Lost Hope

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After several hours at the mall the trunk of the car was full. Aunt Sherry had bought me clothes, shoes, coats and jackets, makeup and accessories, a phone, a laptop and an Ipod and school supplies. If there was anything else she didn’t know what it would be.

“Hope, let’s go get your hair done.”

“Okay, it’s been about four years since it’s been cut. I’m sure it needs it.” I was excited about the excursion. My hair was in desperate need of being cut.

Sherry pulled into the salon’s parking lot and we discussed hair styles and I decided to cut my hair to the middle of my back. It would still be long but considerably shorter than it was currently. Resting at my upper thigh it was too difficult to handle on a daily basis, especially if I would be shifting. Walking out of the salon, I was happy that I went even shorter than I had planned.

“I really like that cut on you!” Sherry praised, looking at me from different angles.

“I never realized how much weight all that hair was! I feel so light now!” I gushed happily as I shook my head. “Just passed my shoulders is the perfect length I think.”

“Hope I wanted to talk to you about something.” I shifted in my seat a little wondering what she was going to ask me.

“Only one tenth of a percent of she wolves have a wolf and can shift. Most don’t. We carry the genes of werewolves but we ourselves can’t shift. Also, don’t let anyone other than our pack know that you can shift. Because shifting females are rare they are coveted. So stay alert. The girls at school will not be as strong as you, there are humans at your school as well as wolves. Your nose will tell you who is pack and who is human but you will have to be careful not to do anything abnormal for a human girl.”

“I’m already used to it. I had the strength before I shifted. I can blend in for the most part. Can you enroll me without me being there? I’m worn out from all of this shopping.”

“Of course I can honey.” Sherry smiled at me. Do you want me to drop you off at the pack house?” I nodded and reapplied my cherry lipstick.

“My wolf really needs a run and I want to put my stuff away.” A few minutes later I was carrying a lot of heavy bags from the mall up the stairs. My uncle just laughed at me.

“Need some help? It looks like you bought the mall.” I chuckled.

“I’m good, thanks. It feels like it too. I had fun with Sherry.” Once I got everything to my room and put away I slid into shorts and a shirt and headed outside to the tree line to strip and shift.

I ran off some of my frustration and pain about my parents. I laid down under a large willow tree and fell asleep for a couple of hours. When I awoke and got back it was dark. I was fairly certain that someone would have noticed by now. I approached my clothes and shifted. Something had happened, the pack was distressed and there was a flurry of activity going on inside. I could feel the tension as I opened the door. There were raised voices and lots of orders being given. When I walked into the kitchen all of the voices stopped and my uncle looked at me as everyone else dispersed in a hurry.

“In my office now young lady!” I felt my defenses rising but I followed my uncle into his office. Jaxon followed too and shut the door.

Jaxon pointed to the chair and motioned for me to sit. Ignoring him I crossed my arms in front of my chest and my chin jutted out just a little bit in defiance of, whatever I was about to get in trouble for. The Sr. Alpha was trying to control his temper. His hand hit his desk hard. It didn’t even rattle me a little bit.

“Where have you been? Why didn’t you tell someone that you were going out? We thought something happened to you!”

I didn’t like his tone. I had been taking care of myself for years and suddenly I am supposed to ask every time I want to do something? ’Oh hell no!’

“So now I’m supposed to report to you like I’m a child? I’ve been on my own for years. I don’t need a babysitter! I know how to defend myself unlike the other girls here! I stayed in the territory. I told Aunt Sherri what I was going to do before she dropped me off. I just went for a run and fell asleep after.”

Jaxon looked at his father then me.

“Dad, we need to add her to the pack so we can mind link her. Once that is done it won’t be a problem anymore.”

My uncle’s jaw was clenching just like his fists were as he struggled to control his temper and keep his wolf at bay. “Get everyone out front, now.” Jaxon mind linked the pack and everyone was out front within a few minutes. There were about eighty wolves total. I was still full of anger and attitude. My alpha blood didn’t like being bossed around. I followed Jaxon out front and a few minutes later my uncle came outside with my aunt. I calmed down at her soft smile.

The ceremony is pretty simple and went quickly. The alpha cut his hand and then mine and then entwined his hand with mine. I was hit with an invisible force and suddenly there was a ton of people in my head. I stumbled a moment and Jaxon righted me. I raised my head up and smiled at my new found power to speak to the pack without actually talking. I felt like I was a part of the pack then.

“I welcome my niece, Hope Annalise Woodson as a new pack member. Please make her feel at home.”

In my head I hear my uncle’s voice. It would be very unwise of you to disrespect me again young lady. Able to hear him I looked up and nodded that I got the message.

I soon figured out how to turn the pack off as if they were their own channel. I saw myself looking at my own brain as if it were a radio or a breaker box where I could flip a switch to the links in my head.

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