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Blake forte is tall, blonde and handsome. He is also the most powerful mob boss in your country, and your parents have sold you to him so that their debt can be cancelled. You have no choice but to become his wife. Your guard, however, seems to be the light in the dark tunnel of your life. Caleb makes you smile and shows you kindness when everyone else has abandoned you. However, while being swept away by this charming young man, you have failed to notice that both Caleb and Blake are not what they seem, and manage to get yourself into a serious situation where you might not even come out alive.


Your wedding day was a blur. You barely remembered anything. You kept your veil over your face for the most part, as you didn’t want anyone to see your tears.

Not that they cared.

No one cared.

None of your family even showed up for the ceremony, but that wasn’t a shock to you. They sold you off to repay their debt. He said he’d accept you and waiver the debt. They agreed so easily.

You didn’t want them there anyway.

Your new husband was not a kind man. He wasn’t gentle or loving. He was a mob boss. The head of one of the largest organised crime groups in the whole of your country. He was ruthless, and aggressive, and rough.

As you found out on the wedding night.

“Please, give us just one more week!” Your father begged as he cowered in the corner in the shadow of your home invaders. There were at least ten of them, all armed and dressed in suits. They had wrecked the place, and you had no idea what was going on that fateful moment you stepped in your front door after a hard days studying at medical school.

“You’re going to come up with all that money in just one week?” You assumed that the tall blonde was in charge, as every other man in here gave him their unshakable attention and respect.

“Denzel, do you think they can come up with the money in that time frame? It’s taken them this long to come up with this,” He shook a small pile of notes, not looking away from your parents, as if he knew he would be answered.

“No boss, there is no way,” Another man answered him.

The blonde hummed and turned to look at you, currently restrained by two of his men. They had grabbed you the moment you stepped through the door, to stop you running away.

“What to do, what to do,” He mused, pulling a long bladed knife from his pocket and flipping it about in his hand, “I could kill you both, of course,” He said, so nonchalantly that it gave you shivers, “I’ve given you enough time, and this disrespect shouldn’t be tolerated,”

He moved towards you and you squeezed your eyes shut, whimpering as he slowly dragged the blade down your face. It didn’t hurt, as he didn’t press down at all, but it was cold, and it was a knife in the hands of an incredibly dangerous man.

“Luckily for you,” He continued to look at you, eyes roaming up and down your body, pausing for a long time when his cold eyes met yours, “I’m in a good mood today. And I think I’ve found something that I’ve been looking for, for a long time,” He turned back to your parents, “Do you know what it is that I’ve been searching for?”

Your parents whimpered and shook their heads, probably not even noticing that this man had just dragged a knife down their daughters face. They only ever cared about your pay cheque, anyway.

“The boys have been bugging me lately,” He drawled, crouching down in front of your father and grabbing him by his hair. Your father yelped when he yanked his head back so they could look at each other in the face, “They think I need a wife,” He said, “I think your daughter would fit the role perfectly. Don’t you, Denzel?”

“Yes boss,” The man named Denzel piped up immediately, “Perfect,”

The man got to his feet and moved back to you, reaching out to touch your face with a long finger, “She is beautiful,” He said, “Such pretty, terrified eyes. Nice body, too,” He ran his fingers down your neck, stopping at your collar bone. Without turning away, he spoke to your parents, “If you give me her, I will cancel your debt. Every penny,”

Your parents wouldn’t. There was no way. They couldn’t-

“Yes!” Your mother spoke up, tears streaming down your face, “Yes, take her,”

“Wha- Mama, no!” You objected but one of the men restraining you slapped a hand over your mouth.

Your father stood up, avoiding your eyes, “Take care of our daughter,” He said quietly, and the boss smiled a cold smile and turned to face him.

Without a word, he offered his hand. Your father shook it without any hesitation.

“Excellent,” The boss said, walking out of the open door, “Bring her. We’ll get married in two days,”

Without another word, he was gone, and you were dragged, screaming and crying from your home.

“Mama! Papa! No! How could you do this?! How could you!”

They didn’t even look at you as you were pulled from their sight.

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