Destructively Oblivious

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Chapter 32: Whiplash




1. an injury that happens due to a sudden jerk or jolt; can cause both mental and physical pain.


*Chloe’s Point of View*

I sat on the couch at Hayden’s house, completely coaxed in anger. Pure, unadulterated anger. Well... maybe not unadulterated. Beneath all that anger was an achy, painful mixture of hurt and betrayal, each layer of the unpleasant sensation created by the one person who could make or break my mood — Asher.

It had been hours, three to be exact, and my mind had yet to wander from the knowledge that Asher was with Olivia. I wondered what they were doing, then realized that was the last thing I wanted to think about as I answered my own unknown question with one hundred of the worst possibilities.

Hayden and I had gone to dinner and when he invited me to watch a movie at his house afterward, I took him up on his offer to avoid going home. I didn’t want to face Asher yet, as I was sure in my current mood, our issues wouldn’t get resolved anyway, but I also didn’t want to risk the chance that he wasn’t home yet. I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my night waiting on him to return. No. He could wait on me.

I sat on Hayden’s couch alone as he excused himself to the kitchen to get the water he’d offered me, which I’d accepted mindlessly when he asked.

Asher’s actions and words replayed in my head continuously until I thought I might explode right there in the middle of my date’s living room. I tried hard to enjoy my time with Hayden, but the entire dinner had turned into me nodding and smiling at every single word he said, too focused on my emotional damage to include anything into the conversation.

My warped thoughts were intruded as Hayden took the spot on the couch beside me, casually tossing an arm over my shoulder as he handed me the glass of water.

I stared at his smiling face with a blank expression, wishing I could feel the same way about him as I did about Asher. Things would be so much easier that way.

He leaned forward to grab the remote to the flatscreen plastered on the wall, clicking it on and opening a movie browser. I swept my eyes curiously around the living room, then zeroed in on the soundlessness of the entire house before asking, “Is anyone here?”

He looked my way quickly but diverted his eyes to the remote as he clicked on a film and answered, “Oh, no. The house is empty.”

“Oh.” I frowned as I brought the glass of water he’d handed me to my lips. “Where are your parents?”

Happy with whatever movie he’d put on, he relaxed back against the couch, pulling me against him as he quickly explained, “My mom’s visiting my brother in Massachusetts for the week.”

His eyes didn’t stray from the TV and, assuming he didn’t want to speak during the movie, I nodded kindly at the information presented and shifted to focus on it.

That proved to be difficult over the course of the next hour. I was still entirely out of it. I didn’t even know what movie we were watching. Hayden hadn’t seemed to notice I hadn’t spoken a single word in forty-five minutes because my mind had abruptly traveled back to Asher’s priorities as soon as our conversation ceased.

As the movie progressed, I tried my hardest to get into it, but the more I focused on it, the more distracted I became. And as the climax of the film hit, Hayden moved a bit closer to me, un-subtly grabbing at my waist and pulling me onto his lap.

A grin sheltered my lips as he kissed my cheek and, though feeling a bit guilty, I was grateful for the distraction from my thoughts about Asher.

Unfortunately, his lips on mine didn’t help. They were making it worse. Everything he did pushed me further into cogitation about my roommate and I couldn’t escape it.

I couldn’t ignore that he tasted like strawberries, while Asher tasted like spearmint. I couldn’t ignore how short his hair was, making it impossible to twirl it around my fingers like I did with Asher’s. I couldn’t ignore Hayden’s hands as they moved over me as if they didn’t know where to go, while Asher’s explored me as if he knew exactly what to do to have an effect on me. Everything about him reminded me that it wasn’t Asher.

My best friend, my roommate, the guy I was crazy about was cornering every section of my brain, and although my anger for him was still present, I wanted nothing more than to be on his lap, not Hayden’s.

I tried to enjoy the way his lips were moving down my neck, tried to force myself to feel anything I was supposed to for him, but my emotions failed me as I began to instead imagine him as the person I felt everything for.

