Destructively Oblivious

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Chapter 20: Want




1. A (non)critical desire or need.


*Chloe’s Point of View*

“Hayden? Really Dol? You’re going on another date with him?”

I had almost successfully made it out of the house this morning without having the misfortune of discussing my date with Hayden. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Asher had stopped me halfway through the entry room.

I scowled at his similar expression. “Why are you being such a nuisance?”

Crossing his arms, he rebelliously swung his head from side to side. “Because he’s wasting your time.”

“No, currently you’re wasting my time.” I frowned. I stepped to the side to pass him, but he moved to block my path.

“He is using you, Dolphin. I didn’t want to have to be the one to break it to you, but that is what he does to girls like you, he uses them.” Asher tossed his arms out to the side, exasperated.

Glowering at him and his lousy way of trying to get me not to leave, I narrowed my eyes, swallowing a string of profanities. “Oh, you have that in common?”

My insult melted his expression into a frown. “He and I don’t have anything in common. I don’t take a bunch of airheads on dates.”

I laughed, but the sound was lacking any humor as I muttered, “So now I’m an airhead?” with disdain.

Asher ignored my question. “He wants to have sex with you. That’s it.”

“Because that’s all I’m good for?” I blurted, hurt by his insinuation. “Because it would be impossible for him to actually like me, right?”

He released a weary sigh. “That isn’t what I’m saying. I’m trying to warn you. And I should have said something earlier, but I was hoping you'd realize he's the worst before I had to tell you.”

I clenched my teeth, shaking my head at his audacity. “You have a lot of nerve talking down on Hayden for supposedly using girls for sex, Asher. You use girls like pieces of paper.”

Technically, I hadn’t seen Asher with as many girls now that I was living in his house, which surprised me, but I knew throwing his reputation in his face would make him angry. I pushed past him, livid, stumbling my way onto the porch. I threw my hand up to wave, admiring Hayden’s car tear into the driveway when Asher gripped onto my arm and whipped me around swiftly.

His eyes and voice softer, he clung to me. “If he does anything to make you uncomfortable, anything that you don’t like, tell me. I’ll kill him.”

My anger extinguished immediately, as it usually did for Asher, and I found myself handing him my forgiveness on a silver platter. Nodding, I pulled him into a hug, hoping the embrace would pacify his feelings some. He took less than a second to return it, his touch warm and his strong arms protective as they bound around my body.

“Hey, Chloe.” Hayden’s sudden voice prompted me to jump. More specifically, right out of Asher’s arms.

A small smile limped across my face as my gaze found Hayden, the memory of his car pulling up suddenly fresh in my mind. “Hayden, hi!”

He grinned at me, looking down at Asher’s hand gripping onto my hip. With the flash of swift self-consciousness, I stepped out of his reach, standing in-between the two men. “Sorry, I was just-”

“Dol’s on her period. I was giving her a sympathy hug,” Asher interrupted, rude and unneeded.

My face drained of color and I gasped, turning to Asher and less-than-gently whacking his arm with the back of my hand.

“No, I’m not!” Realizing I clarified to the wrong person, I hurriedly shifted back to study Hayden, calmly explaining, “No, I’m not.”

Hayden offered a guarded smile, eyeing me up and down. “If you are, I did bring chocolate for the picnic.”

An embarrassed giggle built up as I shook my head back and forth in denial. “I’m not. Asher’s a jerk. Emphasis on the jerk. You ready to go?”

Hayden nodded, wrapping his arm around my waist as we made our way down the porch steps. I looked over my shoulder to send Asher one last glance, but the front door had already closed behind him.


Hayden had laid out a blanket under the trees in a park I’d never been to. He had some type of Wind in the Willows like picnic — scotch eggs, fresh bread, quiche, scones. I was in total shock when he handed me a little box of chocolate-covered strawberries.

“Wow, this is really fancy.” I gaped down at the container in my hands as Hayden glanced up from arranging his extravagant meal. My version of a picnic in the park was usually a few measly sandwiches thrown together, which honestly sounded fine to me.

“Oh, yeah. This is the food I had at home.” He suddenly looked stricken by worry. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah! Of course. This is great, Hayden. Thank you.”

When the picnic was out, looking delicious as ever, I relaxed around him and found myself grinning like an idiot through every word he spoke, as I usually was.

“Besides reading, what do you like to do?” Hayden asked, curiosity prickling his tone as he tossed a quiche into his mouth.

