Prince of Cards

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Loss and Love is what Ace and Grace have endured in there life. Meeting each other in the most unusual way. Only years later to find each other again. This time Ace wasn't letting her go again. Book 3 All of us are uncertain at the age of sixteen. The world larger then had imaged with a feeling of more freedom. Getting a car, curfew longer, boys, and to fit into the latest fashion. All thing that we think about as a girl. But for Grace an arranged married was what she got on her sixteenth birthday. One that had a larger agenda then one he claimed to her new found father three years prier. For his race as governor, Ivan Morker offered a deal for him to pay for the campaign for his daughter. Grace seeing her fate sealed of a loveless life. One night going out to loose her virginity to someone that would make love to her. Come Ace Harper, right hand man to the mafia and soon King. They meet in the most odd way that sparked an attraction. One that would stretch for years till they met again. Holding on to a locket that no one knew could change the coarse of her life. Being the only thing she left behind to remember her by. Then on her first meeting with Morker and his friend Bellinor did unspeakable things to her before setting the house on fire with her mother and Grace inside to burn alive. Reason she didn't know being a survivor. But this is only where the story begins.

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Chapter 1

My Boss Birthday, New York.

The Prince of North America and soon to be King of the Mafia. Lawrence Luciano. As his head of security, I swept the night club we were at tonight. It being the grand opening tonight and in honor of Luciano’s birthday. The world most eligible bachelor. You can understand what I’m dealing with tonight. The club filled with woman wanting a chance at him. To bad there’s only one lady that seems to be getting it tonight.

“Ace. Morgan and I are going to head to a private booth for a while. So relax and find a girl to occupy your time. Kyle seems to have already taken the opportunity.” Lawrence chuckled looking over to his second in command. The boy talking up a blonde that seemed interested but was a little. How can I put it nicely. Not all female by the Adams apple I could see of there profile. Long legs that where not slender in the least, with hands quite large and blunt.

“It seems I’m going to have to save him.” I grumbled watching Lawrence already heading to the back with Morgan. The Governor’s daughter of perfectly done blonde hair and body that could make men do anything for.

Having never had an interest in her though for just a few conversations was a very vain person. No depth to her other then the money her daddy had. And I could see she was most likely waiting for Lawrence to put a ring on it. Unfortunately that was to never happen if I had anything to do about it.

As his right hand man I didn’t just keep him safe but had to look out for his best interest. Morgan not being one of them that I was hoping he only saw her as a play thing. Which he seemed to like doing. As long as it kept to that, he could do as he pleases.

“Kyle my man! Let’s head to one of the card tables. See if we can’t win some money for you.” Wrapping a arm over his shoulders, looking to the face before him that was definitely male. Kyle swaying a little as I imagined he was drunk already. “Sorry ma’am he’s poor as dirt right now. I just brought him tonight to help cheer him up after a bad divorce. She took everything and I mean everything.” I breathed to the he/ she seeing there eyes widen in sympathy. Giving him a pat with words of encouragement, then walked away.

“You asshole! She was so into me!” He whined with a slur to his voice as I guided him to a booth to the side of the dance floor. The floor a sea of body’s that was hard to make out threw with the electric song that was playing right now. Seeming everyone in here was in it swaying to the music as much as they could intoxicated.

“She was a he. I just saved you from a very awkward surprise later.” I remarked waving over a waiter, telling them he was cut off to only have water. I wasn’t going to baby sit his ass tonight. No, I was looking forward to the tables. Get my hands on some cards and I was happy as can be.

“Hey baby you want to have some fun?” A women said seductively stopping me in the hall to the back of the club. A slender leg popping out of a tight red dress that clung to her curves. Dark eyes locking on mine with red lips that were painted brightly. Her cheekbones over pronounced by thick makeup and false lashes that fluttered to me.

“I think I’ll pass.” I said curtly ready to turn away when a pair of hands from behind caught my shoulders.

“Your Mr. Harper, right? From Harper & Company. The youngest son and head security to Mr. Luciano.” She purred coming around across my chest grasping her wrist to pull from me. A pout on her pink lips that just made her look constipated in a overly reveling gold dress.

“Sorry I’m taken.” Stepping aside as both women smiled broadly.

“That’s not what we hear. Your next to be most eligible bachelor of New York soon, once Morgan has your boss.” The first said giving them a smirk, stepping up to them closely together. Both there eyes widening as they breathed me in.

“That will never happen. And if you are friends with her. Then this will never happen either.” Pointing to the two, then walked away. Finally not being stopped taking a champagne glass from a passing waiter.

“If your taken then who is the lucky lady. I’m sure she would be here if she was. If you truly are with someone. Other wise I’ll keep coming after you tonight.” Another women said that I knew the voice too. For years I’ve been playing that card with her. Having been a flings for another Prince in the past. Making her one that I would never touch. Even if she was a pretty woman. But not beautiful in any manner that she tried with heavy make up and jewels to look desirable.

“I see your very persistent still, Anastasia.” Her french accent thick as her raven hair in a tight blue cocktail dress. Her hand coming up to my face to graze her finger along my jaw softly.

“I know what I want.” She purred stepping back from her touch that did more harm then good.

“Trust me, you don’t want any of this.” Turning away downing my glass to place on a passing table, stepping into the real fun for the night. Her persistence irritating grasping my arm to press her breast into.

“All the women here tonight want all of you. So tonight we are all going to be coming after you. Prepare yourself.” She breathed stepping away. My eyes looking around to see many of the females on me.

Sighing I figured I should take her warning seriously. Turning away from the tables I walked to a side hall. A line of women waiting outside for the woman’s bathroom, chuckling as I opened the door. Watching the door close then turned to look before me, only to freeze.