Picturing that the lips attached to mine were Asher’s, the kiss became much more enjoyable. In fact, it was the best kiss Hayden and I had ever shared.

His warm hands spanned up my sides as he held me closer, our tongues languid as they swept across each other. I kept my hands out of my make-out buddy’s hair, knowing it would mess with my imagination. He lifted me slightly, only enough to turn us both, landing me onto my back on the couch, him on top of me.

I ignored the feeling of his hand trailing down my body, stopping as he gave one of my breasts an unpleasant squeeze. My chest didn’t stop his anxious hand for long and he dropped it farther down, running it up my thigh. As that hand worked up my skirt and towards my underwear, I became fully aware of the mistake I was making.

I blinked a few times as I pulled away from his mouth, mumbling, “Wait… hold on.”

I thought maybe he hadn’t heard me, because he didn’t concede to my request. His lips continued down my neck as his fingers looped onto the thin straps of fabric from my underwear, trying to pull them down.

“Hayden.” I pushed on his chest roughly and wiggled my hips to free myself. “Hayden, stop!”

Without hurrying, he paused, his hand still up my skirt, staring down at me like I was crazy. “What?”

Definitely not being overly considerate, I shoved his hand out from underneath my skirt.

“I said stop.” He stared down at me expectantly and I bit my tongue at his antagonizing gaze. “It’s short for ‘Get the hell off of me’,” I translated.

He finally obliged, sitting up much too slowly for my liking, watching me jump from my submissive position on my back and stand from the couch. Looking a bit disappointed, he raised an eyebrow at me. “I was just trying too-”

Knowing exactly what he’d been trying to do, I put my finger up to him as I attempted to catch my panicked breath. “Please, give me a second.”

He stood and I took a step away from him, exceedingly uncomfortable being anywhere near him. He frowned at my movement, then sighed. “Chloe, I really wasn’t-”

I swallowed hard, nausea flooding my stomach as I shook my head at his possible excuse and cut him off with, “I’m not feeling well.”

He nodded awkwardly, then shouldered towards the front door, quietly asking, “Do... do you want me to drive you home?”

Shaking my head at the idea of getting into a car with him before my breath had even leveled, I stepped towards his bathroom. “I think I’m going to call someone to come get me. Thanks.”

I turned and left the room before another word could be said and whipped out my phone to dial a number. I didn’t know who I was calling or what I was doing, my fingers working faster than my eyes. The phone stopped ringing and I spoke before the person on the line could even say hello. “I need you to come pick me up.”


I stayed in the bathroom for what felt like a long time after Asher agreed to come and get me. I would have felt guilty for interrupting his date with my panicked call, except I didn’t. At all.

I couldn’t have been waiting for more than fifteen minutes, but knowing Hayden was outside the door waiting for me as I avoided him made it feel much longer. When I heard a knock echo throughout the house, I realized it was time to reveal myself.

Swinging the door open, I entered the room in time to watch Hayden open the front door to a soaking wet Asher. When I peered out the door behind him, I realized it was raining. Hard. Rain fell in chaotic drops, each of them being carried by gusts of wind. With the stormy backdrop and the angry expression, Asher looked a little like a cartoon villain.

My feet carried me to the front door and I gave him an awkward but gracious smile. I muttered a thanks to Hayden and stepped out into the rain. Hayden’s house didn’t have an overhang and the water streamed through my hair, down my neck, drenching my clothes in an instant.

He drew his eyes from Asher to me, the glower on his face softening. “It’s no problem. I hope you had a good time.”

Not wanting to admit I had a terrible time, nor tempt Asher into murdering my date right on the spot, I nodded once, moving from Asher’s side and nudging him to follow. The cartoon villain didn’t move, glaring holes into Hayden’s head.

Asher wasn’t stupid. If I had called him begging him to pick me up, something went wrong during the so-called good time. Not allowing him any more time to ponder what had happened, I wrapped my hands around his bicep, yanking him from his daze and dragging him away from the door.

