The Alpha's Angel

By Karen_xo All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


"You will be the son of an Alpha and be an Alpha, you will rise to greatness and become feard amongst the supernatural world because you have lost no battle and your being." She said and I slowly nodded before she continues. "You will be strong and cold." She said and I was liking my new life. "But." She said putting a halt into my thoughts. "You have a weakness a young girl made in my creation she is pure and innocent, her beauty enchants everyone but isn't only the outside its also her inside beauty." She continued and I was confused. "She is kind and compassionate but she is tough and independent she will make you work for her affection." She said with a smirk and a hint of amusement on her soft features "She will be my successor and I hope the world doesn't destroy her." She said with a sigh. "I hope you don't destroy her." She said coldly to me and I was taken back but before I could reply to her eyes turned gold and I was surrounded by the white light blinding me. .. Angel Fall is a kind-hearted and strong character who is in the last stages of her college course. With her home life a mess and her love life non existent will she be able to accept and love an Alpha

Chapter One-

My name was Angel Amelia Fall, I’m twenty-one and am in my last year of college and thank the lord I can not wait to leave. I have blonde hair that stopped just halfway down my back with light green eyes however my best friend Leigha says that in different lighting they looked all kinds of different colours, Leigha’s boyfriend, Jackson agrees with her even though I didn’t really see it myself. I live with my dad since my mom is suffering from something and in high school, everyone knew so I got bullied for it saying I would end up just like her. I have a younger sister and an older brother my brother Chris is twenty-six while my younger sister was seventeen. We moved to America from England when I was seventeen to get better doctors for mom since the ones in England wasn’t doing much for her.

I sat in my lecture practically falling asleep because I was on the late shift last night. At college, we were doing a work placement at a hospital in the final term and my boss is horrific, he keeps making me work overtime on the hours we supposed to do and gives me jobs that have nothing to do with nursing.

“Miss Angel fall are you asleep again?.” My lecturer asked loudly causing me to jolt up blushing in embarrassment as everyone laughed a little before the lecturer gave me a pointed look as he went back to teaching again as Jackson was chuckling at me.

“Late shift.” He mumbled and to me and sigh escaped my lips before I ran my hands through my hair, nodding before paying attention once again even though I could feel my eyes dropping once again. All my lectures know me because of me constantly sleeping through their lectures this term. But it’s my last term of the college part of my life and I can not wait for it to be over.

Finally getting out of the lecture hall, getting out I began to walk through the halls before getting into the car park, looking around trying to remember where I parked my car I saw the black jeep tucked away in the corner of the car park. Walking over I began to look through my backpack looking for my keys I was concentrating inside side my bag as I couldn’t find them. I walked into the wall and a pulse of electrically rushed through my body, yet it felt nice. I looked up and came face to face with the most handsome sex God I have never seen, he looked at me with wide eyes he had the most amazing green eyes that I could get lost in all day. It was almost as if I knew him for somewhere but from where.

“Oh, I’m sorry I was looking for my car keys,” I said blushing in embarrassment avoiding his eyes, he took the side of my backpack causing me to look at him confused before he held my keys up making my jaw fall to the floor on how he found them and amusement with a ghost of a smile was set in his eyes. He had the most amazing forest green eyes that were darkening as his eyes raked over my body making me confused slightly.

“They were hanging off of the side of your backpack.” He said and God his voice, his voice was deep and husky sending a wave of pleasure through my body as he spoke and I smiled my face probably red as a tomato as I was blushing and dying of embarrassment.

“Right sorry again, I’m Angel do you attend here.” I said gesturing to the college and he shook his head but before he could speak Jackson and Leigha came over.

“Hey, Xavier,” Leigha said before looking at me and back at Xavier with a raised eyebrow and I glared at her while she just hummed trying to hide the smile that was appearing on her face.

