Lost Hope

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I had learned how to survive off of the land. My natural skills as a shifter had helped me manage. Counting on myself and my wolf to get me through I managed to go close to two years on my own before I accidentally got caught on pack land. I had learned to fight as a wolf and I was a fierce predator and had the scars to prove it. I carefully avoided packs. I didn’t trust males anymore.

While tracking a deer I stupidly crossed into pack territory. I growled loudly when I was blocked by two male wolves. I looked at them and tried to figure out if I could take them or not. They were pack wolves and not rogues thankfully. However, that meant they were in better health and harder to fight.

If we are aggressive they will attack us. Back down! I can hear them, there are too many of them in the area. I told my wolf.

Backing down was not in our blood, she was an alpha, and my wolf was having a bit of trouble listening to my suggestion. I heard her snarling at them and baring her teeth at them and I pulled her back hard, annoyed that she was not listening to me.

The larger male shifted into his skin. I kept my eyes on his. He looked at me and used his alpha voice to order me, “Shift!”

I didn’t want to but after a few moments I gave in and shifted with an angry huff. I knew I was naked but I chose to ignore that uncomfortable fact and kept my head held high. I lost all modesty a long time ago but I had managed to regain some pride. My stubbornness shone in my eyes as I watched the male. I saw his gaze flicker over me as he took in the amount of time before I shifted and my scars with a frown.

“You are on Silver Moon pack territory. Who are you? Why are you here?” Before I answered I saw his eyes fog over and when his eyes clear he motioned to the other wolf and a third that came out of the woods. They each took one of my arms and I realized that they were much stronger than the the rogues that I had dealt with in the past.

“What are you going to do with me?” I demanded hotly. My voice was a little raw. I heard how scratchy it was. I had been in my fur for the last couple of months. I hadn’t spoken to anyone in quite a while.

The male looked gruff but answered me. “The alpha wants to question you.”

“What Alpha?”

“Alpha Derrick Woodson of the Silver Moon Pack.”

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