Destined Forever

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Sequel to "Destined to Love" After getting over her past devils, Emma found him. She finally found the reason that changed her and he was the reason. Edan loves her as much as she did and they both now lives a happy life. Bonus chapters for "Destined to Love" Emma and Edan's after marriage journey. After coming over her past devils and falling in love with the arrogant jerk. She found her happiness. He became the reason for her to live her life and to start a new journey. At first, it was just a game for him. To get her and fuck her. But this player turned into a lover. He fell in love with fire and showed her the real meaning of love and trust. Emma and Edan's are now on a new journey together with their baby Amelia. They will came across new boundaries and discover new things in this bond called marriage. Will they remain "Destine Forever" or will they apart! Is their love enough to overcome the new hurdles or are they lacking!

Romance / Drama
Anna Enchant
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Chapter 1

Emma’s POV.

I laughed as Edan was bent on the floor on his knees with his hands in front and giving our little Amelia a horse back ride. She was giggling and laughing enjoying her daddy horse.

Her black hair were tied in two pony tails as she was wearing a white and blue frock with her little white pumps. Her tiny feet swaying just a little on both sides of Edan’s back as his back was so broad and masculine.

“Mama! Daddy’s fun.” She giggled and I chuckled.

She was 2 years old now and talks a bit. She is a quite type girl. Shy and timid. In front of others, she’ll be a bit reluctant before coming in front of them. She talks less and isn’t a naughty one in front of anyone. To them, she is a young respectable lady. A sweetie pie.

Well! Unlike me!

But to us, she is no other than an animal on loose. She would just ran all around the house and in every corner, there will be her toys.

“Come on sweetie! Daddy’s tired now.” I took her off Edan’s back as she pouted.


“No But. Daddy’s going to rest.” She frown but stayed silent.

“I am going to take a shower now.” Edan kissed my lips and I nodded.

“Dinner’s ready. Be quick.” I said as he smiled and went to our room.

Its been more than two years since we got married and these two years were a blissful time for me. Our love got intensified more and more and our life could never be more happier than before and especially with our little princess Amelia. We now live in a mansion, closed to his parents as that penthouse was a lot far from here.

Every weekend, we will spend our time together and that’s the best time of the week. All together and all having a good time.

I placed Amelia on a counter and went to set out the table for the dinner.

“Mommy?” She said in a whisper. Her voice sweet as honey and one could fall for it the first time one hears it.

Or its just me because she’s my daughter.

“Yes bunny?”

“You love daddy?” She asked making my lips curled up in a smile.

“Ofcourse sweetie. I love your daddy.” I replied as I set the plates on the dining table.

“But-” She stopped as thinking for something.

I asked the maid to microwave the dinner, in case it had gone cold. I turned towards Amelia and chuckled at her style.

One leg crossed over the other as her lips in a pout and a finger on her cheek and it seems like she was in a deep thought.


“What you thinking bunny?” I rubbed my nose with her cute small one as she groaned.

“I am not a bunny.” She complained making me chuckle.

I just loves to call her bunny but she hates it. And every time I call her that, she would give her cute frowning face.

“Fine sweetie. What are you thinking then?” I made her jump down off the counter and headed towards the table.

“You said you love daddy.”

“Yes. I love your daddy.” I replied, thinking what she’s up to.

“But Nana said you hated him.”

She sat on her seat as I chuckled at his words.

“Yes. I did. But it was in the start but than I fall in love with your daddy.”

“Oh. I see. Hmm.”

I swear she was looking like a little detective, trying to solve her mystery but without her detective hat and a magnifying glass and a detective coat.

“But Momma!” She said after thinking for a while.


“I love daddy more.” She folded her little arms and pouted making me chuckle.

“OK sweetie! You love him more.” I smiled.

“But your daddy loves you even more.” I heard Edan’s voice as he sat beside me.

“Daddy!” She get off her seat and took her seat on her real place.

Edan’s lap.

Its actually Edan’s fault. He had made it a habit of her. She would have her meal with her daddy and by sitting in his lap. I had told her thousand times to remain sit on her chair but she won’t listen and Edan would also favor her.

“What are you thinking baby?” Edan asked as I was quite during the entire dinner.

“Mom’s not a baby dad! She’s a grown up.” Amelia started laughing making us laugh too.

“She’s got a smart brain. Just like me.” Edan teased me and I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah right. A smart, naughty brain.”

“This naughty brain is starting to think some really naughty stuff.” He winked and my heart sped up. My body yearning for him and my cheeks warming up. My all body tingling to be touched by him and my stomach invaded with thousands of flutters.

No matter how much time had passed or how many times we had made love but we can never get enough. After all the years spent together, he still has the same effect on me. He knows when to say what words and how to turn me on.

Damn my husband!

I smiled, shaking my head side to side at his nonsense.

“Mom! Dad!”

Amelia yawned and settled in Edan’s arms before going to a deep slumber, saying some inaudible words. Edan kissed her forehead and with her in his arms, he headed towards her room.

Her room was all coloured in purple and white theme, with princesses and fairies pictures all over her mauve coloured wardrobe. Her dressing table having small hair brush and comb with her small candy scent perfume bottle placed beside.

She loves that Disney Sofia princess cartoons and thought of her self as a princess.

Well! She is truly our princess!

Edan gently laid her on her bed as she snuggled in her soft fluffy pillows. She looked so cute while sleeping. Her lips red, her cheeks rosy and she was truly a beauty and I believe she had gotten it after her handsome daddy.

But again I am her mother that’s why to me she is the loveliest, prettiest princess of the world.

“She’s my little Angel.” Edan said whilst seeing her with endearing and loving eyes.

“Indeed she is.” Edan drew me closer as her arm around my waist.

He look in my eyes as our bodies not a millimetre apart. Her hand slightly brush against my cheek as I closed my eyes loving his touch.

“You know what I have in mind now?” He smirked as I know what he meant by that.

“No Mr. Wilton. Care to tell me?” I winked as I let go of him and headed towards our room just beside Amelia’s.

“I’ll most probably show it.” He caught my hand as I reached our room and then his lips connected with mine. His tongue gain entry in my mouth as he explore it. His kisses went to my cheek, jaw and my neck as I moaned in pleasure.

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