The Bellefleur Mansion

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The Hunt

I started to feel the throbbing in my ankle again as I was quietly sitting there. How long is this going to take, I thought. After about an hour I watched as Lorn closed his book and stood up. He walked towards me and let out his hand. "Come." I refused his gesture and got up on my own. As I did so I lost my balance and started to fall. Lorn quickly caught me, he was fast, and pulled me up. "It's my ankle. I tripped and twisted it when I had fallen earlier today." All of a sudden Lorn picked me up off the ground carrying me bridal style. "Ugh you don't have to carry me." "You're in no condition to walk just keep quiet for once and let me help you." I sighed, defeated.

He carried me back inside and up the stairs to his room. We passed by some maids and they just stared at us. It was embarrassing. He opened the door to his bedroom and layed me on his bed. Walking into the bathroom I could hear him rummaging through some stuff. He walked around the bed and bent down. "It's swollen." "No shit." He smirked. "Is this how you treat someone trying to help you?" I sighed. He began wrapping my ankle and foot tightly. "Thank you." I said quietly. "It's no problem." We sat there for a moment in silence and I started to feel nervous. "We should get you out of that dress." He took my shoes off one by one. I blushed. "My clothes are in my room." I started to get up but he stopped me. "Let me get them for you." He walked out of the room and I heard the door shut. What was he trying to do here I can get dressed in my own room. The door creaked open and Lorn was back with my clothes.

"Stand up." I did as he said. "Now turn around." I turned around nervously, grabbing my hair and pulling it over my shoulder. He unzipped my dress all the way down to my waist. I turned my head towards him holding my dress up from the top. "He smirked. "We-well what are you doing turn around." I said anxiously. He turned away and I cautiously slipped out of the dress as quick as possible. I put on the clothes I had come here with and called out to Lorn. "I'm finished." He turned and sized me up. Tomorrow we'll go into town and buy you new clothes. These are atrocious." I scowled. "Ha ha." Lorn laughed at the face I made. "We're going on a hunt tonight. I haven't drank for days." I tensed up in anger. "You need to get over that." "How could I get over that. It could be my friends you're hunting." "What are their names? I'll be sure to ask before I kill them." I glowered at him. "Can I leave now?" "Go ahead." I quickly walked out as fast as my leg would let me and headed to my room. Plopping down on the bed I covered my face with a pillow and turned to my left hugging it.

-Lorns POV-

*knock knock

The door swung open and Vorr walked in. "You ready hurry up I'm hungry." "Yeah I'm coming." Haise, my youngest brother, was standing behind Vorr. We walked out together and headed down the stairs. "So Haise I saw your pick tonight, why on Earth would you choose a child?!" "They are obedient" Haise looked at me with a small smile on his face. "and you know I love decorating rooms there are numerous possibilities to choose from for a child. You can buy them lots of things. "You two are unbelievable." Vorr exclaimed. "I just don't get it." "So what do you do with your human? Haise asked. "Chored of course, she is also my servant so I tell her to fetch whatever I want." Haise chuckled. "You should be a little nicer, you might get a good reaction out of it." "Please." he rolled his eyes. I wish I had gotten first choice I would have liked that feisty one Lorn's got." Haise smiled. "She's something else. She's very stubborn." Lorn announced. "But you like the challenge don't you, you always have." Haise asked. "Indeed I do." I smirked.

We walked for a bit trying to find a good location. They like hiding in tunnels and under bridges at night. "Ohh looky what we've got here." Vorr pointed in the night towards a small abandoned building where a dim light could be seen. We stalked down the valley onto the pavement and separated. I took the entrance and walked in. There was no light to be seen anymore but I could feel the presence of someone there. I walked through a door and I spotted them all hundled in a corner of the room. Haise and Vorr were on either side of the room and we cornered them. I heard a woman's scream echo thoughout the room and they all got up. "Please please let us go!" A man called out. Vorr spoke, "I don't know, should we let them go guys?" "No." I said. "I don't think so." Haise said happily. "Everyone run!" The humans all scattered in different directions and I let them pass. I liked the hunt. I ran for the man who called out and chased him down the hallway. Knocking him over I picked him up and showed my fangs. "Please don't kill her." Who was he talking about. I ripped into his neck and started sucking the luscious blood that made me quiver every time. I was about to rip his neck out when I thought about what Eva said. "but you don't have to kill them!" I stopped. I let the man drop and spotted a little girl running outside. I followed her.

Stepping in front of her path she let out a tiny scream. I looked down and she was holding a tiny teddy bear. I usually don't care what kind of human it is but Eva's voice was bugging me. "Was your father in there with you little girl?" "Y-yes." She quivered. I didn't kill him, he's still inside. "She looked at me with fear." I took her arm and she tensed up. Don't worry, I'm only going to take a bit. I took her wrist and dug my fangs into her arm. She yelped but remained silent thereafter. After I was finished I let her go. "Hide in that building over there until were gone, then go find your father." She ran off quickly and did as I told her.

From a distance I saw Vorr holding a woman down. She screamed a blood curdling scream. I walked towards him as he ferociously bit at her neck and ripped her throat out. I sighed. What was I doing. Haise ran towards us, blood dripping from his face. We get them all?" he said enthusiastically "Yes I think so." I said. "Ha ha" Haise dance around us in circles laughing. I took out a cloth from my pocket and wiped the blood off my face. "Let's head home." I said.

We got back and I headed to my room. I stopped at the door and looked to my right. I walked over to her room and opened the door. She sprung up and I stepped inside. I walked over to her bed and sat down. There was silence for a moment until she spoke. "Did you kill anyone?" "Do you have to be so brazen?" "Yes." I sighed. "No I didn't." I looked to my left away from her. "Really?" "Yes really." "Well what happened?" "I did drink but listen, normally were vicious. It's in our blood Eva." "Then why didn't you kill them?" "I thought about what you said and got confused in the moment. There was a small child and her father and he begged me not to kill her, so I killed neither of them. It bothers me though." "Why would saving their lives bother you?" "You don't get it. We live to hunt Eva. To kill our prey. It wasn't enjoyable for me to let them go." She fell silent. "I'm glad you didn't." I let a small smile out. "I know." "You'll have to make it up to me." "How will I do-" I grabbed the back of her head feverishly and kissed her. I let my hands glide through her long hair and pulled away. "Goodnight Eva."

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