Soaking wet, the two of us stomped down the front steps and through the muddy lawn, our feet mushing with damp grass and muck. I was surprised Asher had allowed either one of us in his perfect car in such a slovenly state, but he didn’t mention it as we climbed into the warm interior, and I laid my head back onto the seat.

Asher ran a hand through his sopping hair before rapidly shaking his head like a dog and flinging wet drops everywhere. I cringed away from the water being flung from the mop on top of his head.

When the only thing that could be heard was the rainwater pummeling onto the top of the car, I let out a long, deep breath. “Thank you for coming to get me.”

He nodded once without looking in my direction and started his car. Our silence didn’t last long and neither did my graciousness. The reason I was angry at him was suddenly front and center again and I looked out the window and into the dark, soaking streets.

“I hope I didn’t ruin your date.” The sentence was sincere, but the tone of my voice made it anything but.

I saw Asher look over at me from his seat and then back at the road, his tone as hard as mine when he responded, “The date was over. Whatever was going to happen on her couch was just getting started.”

*Asher’s Point of View*

I wasn’t looking directly at her, but I could almost feel the heat radiating from her. My comment had made her angry.

My date would have been fine had it not been for Dol circulating my brain activity, occupying every single one of my thoughts. Jessie was funny and hot and had a cool accent, and had invited me into her house when I pulled up to drop her back off. I readily accepted her invitation. Chloe had been on my mind all night and I needed the distraction to get her off of it.

Pleasure shot through me when Jessie pushed me to her couch and moved on top of me, her lips rocking smoothy against mine. She’d stripped me of my shirt before we’d hit the living room, and I grabbed her waist to pull her closer.

The makeout session had just begun, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until I’d be entering this girl’s room. She moved extremely fast, which meant she was either the girl version of me or I was moving at the human equivalent of a snail.

I didn’t have a problem with where we were headed. This part of the date was what I had been waiting for. I was good at this part and it would block out the pain of Chloe, which was all I wanted. Still, even with Jessie’s tongue stroking mine, I couldn’t help but think about what Chloe was doing with Hayden, especially since she seemed adamant about moving on from me.

A split-second image of her in Hayden’s bed, naked, moaning the name of a guy who wasn’t me left my stomach icy. I felt like the dinner I’d previously eaten had turned to lead and I almost had to tell my date that I needed a second. Realizing being buried inside her would be a much better use of my time than sulking over the thought of a girl I’d never have, I reached down to unbuckle her jeans.

I didn’t have the chance to use Jessie’s body to barricade my anguish because of the piercingly loud sound of my phone splitting the air.

I watched Dol’s nickname pop onto the screen along with the selfie of her legitimately licking my face weeks ago. The picture wasn’t particularly my favorite as I looked a bit stupid with her tongue against my cheek, but she looked cute and, well, it wasn’t often I managed to be in a picture. I brought the phone to my ear and she told me she needed me, which was exactly what I had wanted to hear.

Peaking another glance at her in the passenger seat, her lips were in a tight line as she stared out the window. She looked so mad I was surprised the raindrops on her skin hadn’t evaporated. A few minutes of transfixing heavy silence went by before I pulled into my own driveway.

Dol had had one hand on the handle of the door since she entered the car and I had barely parked when she hopped out. She bent down to look at me through the open door to make her statement loud and clear.

“I hope you had a good time with Olivia.” After that, she slammed the door.

Olivia? I know that wasn’t my date’s name.

I opened my own door and bounded into the cold rain, running to the front of my car to block her from the porch. She tried to take a step around me, but I stepped to my left to prevent her again. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Get out of my way,” she muttered with forced patience.

She was already soaking wet from the rain, her clothes clinging to her skin, her hair sticking to her neck. Shaking from the cold winds that blew by, I was sure the last thing she wanted was to stand in the rain for a minute longer, especially with me.