Most of my time was spent bothering my roommate, but I wouldn’t consider that a hobby. Instead, I explained, “Recently I haven’t been doing much except sitting at home. Usually babysitting.”

“You babysit?”

"Kind of. Although it's only Asher's sister and he does the majority of the watching.” I giggled at the past memories of the two of us ‘sharing’ the responsibility. He was practically her parent, which didn't leave me much to help with, so I was mostly Prim's dress-up buddy.

Hayden seemed immediately thrown from something I had revealed, but his face dipped into an easy grin. “That sounds fun. I don’t babysit. I only have an older brother and he’s just an ass.”

I laughed, agreeing. “I have an older brother too. While legally an adult, his personality would say otherwise.”

“Mine too.” His eyes swelled at the similarities between our two brothers. “He’s been at college recently. He goes to Harvard.”

“Harvard!” I almost choked on my scone. “That’s amazing.”

He put on a proud smile, tilting his head in pure satisfaction. “Hopefully I’ll be going there too. Family tradition and all.”

I continued to congratulate him on his college choice, the conversation scaling into a hundred other topics. The hours passed by like minutes and eventually, the picnic was packed away and all I could focus on was how intimate the space between Hayden and me was.

Hoping for a redo on the night we almost kissed, I gradually leaned forward to capture his lips in mine while he did the same, pressing forward to crash our mouths together. I gasped as he pressed his tongue to the seam of my lips and, though I noted it was a bit quick, I opened my mouth, allowing his tongue access to roam with mine.

It was a clumsy kiss with the strong scent of strawberries being exchanged in between our breaths, but it was nice and I was happy that our first kiss was finally out of the way. Slowly tearing away for a single inhalation, he tugged me right back to his mouth for a second go-round.

Rending my lips away from his, I opened my mouth, attempting to say something witty about the moment we’d just shared. Unfortunately, all that exited my unsealed lips were sputters of an incoherent sentence when I peeked behind Hayden.

Only thirty feet away, my gaze fell upon Asher cozying up against some coffee cart, chatting away with the girl who was working it. For a moment, I thought it was a figment of my imagination. I blinked a few times, hoping to clear my vision, but Asher never disappeared. Studying their extensive smiles, a pit made its way into my stomach faster than a sentence could make its way to my lips.

“Can we go get a coffee?” I heard myself ask.

Hayden’s eyes opened and closed, blinking slowly to try to catch up with where the conversation had randomly ended up. A second later, he had sent me a smile and stood, caressing my hand into his to help pull me from the ground. As action took over my feet, guilt took over my head, urging me to feel regretful over how I had reacted to Hayden’s lips on mine, but my legs and mouth seemed to be working much faster than my brain.

I stopped right beside Asher, noticing the workout clothes he was now sporting and realizing he must have run here. I frowned. He couldn’t have known I was here at this park, which made this whole incident one very unfunny coincidence.

My presence caught the attention of the dark-haired worker who was enjoying her conversation with him. In fact, she was enjoying it so much that she disregarded Hayden and me stepping up to the counter.

My roommate, equally as delighted to be sharing such a flirtatious discussion with an overly-willing participant overlooked the fact I was occupying the space right next to him. When he threw his head back in laughter, I hurled my hand onto the bell on the counter.

“Excuse me!” I shouted without meaning to.

The three people I had consciously humiliated myself in front of all turned at my outburst. Asher faced me, his attention caught and his eyes wide.

I greeted him, feigning shock. “Asher, hi! What are you doing here?”

He chuckled tensely as his eyes skipped over towards Coffee Girl. “Uh, I went for a run and I met Courtney here.” He steered his dimpled cheeks in her direction, receiving a giggle from her that tightened my already tense shoulders. He turned back to me with bunched brows. “What are you doing here? Well, you’re on a date, obviously.” He answered his own question, nodding at a disoriented and off-putted-looking Hayden.


Clenching my eyes shut, I remembered Hayden, the person I was kissing no less than a minute before. I swallowed hard, the guilt from before, the one I hadn’t paid any mind to, coming back for round two. “Yeah, I... I am on a date,” I sputtered.

Courtney’s lips turned up, her eyes boring into Asher’s. “Are we still on for when I get off? It’s only about a half-hour more.”

The unstoppable urge to speak suddenly overwhelmed me. “But Ash, don’t you have that thing?”

