he ran his fingers through my fur. Nuzzling my face against his I whimpered. I was heartbroken when my friend took his last breaths a few moments later. Inside, I was crying hard. My wolf grieved with me, howling out her pain. I laid there with him all night, until people started to show up. A security guard shot at me with his gun. He grazed me on the shoulder so with one last look at Tony I ran. It was time to leave the city.

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