She attempted one last time to get around me and to the front door, succeeding when she pushed her way past. She yanked out her keys and, though it took a few attempts, finally got into the house. Her heels tracked mud and water with every step she took, but it was the least of either of our concerns. She bent to try and get one shoe off as I walked into the house, slamming the door behind me.

When her heel refused to un-grasp her foot, she ignored them both, stomping her loud shoes through the entrance room and into the kitchen. I was thankful that, because of our mutual dates and my mom’s late work schedule, Prim was at a friends house, and no one in my family was home to hear or see the mess we were was making.

Entering the kitchen, she instantly noticed the glass from her broken cup was gone and must’ve come to the conclusion I’d cleaned it before I’d left. It was silent for a few seconds after I’d followed her in, the heavy rain beating down onto the skylight of the dark kitchen. Neither of us had bothered to turn on a light.

I turned to look at her and sighed. “What do you mean... Olivia?”

Swallowing hard, she shook her head at my question. With the stairs in her line of sight, she made an attempt to get past me, blocked by my arm on the counter. As quickly as possible, my opposite hand found the countertop on the other side of her, caging her between me and the granite.

Out of anger, she hit my chest, but I didn’t budge. Her being so close to me sent my body into submission, but I was still raging, the anger from earlier only intensifying as I soon became mad at myself as well. The way I physically responded to her really got under my skin.

I stared down at her intensely as she continued to push me away. “Get away from me,” she growled.

Feeling furious, confused, and irritated, I shook my head. “Answer my question.”

When she made another endeavor to free herself, my hands found her waist, hoisting her onto the counter and standing between her legs, no signs of letting go. I’d put her on the countertop to maintain her attention, but when I got there, motionless as her legs wrapped around me, my hands gripping her thighs, the sight alone had me aching in protest.

Her white shirt was utterly see-through due to being doused in water and her skirt was splayed out across the granite. Despite my frustration for her, for her painful words, I wanted her so badly that it hurt and I struggled not to kiss her before I got the answer to my question.

She appeared to be having a similar internal battle. She was hitting my chest, but her fists were clutched tightly around my shirt and each time she pulled away from a jab, she drew me closer to her.

Her eyes shut and, though she didn’t release my shirt, she relaxed with an exhale, muttering, “What do you want, Asher?”

My breath heavy and my emotions scattered, I struggled to grapple onto the reason I had her on the counter to begin with. “I want you to tell me what you’re talking about. Why do you keep mentioning Olivia?”

She crinkled her face at me in anger, looking upwards to the skylight to avoid keeping her eyes on me. “Shouldn’t you already know?”

I grasped onto her chin, pulling her eyes back to mine. “Then humor me because I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.”

Instead of answering me, she slammed her fists into my chest again to move me. When I didn’t stumble, she placed her hands over her face before indicating how I had her held hostage. “If I wanted to be caged in like an animal, I would have just stayed at Hayden’s.”

While I had the complete intention of returning to the topic of why she’d begged me to pick her up, I couldn’t hold back my sly comment.

“But he had so much to offer you, remember?” I sniffed, remembering her previous statement.

She scowled. I had to ignore the urge to take one of her pouted lips between my own.

*Chloe’s Point of View*

I hadn’t realized my comment from earlier that day had stuck with Asher. He had plenty to offer me, but my goal had been to hurt him, and apparently, I’d succeeded.

I was angry with him for so many reasons. For going out with Olivia. For being right about Hayden. For being so attractive that all of my senses heightened when he was around. My already-vicious need for him was igniting into something threatening and dangerous. My body was truly betraying me as I pressed myself against him.

His hand left my thigh, finding the small of my back and nestling himself closer. He dropped his forehead to my shoulder as we both fell silent, letting the sound of the rain and heavy breathing attack our ears. I was still raging with anger, at him and myself.

When he lifted his head back up, he swallowed hard, his lips parting. His eyes fell onto different spots of my face as he studied me. As my hand found its way into his sopping hair, I brought his face closer to mine.

My conflicted eyes roamed his and, while my actions, regrettably, said yes, I said, “I hate you.”