Comparable to earlier, the thought exited my mouth before I could think it through and I instantly wanted to slam my head against a wall.

Looking over at me, and entirely aware he did not have one other thing on his agenda, his head jerked in disagreement. “What thing?”

“That thing! Appointment, doctor, dentist, I don’t know! A thing.” Anything to get you to go home... and not with the coffee girl.

Narrowing his eyes at me in nothing besides pure confusion, he turned back to Coffee Girl and tacked on his most casual grin.

“Of course, how could I have forgotten? She and I have to take my sister to an appointment.” He twisted to face me, his eyebrows knitting together. “Right, Dol?” he asked, condescendingly.

Understanding that he was subtly ruining my date, a creative revenge tactic for un-subtly ruining his, I let a sigh escape me as I agreed, “Right.”

He smiled kindly at the girl behind the counter, muttering, “Rain check?”

The girl pouted, nodding right afterward, and I had to refrain from rolling my eyes. She jotted her number onto a napkin, leaning forward and stuffing it into Asher’s tight shirt pocket.

I turned to Hayden, frowning, ready to lie directly to my date’s face to keep Asher away from the coffee cart girl. “I forgot Prim had an appointment we’re taking her to. I guess I lost track of time. Thank you so much for the picnic. I promise our next date won’t get interrupted.”

He only laughed, his smile resurfacing. “I hope so. I’ll call you.”

He inclined in before I could say or do anything. The kiss came out of nowhere. One minute he was smiling, standing in front of me, and the next he was kissing me, his hand clasped gently into the back of my hair, pressing in.

Considering the circumstances of someone’s mouth on mine as I stood in front of Asher, I froze, which made me very aware of how much of a mess that lip-locking action plausibly looked. I forced myself to kiss him back after a moment, regardless of the eyes presumably on me.

Hayden laughed as we pulled apart. “Sorry, I had to do that again.”

I drew him into a hug one more time, saying goodbye to his retreating figure. Sighing once, wondering what the hell I was doing with these two guys, I flipped around, coming face to face with Asher leaning over the counter, his lips moving against Coffee Girls.

A heaviness, the cloud of anguish, seemed to draw all of my features downward and I turned away before any more of it became ingrained into my brain permanently. When I could see from my provisional vision that they had pulled apart, I hesitantly brought my gaze back.

Her face was one of triumph and Asher didn’t have the decency to be embarrassed about kissing her right in front of me. But why would he be? He hadn’t done anything wrong.

*Asher’s Point of View*

“I forgot Prim had an appointment we’re taking her to. I guess I lost track of time. Thank you so much for the picnic. I promise our next date won’t get interrupted.” Without removing her eyes from Hayden, Dol mutely tilted her head in my direction, an indication I didn’t appreciate since, more accurately, she ruined her own date. I just happened to be part of the excuse.

Chuckling in cheap amusement, Hayden said something lame, pulling at the back of her head and luring her to his mouth. I stared with bunched eyebrows and, as each second passed, my stomach tightened and ached. I continued swallowing, my throat clenching, but no matter what, I couldn’t look away from the unfortunate sight.

When I decisively was able to unlock my gaze from Mr. and Mrs. Tonsil Hockey, I, resentfully, worked on instinct, and the only inclination I knew was way past willing when I turned suddenly and pressed my lips firmly to hers. I thought maybe it would make me feel better, less hurt, but I instantly felt worse.

Courtney was quick to react to my lips on hers and I suddenly wondered what she was thinking. Did she know I kissed her because I was hindering my problems with her mouth? Did she know I was covering up my pain with the pleasure of a stranger, as I habitually did? Did she know that before I met Dol, I was so lonely I could barely stand myself and that watching her with another guy was going to cause me to lose my fucking mind? Almost positive she didn’t have the superhuman ability to read thoughts, my answer was no.

When I towed away, I clarified to her that I’d call, peering over towards Dol, staring at her feet like they were the most exciting things to be put on the planet. Walking with her, the uneasy soundlessness got the best of us both. Though the thought made my stomach want to lurch, I shook the feeling away and playfully nudged her shoulder. “How was your date?”

Finally looking up from the passing pavement under her shoes, her lips quirked up in a small, appreciative grin and she kept her arms wrapped firmly around her stomach. “It was nice, actually. We had a picnic and talked.” And kissed, I mentally added for her.