“What’s up my fallen Angel,” Jackson said slipping his arm around my shoulders my arm making me laugh slightly at him. Xavier let out an inhuman growl at Jackson’s statement making me confused at how he could do that. Jackson has been calling me this since we first met he says that it is ironic that my first name is Angel and my second name is Fall instantly making me be a fallen angel but I didn’t mind.

“I have to go Dads expecting me and I have my shift tonight so it was nice meeting you Xavier by Leigha, Jackson,” I said smiling and sending a small wave before walking to my car feeling their eyes, jumping into the car I began to drive home.

Once I arrived home I took a deep breath before opening the door and saw mom in the middle of the living room painting and her eyes turned me to lighting up making me smile at the fact that she had a good day. She was wearing her hair in a messy ponytail with flyaways everywhere while she had blue and white paint smeared all on her cheeks on her clothes making new colours as the two colours met.

“Hi, mom what are you painting,” I asked as I took off of my shoes and hung my bag up on the little hooks before walking over and sitting on the chair opposite her. I looked on the floor and saw that she was surrounded by different drawings some were nice mainly of the moon with water while others had creatures of the night on them like bats, foxes and one vaguely looks like a wolf I think.

“I feel great to look I painted the beach today remember when we took you to the beach you used to love building sand castles, Oscar mentioned it to me today.” She said with excitement as if she was a five-year-old being handed a huge four scoop ice cream making me smile. Oscar was one the many voices in her head he was one of the positive ones, mom suffers from schizophrenia and depression but because of her schizophrenia, she has these episodes where she is extremely over emotional. The ‘dark’ days are where she has an episode of depression and insomnia and becomes closed off very hostile, they are more common than the ‘light’ days.

“Oh did they follow you.” Mom whispers to me and I sighed before shaking my head, mom has the delusion that someone is out to get her or hurt our family, but when I or dad ask who to try and understand her and her state she doesn’t make any sense.

“Oh, we need to make sure quickly.” She said getting up and closing the blinds and covering all of the windows and locking the door before peeking out the windows. I was knocked out of my thoughts when Amy came and sat down next to me making me jump slightly. We never interrupted mom when she spoke about ‘them’ the last time we did it sent her into an episode and her ‘dark’ days lasted two months with her paranoia and delusions.

“Dads at work he should be home in an hour.” She said looking at her watch before resting her head on my shoulder as we watched mom looking out of the windows looking for ‘them’. Mom had light brown hair that was cut short with crystal blue eyes and fair skin, while Amy had long light brown hair with blue eyes and moms fair skin.

“I have my sift in an hour I should leave just as dads coming back, how she been today,” I asked Amy and she shrugged. Amy was seventeen and was really pretty she had her hair in soft brown curls with boyfriend jeans on with them rolled up exposing her ankles with white trainer socks and a white T-shirt.

“She’s been delusional all day looking for ‘them’ again, she has been talking to Oscar and Eric again.” She said and I nodded before getting up and making my way into the kitchen with Amy following behind.

“Want a cup of tea,” I asked and she nodded as I began to make it while she sat on the dinner table.

“Chris called he asked if we wanted to stay at his this weekend,” Amy mumbled and I nodded asking if she wanted to.

“It would be nice to get away,” Amy said and I nodded to look after mom and a lot of energy, Dad goes to work at twelve and then Amy has to come home at twelve with the school work from the rest of the lessons she had that day and watch mom. Then I try my best to look after her when I come home accept on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday because that’s when I have my shifts at my hospital work placements meaning dad has to come home at five rather than six. Mom isn’t allowed to be on her own because she is a danger to herself and on her ‘Dark’ days ‘Shane’ one of three of her voices tell her to harm herself.

“Go then, I'll talk to dad,” I said and she smiled before rushing over and pulling into an embrace before she kissed my cheek and taking her tea going upstairs. I quickly went upstairs shortly after and got changed into my scrubs and my hair resting over my shoulders. Running back downstairs I grabbed my phone and my bag before throwing my phone and purse in seeing mom in the middle of the living room sitting on the floor with paintings surrounding her. Looking at the time It was 4:55 pm and just as I was about to phone dad he came through the front door making me sigh in relief. Dad had dirty blonde hair with green forest like eyes with tanned skin in his grand forties, he was forty-six and my mom was forty-four.