He growled in annoyance and pressed himself to me. Unfortunately, rubbing the expansion of his jeans against me did nothing to lessen the sexual ache between us. He pushed against me again and I flinched from the potency of our movement. Removing a hand from me, he captured my chin in his grasp, angling my face to his as he froze.

His coffee-colored eyes searched my face before he moved closer, his nose touching mine. “Why did you mention Olivia?”

Dipping deep past any desire I felt, my anger resurfaced and I let go of his hair. “God! How are you still acting like you don’t know? You were with her!” I yelled between fuming pants.

Looking lost, he let a second go by, giving me enough time to tear his hand from my face, not moving farther away from him in the process. His confusion never subsided and he stared me down. “What?”

I cringed, my voice growing wavery. “I saw you two earlier. I know you went out with her.”

He pulled away from my face and looked at me with disbelief, his faux-puzzlement serving to make me even angrier. His tone dropped with perplexity. “What in the hell are you talking about?”

Trying to maintain the last ounce of composure I still had, I made eye contact with him again. “She told me! She told me you two were going out tonight and she made it perfectly clear what the night’s activities were going to include.”

Asher looked down at me as if I had grown six more arms. “I have not slept with Olivia in months. And I did not go out with her. Not tonight, not ever,” he said the last words with disgust.

He shook his head in astonishment as I paused to take in what he was saying. Nothing he was telling me made sense. I poked a finger into his chest, regaining the assuredness that I’d momentarily lost.

“I have to ask, did you enjoy getting back at me with her? I know you were pissed about my date with Hayden but was whatever was happening on her couch, really worth it?”

Asher paused, taken off guard by the fact I didn’t believe his plea. “Dol, I went on a date with a girl named Jessie. And no, I didn’t enjoy what was happening on her couch, you know why?” He didn’t wait for my response, finishing it with, “Because I was thinking about you the whole time.”

He stared at me for a beat before pushing forward and crashing his lips to mine. My hands found his chest again, gentler this time, and I bowed against him, my body defying everything my brain told me.

I tried once again to reinstate how angry I was but what came out was a moan that sounded like the exact opposite of a refusal. I was still debating what the hell I was doing and what point I was trying to prove. On another day, I would have taken advantage of the empty house, but my anger was still present and I couldn’t get the rage away from me. All I could see was him and Olivia together. I wanted the feeling to go away.

*Asher’s Point of View*

Dol was incredibly annoying but at the same time, incredibly hot. I pressed my mouth to hers, lucky her hand had yet to connect with my cheek. Instead, she tugged me closer, white-knuckling my shirt in her fist.

Between each kiss, Dol murmured something about hating me and as she stated each unconvincing plea, her hand ran down my shoulder and back.

My hands moved equally as fast, rolling over every angle of her I could reach. Her fingers found the bottom of my shirt, tugging at it until I peeled it over my head. I hissed in pleasure when she rocked me against her, running her hands down my bare chest, and I wasn’t sure how much more of the teasing I could take — physically and emotionally.

She pulled away from my mouth once more and winced, angling herself away from me. “No. No! I’m angry with you, Asher!”

I ran my hand up her thigh and grabbed the brim of her skirt to jerk her even closer to me, the wet fabric cold between my fingers. She brought her face back to mine and was only centimeters away from me as she disputed with herself about what she wanted. She was reading my expression, and I was trying to silently pass a message between our eyes.

I want you. Why can’t you admit you want me too? Let me show you how much I have to offer, in the only way that I know how.

Her body was reacting to me, pushing her hips farther out and pulling mine farther in. Drips of water from my hair were falling onto her skin. When I leaned forward again, she reacted, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

I knew I was confusing, but goddammit, this girl was going to give me whiplash.

She moved in time with me, stroking her tongue against mine. The kisses we were sharing were fiery and hungry. As her lips almost sent me straight into insensibility, I couldn’t even seem to remember what we had been fighting about. All that seemed clear to me was how much I wanted the girl in front of me.