I nodded, every bone in my body screaming as if my emotional pain had cast onto them physical injury as well. If that wasn’t enough, the words she spoke, the discomfort I felt, and the memory that replayed in my head every time I blinked were each a reminder of the moment they shared, all playing their part in igniting my useless jealously.

Eyes stilled on her feet again, she spoke a second time. “Thanks for walking with me. I was getting tired... wanted to come home, I guess.”

Although her excuse seemed vague to me and I immediately pondered the real reason she’d made a fool of herself and ruined both our dates, I nodded, letting the silence fall over us in a sheet of awkwardness. I wished the uncomfortable tension would dissipate, but I knew if I wanted it to, I’d have to rid it myself. Installing on my best smirk, and suffocating my lousy distress, I twisted to her, barely able to get through my joke without hurling.

“Congrats on finally getting to kiss Hayden.” I forced myself to laugh, but it didn’t sound as real as I hoped it would. For the sake of my ever-dwindling pride, I added, “Just remember, no one can kiss you like I can.”

I was worried how the remark would go over but exhaled in relief when Dolphin looked over at me with a smile, the dimples on her cheeks bright and beaming. “Maybe you’re right. But no one can make coffee like I can so that girl can kiss my ass.”

Chuckling, I shook my head. I felt like I had been gone for years when we finally strolled into my house. Not only had it been at least a decade since I had slammed my front door this morning, but I had also dealt with every emotion known to mankind during the time I was gone.

That seemed to be how it was with Dolphin. Ice cold one minute and red hot the next.

The two of us stalked down the hall, both turning and entering Dol’s bedroom. While I wanted to go into my own room and peel off my sweat-sodden clothing, I instead leaned against the door frame, watching her as she kicked off her heels and tossed them into her closet.

Facing away from me, she nimbly jerked off the shirt she was wearing, paying no mind to the fact I was there with her. She replaced it with my white one, sliding out of her jeans.

I didn’t say anything while she went through her regular homely routine but as she spun around, working a hand into her hair, I sighed, my hands throbbing to touch her.

“What are you doing?” I asked before I could think the question through. I wasn’t even completely sure what I was asking her.

“I think I was changing.” She smirked. I shook my head.

“What are you doing with Hayden and me?” Her expression altered soon after my interrogation-like question and her beautiful face fell. “We kissed at the New Years’ Party, and then you go off and kiss him. And now you’re here at my house, changing in front of me, into my shirt. What are you doing?” I repeated.

She crossed her arms over her chest, her irritation towards me prominent. “You kissed me at the New Years party, Asher-”

Her sparked vexation only fueled mine. “I don’t remember hearing any opposition when your tongue was against mine.”

She threw her hands up in frustration. “I’m pretty sure it’s legal for me, a single woman, to kiss as many people as I please.”

Legally, yes. Morally? Unconfirmed.

Shaking my head, I let out a rumbling, annoyed breath. Dol put a hand to her head. “What do you want from me, Asher?”

I frowned. “I want you to stop going out with Hayden.”

She laughed, the sound flitted with contempt. “Why? Because you want to take me out instead? Or you just want to ensure that I’m always available when you’re in the mood to randomly kiss me? How is that fair to either of us?”

I stumbled, placing my foot in my mouth and chewing as I stuttered, “Because I… Because I-”

Because I want to be with you more than anything else that I’ve ever wanted in all my years on earth.

Because I need you to stop going on dates with that asshole and go out with me instead.

Because this stupidly painful mix between a friendship and a relationship feels like the Universe’s cruel equivalent to a knife in my chest every sixty seconds and I will not survive this new territory at the rate we’re going.

Any one of those sentences would have sufficed, would have relayed the message that I wanted her to hear. But the unhelpful conversations with my friends, the subtle but noticeable glances from my mom, and my own self-doubt all mashed together to form a sentence that I wasn’t trying to share.

“It’s not. I know it’s not,” I whispered.

“I mean, it’s not like you want to go out with me... right?” she urged quietly.

She had presented the perfect opportunity for me to be honest, to come out and say it, to tell her how badly I wanted her. But I couldn’t. I wasn’t ready. The moment wasn’t right. It was a poor excuse of a reason not to tell her how I felt, but it was true.

