Lost Hope

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The next morning the house was bustling with wolves getting ready for school. Aunt Sherry knocked on my door and entered. “Hope? You awake dear? The others just left for school and I am thinking that we should go shopping before getting you enrolled today. I figure you will be most comfortable in your own clothes. Hope?”

She slowly opened the door to see me glancing at myself in the mirror frowning at the clothing critically. It fit but it was not my style. I took off the floral blouse and tossed it onto the bed.

“That sounds good. Can I borrow a t-shirt from someone?”

“Absolutely, I’ll get you one.” A minute later she returned with a long black t-shirt and tossed it to me. I smiled and slid it on over my head. “Jaxon won’t even notice.”

“There is breakfast already made and on the table downstairs. We will leave in half an hour.” I nodded and slid on the too large pair of ankle boots.

“Aunt Sherry?” I asked hesitantly and watched my aunt sit on the bed and look at me. I felt like I could trust her so I decided to ask about my past.

“What do you want to know honey? All this must be a huge change for you. I would have questions if I were in your position.” Nodding I looked up and asked her.

“What happened to my parents?” Sherry took a deep breath and looked me in the eye.

“Your parents were mates, but your mother was human. She didn’t adjust well to our world. There is a lot of violence in the wolf world, we are animals that blend in with humans. There was talk of war with a nearby pack. She was afraid all of the time and after you were born she got worse. She started using drugs and shooting up.” Sherry paused to give me a second to take in this information.

“Your dad was the Alpha, Blake was a really strong person but no matter what he did he couldn’t make your mother feel safe. Lauren was shooting up coke and smoking some other illegal drugs that caused her to become paranoid for the last few weeks before she took you and disappeared. She had been hallucinating and having fits of violence and rage. One day she just took you and disappeared into the human world.” Sherry sighed and remembered the pain of that day. I watched and listened carefully.

“Blake lost it. See, mates need each other. If one dies it’s not unusual for the other to die soon after. We searched the nearest city for her and put out feelers for you both but we never got any hits from the human world. We scoured the wolf world to no avail but we’ve kept looking all these years.”

Sherry’s voice caught in her throat and she had to stop to control her tears. “Blake and Ronan’s disagreement blew up and the war started. Your father had basically given up on getting his mate and baby girl back. He was suicidal, he just stood there and let Ronan tear him apart. He didn’t even fight back. Your Uncle Derrick has never gotten over it.”

“We have no idea what happened to your mother. I wish I could tell you more on what became of her. She could be alive but I have a feeling that she isn’t. She was really losing her mind when she left. I think you should know that both of your parents loved you so very much. In her own way she was trying to protect you. She thought it was too dangerous for you to live among us even though she obviously realized that she couldn’t take care of you on her own.”

I sniffled and wiped my eyes. My father is dead and my mother disappeared never to be heard from again. This was a lot to take in and it didn’t make me feel any better. I was nauseated and wished that I hadn’t asked. I put on a brave face and a sad smile.

“Thank you for telling me. So, the mall right?”

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