Her mouth tasted familiar, warm, and full of need as it shifted against mine. And while I was going to regret this entire situation tomorrow, I didn’t care anymore. The heat in the air and want between us was so much I thought I might spontaneously combust right then and there.

I drove myself against her, moving my hand up inside her shirt, gracing my fingers with her bare skin. I pressed my lower body against hers, trying to generate some sort of friction before I imploded. A strangled sound escaped her lips as I stirred against her.

Her hands were on my jeans, tugging at my belt, undoing the buckle as quickly as she could. At that second, I knew exactly what she wanted, and I wanted the same. The belt clasp popped undone and I groaned, clutching onto her hips.

I slid her shirt above her chest, pushing my fingers inside the fabric of her bra, applying pressure to her nipples. She moaned as she curved her chest outward, begging me to tease her. I jerked her bra to the side, taking her breast into my mouth.

“Oh my God,” she barely got out, brushing a hand through my seeping hair.

On instinct, I slipped my hand between her legs, up her skirt, instantly tugging her panties to the side to feel her bare skin against my fingers. She was already so wet, and she groaned as my finger slid through the slickness with ease.

Throwing her head back in pleasure, Chloe whimpered when I brought my lips to her throat, laying light kisses along the moist skin. She flickered her tongue out to her bottom lip, sinking her teeth into it to muffle the noises she was persistent in making.

With no warning, I pushed two fingers inside of her and she gasped, her hips shooting out with indulgence. I used my free hand to clutch her jaw, towing her lips back to mine, my fingers sinking in and out of her tightness. She slid both her hands to my pants, forcing my wet jeans to the floor.

With my fingers still slipping inside her, Chloe let out small gasps of pleasure as her eyes fell to my cock straining against my boxers, extremely ready for her.

I was aching for her. And I knew she was aching for me.

I removed my fingers from her warmth as she reached forward, unable to take her eyes off my expanding briefs. I pressed my forehead against hers as she began palming me through my boxers, stroking fast.

Adjusting the cloth, she wrapped her hand around my bare, hard skin, pumping, her thumb swiping over the tip of me. I nearly came at her touch. Raising her jaw and keeping her fingers coiled around me, she moved her lips against mine, dipping her willing tongue into my mouth.

I wanted to be inside of her again, needed it with every chilling bone in my body. I grasped onto her thighs, drawing her to the edge of the counter and forcing her hand to slip from my cock. Lifting her clean off the granite, I turned, dropping to my knees and placing her on the kitchen floor as gently as I could manage.

I slid her skirt up to her stomach, tearing her panties from her and spreading her thighs. Needing inside her, I swiftly scanned the kitchen for my jeans, spotting them behind me.

For a moment, I almost wanted to say screw the protection. I quickly informed myself that was the stupidest idea I’d ever had. I couldn’t help thinking it though. From the way Chloe was whining for me to take her, I wanted nothing between us. That wasn’t going to happen though and I reached behind me, tearing my wallet from the pocket and plucking a condom from the side compartment.

Tearing open the foil with my fingers to avoid Chloe once again reprimanding me for attempting to open one with my teeth, I slid the latex down the length of me, leaning down and placing my hand next to Dol’s head as she melted against me. I brushed against her and almost exploded. She had a similar reaction, her back arching and a whimper escaping her lips. Her sounds seeped into me and a shiver ran down my spine.

Gently, slower than we had been moving up to that point, I stirred forward, nudging her entrance. I was afraid I’d hurt her if I went too fast, seeing it hadn't been very long since her first time, but she tugged me imperceptibly closer, clearly unafraid of that prospect. Her hands moved from my shoulders to my lower back before pulling me against her and, suddenly, I was inside her.

I let out a deep groan, my hand dropping to her hip. I took a second to myself, recovering from the waves of pleasure I felt from her throbbing around me. My eyes were closed and the only sounds in the air were Chloe’s cries. Completely still, I attempted to get ahold of myself, knowing the complete bliss I was feeling would feel even better if I was moving.