She’d already announced to me and every single one of my friends that she didn’t have feelings for me, so telling her how I felt probably wouldn’t do anything except humiliate me. But, even after hearing her say she felt nothing for me, I couldn’t deny the way she acted towards me sometimes. The way she looked at me, and spoke with me, and kissed me. There was something there, though I didn’t yet know how to differentiate it, and I couldn’t risk her returning my feelings.

Despite the pain of watching her fall for someone else, it couldn’t begin to compare to the pain of breaking her heart, which was all I would ever be capable of doing to her. I was nothing but misery that smothered lights like her. It was a heart-wrenching decision where I was forced to choose between what I wanted and what Chloe needed and, in a split-second verdict, I chose the latter.

I sighed, muttering a lie that made me ache. “Right. I don’t.”

She looked almost defeated as she told me, “I like Hayden, Asher. I really do. He’s nice. I like spending time with him.”

Nobody knew except me, but hearing that she liked him, that she genuinely cared for him, forced me to die a small, almost unnoticeable death while standing in front of her. I felt like I’d lost her, right there, as she demanded I listen to how much she enjoyed his company. But then again, I couldn’t lose someone who didn’t belong to me. She was never mine to have.

“So our kiss didn’t mean anything to you?” I asked, wishing she’d tell me it meant everything to her and understanding she never would say the words I craved to hear from her.

It was selfish of me to want her to admit she felt something for me when I would never be admitting how I felt towards her, but I needed to hear it. I needed to hear her say that she liked kissing me the night prior, that she’d wanted to. That I had more of an effect on her than Hayden did. I didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that I was going to lose the only girl I’d ever had feelings for to Hayden, fucking, Larkin.

Sadly, she shook her head, her eyes swelling as she stated, “It was a mistake, but I don’t want it to ruin our friendship.”

So there it was. A mistake. Kissing me was a mistake. Of course, it was. The fact I’d considered anything different only proved how desperate I really was.

Exhaling, she said, “I wanted to kiss Hayden.”

And I wanted to die.

“Oh yeah, you really seemed into that kiss earlier, when you froze against his mouth. How romantic.” The sarcastic comment came mindfully, but I regretted it the moment Dol’s calming face turned into a scowl again.

Her lips fell into a tight line. “Fuck you, Asher.”

I laughed, the sound packed with bitterness. “No, don’t fuck me. You can fuck Hayden. Although, if he kisses like that, I can’t imagine how he-”

She shoved her hands against my arm, the blunt push forcing me back a step. “Get out, get out!”

Feeling less defeat and more anger, I moved towards her instead. “Are you sure you want me to go? Or do you want to accidentally kiss me again? Like I said, no one can kiss you like I can.”

The passion on her face ignited the memory of her at the party the night before. The way she touched me when I kissed her; the eagerness of her lips operating against mine. She had wanted to kiss me, just as much as I’d wanted to kiss her. She was proving herself to be a goddamn liar for telling me anything different, but I suppose I wasn’t the embodiment of truth-telling lately either.

I shook my head suddenly at the excuse she'd used. “God, you didn’t kiss me back by mistake, Chloe. You wanted me.”

And I wanted you too.

The rage on her face was instant. “I want you to get out!”

She was fucking stubborn. I moved closer again, narrowing my eyes. I found myself even more exasperated that her words and her actions were unable to line up. She wanted me, I knew she did... didn’t she?

She stepped backward and away, visibly boiling. “How dare you snap at me about kissing Hayden when I had to watch you maul some coffee chick that you didn’t even know!”

I could almost see the steam coming out of her ears. Truly puzzled, I stared at her as if she’d just parachuted down from space. “Who cares about some stupid coffee girl?”

Her eyes nearly split out of her head as she screamed, “Not you! Because you don’t care about anything!”

“I care about you!” I snapped. If I didn’t care about anything, then why was the continuous loop of Hayden and her kissing driving me insane inside my own head?

“Just not enough to let me be happy with someone you don’t like.” She poked a finger into my chest, shaking her head. “You have to be a fucked-up person to forbid someone to date when you don’t even want them.”

I wanted to scream, I do want you! but the chance was gone. I’d already told her I didn’t because of my own personal uncertainty and self-affliction and here I was angry with her when she took interest in Hayden, someone who could tell her how much she meant to him, even if I was sure he didn’t truly mean it.

“You can’t be angry. You’re the one who kissed me.” Her tone was condescending.

Mine was just as patronizing as hers. “And you’re the one who liked it.”

“That doesn’t mean I don’t like Hayden! I’m not freely giving it out to anyone, unlike someone.”