“You can go now, princess has a good day,” Dad said kissing my cheek as he came in and walked over to mom. I nodded before running out as I was going to be later otherwise, I quickly got into my car stuffing my bag into the back before I began to drive to the hospital. As soon as I arrived I clocked in with a minute to spare before going behind the desk as a sigh of relief escaped my lips. I put my things under the desk table before my boss Oliver came over handing me a huge list of chores I needed to do and that I couldn’t leave unless I had completed them. Oliver had silver hair with wrinkled fair skin with a plump figure as he was in his late fifties and had been in charge of this hospital for nearly thirty years.

Releasing a sigh I ran my hand through my hair before mumbling under my breath as I watched him walk away. Rolling my eyes I began to do the first chore on the list was to fill out the paperwork that he had obviously left on my desk.

Finally finishing everything and it had been an hour after my shift ended making me sigh as my face was in my hands running them up and down my face tiredly. But just as I was about to leave Oliver came back over and handed me a notepad and explaining to me to sort out the expired medicine and replace them and then I can leave. I turned around seeing the boxes and almost crying at the five boxes.

I grabbed my phone and put my earphones in so I wouldn’t get distracted and began to sort them out and marking if we needed new medical supplies. My phone began to ring looking down I saw that it was Dad ringing me causing me to sign before pulling my earphones out and unplugging them as I answer the call and pressed the phone to my ear.

“Sweetheart where are you it’s eleven,” Dad said through the speaker worry and concern evident in his voice.

“My boss said I can’t leave until I have finished sorting what supplies we need and replacing the expired ones,” I mumbled tiredly through the speaker and my hand ran over my eyes as a yawn escaped me.

“Oh, and Amy is going to stay at Chris’s this weekend. no buts. she needs a break,” I mumbled but said sharply through the phone rubbing my tired eyes.

” okay, but That’s his job, not yours, Angel,” Dad said angrily through the phone knowing exactly what happens between me and Olive yet all I could do was a sigh.

“I know but if I don’t do it Dad he will give me a bad report and if I get a bad report I fail,” I said through the speaker playing with the ends of my hair that was neatly tied up in a ponytail. I heard him sigh through the phone before asking me what time I would get home yet I was only on the third box and I had been working on this since nine pm.

“Maybe one am two the latest,” I said and cursed through the phone saying he will leave a spare key under the doormat for me.

“Thank you, daddy, I’m really sorry,” I said trying to apologise but he told me it was okay and I nodded even though he couldn’t see me and said goodnight before he said goodnight before expressing his love and I hung up then turning back to the notepad and boxes. When I was finally finished it was one am causing me to release a tired sigh before bringing my hands up to my face and rubbed them trying to keep myself awake.

Slowly getting up off of the floor I walked to my little side of the desk and grabbed my bag before throwing it over my shoulders and began to walk outside. As soon as I stepped outside the brisk air pushed against my warm cheeks causing me to shiver slightly.

Wrapping my coat around me tighter to stop the warmth escaping me and the cold entering my jacket as I made my way to the car. Finally getting home it was half two in the morning and I couldn’t help but rest my head against the steering wheel just for a moment to take a second to gather my thoughts together.

Once I got out of the car I lifted the doormat up and grabbed the spear key as I entered the house, flicking on the light to the kitchen I began to make myself a cup of tea and warm up my dinner since Dad and me thought I was going to be back at nine because our shifts are supposed to be three hours.

Finally finishing my food and cup of tea I dragged my feet against the hardwood before making my way upstairs to mine and Amy’s room. Amy was asleep in bed with her body curled up in the blankets as if she was a burrito making me smile.

I put my PJs on and put my phone on charge seeing it was 3:30 am before slipping the sheets over my head and allowing myself to slip into a dreamless sleep.

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