“Asher, please,” she panted from below. “Please, I need you.”

Hearing her beg, I opened my eyes as I began to glide in and out of her, as deep as I could possibly be. She didn’t seem to be in any sort of pain, but the pleasure she was unmistakenly feeling was present from her gorgeous moans, her eyes screwed shut. Her fingers pulsed against my shoulders as I picked up speed, coasting inside her.

Fulfillment traveled in ripples down my spine. I brought my lips to the nape of her neck, mumbling what sounded like her name and taking her thigh in my hand, gripping tight as I pressed hard inside her.

Her body fit me perfectly, like a skin-tight glove. She was so responsive, maneuvering her hips against mine to create a perfect rhythm against my thrusts. Plunging into her repeatedly, her warmth clung to every inch of me as our bodies rocked together. She felt so fucking good. I never wanted to be outside of her again.

Because it lacked the worry of hurting her, or the need to give her a decent first time, this act was even better than the first time we’d been together, if that was possible. I never wanted it to end.

I could feel her pulsing around me and I knew she was close. I was too. That sent my brain in two different contradictory directions: delaying what I knew would happen, or giving in because it felt so god damn good.

When Dol began raising her hips to meet mine, I knew there wasn’t a chance I’d be able to postpone the inevitable. There was a built-up, tingling tension, and every nerve ending I possessed felt like it had been electrocuted. Her cries began getting even louder, her nails chalking down my back in rapture. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh, Asher, God!” I decided right then and there that there was not a sound in the world more incredible than my name leaving Chloe’s mouth in a breathy cry. The noise pushed me directly from the euphoria cliff, bringing her with me.

She constricted around me and I rocked inside of her again, stiffening upon hearing a final, stuttering cry exit her lips. Spilling into her, I watched her unravel underneath me and I knew I could spend the rest of my life watching her come undone.

Satisfied and exhausted, I rested my forehead against her throat, feeling her chest rise and fall with each exhale. I inhaled her; she smelled like her regular raspberry shampoo, and me. It was incredible.

But the want and need fell fast, smashing onto the ground just as the cup had shattered earlier that day. Dol’s breathing faltered and a small whimper left her.

“Please get off of me,” she whispered, her voice tight.

I hadn’t realized regret was a tone of voice until she spoke and I knew right then what we had done was wrong. I lifted my head from her skin, watching as she ripped her hands off of me and settled them over her face, humiliated.

“Asher, get off me,” she muttered, less patient. “Please... I... give me a second.”

I set my hands on either side of her as my eyes widened. Fuck. As quickly as possible, I removed myself from her, sitting back on my heels as I disposed of the condom and re-adjusted my clothing.

With a hand still covering her face and her breathing as heavy as mine, she towed herself out of submission and into a sitting position, tearing her skirt down from her stomach. She was breathing sharp, short breaths, like she was angry with herself for the apparent mistake. I’d never wished I was truly invisible more in my life.

The quick and sudden shifting situation had sent a wave of surprise over both of us and I began to ponder how the hell we had gone through so many emotions and actions in the span of twenty minutes. I took a few swift glances around at the area — the floor, the counter, our clothes. Still soaking wet from the rain, we had made quite a mess and everything screamed desire.

Chloe dug both her hands into her hair, staring around the alluring kitchen floor that I’d just taken her on.

“Oh my God.” She shook her head in disbelief, tearing her eyes to mine. “This didn’t happen,” she breathed, looking sick to her stomach. “This never happened…”

She stood instantly, grabbing her panties from the floor a few feet away. Pulling myself to my knees, I attempted to grab her arm, but it slipped from my grasp as she moved away from me. “Dol, wait-”

She covered her ears, turning from me towards the staircase. “Stop, please stop.”

She had much more willpower than before as her brain took over her body’s movements and, with one last head shake in my direction, she bolted up the stairs and out of my field of view.

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