I threw my hands over my face in desperation. “Give it a rest! Why do you care so much about some random girl? I didn’t even do anything wrong.”

“You kissed her!”

“I didn’t realize it was okay for you to kiss other people, but not me. Do my lips belong to you, is that it?” I leaned even closer to her, gesturing to my mouth as I sarcastically spat, “If that’s the case, then go ahead, kiss me whenever Dol.”

She took a few seconds to react, taking the time to flick her gaze between my eyes and my lips. As the seconds passed and the tension that could be sliced with a steak knife thickened, the only sound was the heavy breathing echoing out of both of our mouths.

Abruptly, I was yanked by the neck and my lips were attached to Chloe’s, moving along in sync. It all happened so fast, I almost got whiplash.

I was starting to think she took my kiss me whenever comment too literally.

My fervor body reacted long before my brain did though and I gripped her waist roughly, grabbing a fistful of the shirt she was wearing and pulling her flush to my chest. The kiss was messier than our previous ones, but concurrently even hotter. Saying that Chloe was eager would have been an understatement. She pressed herself against me, her hands running all around my chest and over my shoulders while her soft lips took their time enjoying the taste of mine.

My heart pounded as we unleashed our far-past-friendly pent-up sexual anguish. I walked her backward until we hit her closet door as her arms tightened around my neck. When her tongue brushed mine, I was convinced that I was as hard as they come. I gripped tightly onto the nape of her neck, licking into her mouth.

My lip stung pleasantly when she took it between her teeth and I groaned, my fingers sliding across her rib cage and down to her hips. She lifted her leg, rubbing the side of her knee against my waist, indicating I lift her.

Wanting her in my arms anyway, I dropped my hands to her ass, picking her up in one swift movement and slamming her against the door. She let out a seductive moan when I’d lifted her from the floor and her legs wrapped instinctively around my waist.

Her lips released a whimper that sent pleasure spiraling down my entire body and she threw her head back, knocking it gently against the door as my lips drifted down her throat. I blindly explored her bare thighs, listening as she cried out to the sensation of my mouth against her neck.

She controlled each and every one of my thoughts, all of which having to do with the way she tasted, the way she moved, the way she reacted to my touch. I wanted to explore and savor every inch of her.

She lifted my chin to reattach her mouth with mine right as I ground my hips into hers, triggering a combustion of longing between us both. I thought about what we were doing, our actions, and where they would lead us. I thought about what it would be like to fuck her up against this door, or in the nearby bed, or on the floor, or in any and every section of this room. And by her reciprocating energy, it was safe to assume that Chloe wouldn’t have minded if I did just that.

She was going crazy against me, proving my earlier hypothesis: she had wanted to kiss me. She had wanted to do more than kiss me. Her squirming against me as my hands roamed her sides was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, and I cursed myself for ruining it all as I pulled away from her lips.

It had taken a while for my brain to catch up to my body in the sprint, but it finally had. I had been on airplane mode, void of any thought that didn’t have to do with Chloe’s soft legs around me, but I suddenly remembered our heated argument only minutes before, her comments about Hayden, about how much she liked him, about how much she wanted him.

And while her mouth on mine was contradicting that statement, I couldn’t help but feel belatedly hurt by her comments, and by their multiple kisses. Maybe I was a hypocrite for what I had done with the girl at the coffee stand, but it was only to find some sort of relief from the pain I was feeling.

Had it been anyone else but her, had it been any other time in my life besides that moment, I wouldn’t have cared what had happened in the minutes before, but Chloe’s words and actions were all I could think about as her hand ran down my chest. My hormones desperately tried to get me to ignore the part of myself that told me it would be a mistake to go any farther with her, but the sudden aching feeling in my chest wouldn’t allow me to.

Chloe let out the sexiest whine when I disconnected our lips, only making it that much harder to let go of her. I shook my head, carefully placing her on the floor as I took a few steps back. She looked surprised and I wasn’t sure if she was shocked that she had initiated our makeout session or that I, of all people, had ended it.

I turned quickly, moving into my own room and slamming my door behind me. There was only one thing between myself and what I wanted, and it was currently my bedroom door. I felt embarrassed, not to mention disappointed for letting a few stupid comments hurt me enough to cock-block myself. I needed to get the fuck out of this house.

Before I had the chance to even attempt an escape out of my own home, I heard the front door slam close below me.

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