It seemed she had too. Pausing in her applying of red lipstick, poised over the sink into the mirror. Her body perfectly tone in a tight short dress barely covering a nice gradable behind. Petite feet in strapy heels that had my eyes travel up her long slender legs that I wish could be wrapped around me. Desire flared threw me so fast seeing those red plump lips part slightly as turquoise eyes locked on my chocolate ones. A sweetheart face framed in raven long hair with a curled strand teasingly brushing swells of creamy round breast. A oval locket on a silver chain nestled in between there nice valley.

Everything about her screamed dangerous to my ever turning mind with want. Blinking my eyes to simmer down the lust clouding my head. Having not once had a need to touch a women like I did for her. One so fiercely strong to taste.

“Let me guess, you didn’t want to wait in line for the woman’s bathroom.” Crossing my arms over my chest to help keep my hands from doing something stupid. A smirk pulling on my lips as she went back to looking into the mirror fixing the red on her lips.

“It’s absurd to when there’s a perfectly good one next to it.” Pressing her lips together then pushing them back out, seeing how perfectly they looked in the reflection for kissing.

“The men’s.” I said dryly watching her turned toward me, placing a hand on her hip in a manner of announce then in seduction, when that’s all I could see.

“And it’s not a crime to use the opposite sex’s bathroom.” She fired back now smiling fully, shaking my head seeing fire slowly rise in her eyes.

“It should be when you need fair warning walking in to a scene like this.” I breathed walking into a stall shutting it to do my business. Dropping my fly to relieve myself.

“Like what?” I heard her question, closing my eyes to the wonders on her voice. It was a very sweet tone that have a strength of arrogance in it. Almost like she knew she was smart but could talk freely to anyone of mind.

“Never mind.” Figuring she should have understood that easily when coming to a club with a attire that said fuck me.

“Is someone shy.” Her voice turning teasing as I groaned settling myself back in my pants, zipping them up and flushing the toilet.

“No, I’m being a gentlemen. Figured you wouldn’t want to watch me pee in the urinal.” I retorted dryly, coming out to wash my hands as I wondered why she was still in here. Her arms crossed with her hip resting on the edge of the counter, regarding me with curious eyes.

“You look troubled.” She mused, turning off the tap to dry my hands.

“That would be the understatement of the night for me.” I grumbled back, throwing away the paper towel. Only to plant my hands on the counter looking down to it.

What was I going to do once I left the bathroom. I really wanted to play a few tables. Many high rollers were here and I wanted to take some of there money. It would be fun to see there faces as I wiped in all the chips.

“Have no game tonight?” She said with a smile I could see in the corner of my eye.

“That would mean I would have played on one. But all these woman keep stopping me from getting to a table. Even after I tell them I’m with someone they don’t believe me.” Sliding my fingers threw my chocolate short strands as the black suit strained against the action. Noticing her eyes look over me but, nothing seemed to change in there appearance to give me anything. Just indifference that was surprisingly refreshing as I let out a long breath.

“I wouldn’t believe you either if your walking around alone.” She said dryly playfully glaring at her as her expression turned confused. “Wait, your talking about playing a literal game?” She asked standing straight, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“Ya I like to play cards but, it seems every which way I turn there is a woman stopping me.” Turning to lean back on the counter watching her arms cross under her breast. A position that made the flesh mounds raise a little more appealingly, only seeing it from the corner of my eye still.

“And all you want to do is play cards.” She continued in disbelief, titling my head towards her with a grin.

“That is what I said, isn’t it. Why are you looking at me like that?” Seeing her lips pressed together tightly as if to keep herself from laughing.

“It’s just funny is all.” Biting her lip as I crossed my arms now. My eyes flicking between her pearly white teeth and eyes that were captivating in color that I wondered if would changed in passion.

“What is so funny.” I clipped watching her sober slowly. Letting her arms down to only raise one out before me.

“Just that a handsome guy in a full black suit, perfectly tailored, has no interest in women. Your obviously dress the wrong part to not attract woman.” She explained seeing her eyes do a once over on me now grinning ear to ear.

“Oh I have an interest in women, just not the ones outside.” Finally seeing a reaction in her eyes as they dilated slightly, watching her lip curl in the corner.

“I left that open for you. Very smooth to take it.” Filling in the gap between us, taking my thin black tie in her hand softly flickering her eyes up to mine. “Do you really want to get rid of the woman pawing for you or do you just like the attention.” She continued in a soft voice as my eyes took in every detail of her. Every feature was perfectly tailored for my own taste as I found nothing I didn’t like. The slight graze of her breast along my chest and the innocent stance she took before me read one wrong move and she would be gone.

Gently titling a fraction towards her. “Honestly, I just want to play cards and maybe leave with one particular lady.”

“Hum... What if this lady doesn’t want to leave with anyone.” She breathed bringing her other hand softly up my torso, feeling every muscle harden underneath her touch.

“Then I would tell her to have a good night and hope to see another time.” I breathed just as softly, now feeling her a breath away from my lips.

“Then let’s see how the night goes. Maybe I could be persuaded.” She said right as her lips connected with mine.

Let me say. It felt like a fucking magnet of electricity once our lips touched.

I don’t think she realized it would feel that way, quickly pulling away just as fast.

But like hell I was going to let that be it. Grasping her hip and jaw, I captured her red plump lips hungrily. Hers doing the same as we moved together. Her arms going around my neck with fingers sliding threw the back of my hair, grasping it. Groaning, I plant my hands on both sides of her. Lifting her up, turning to place her on the counter.

Damn I loved the sound of her moan and the way her legs wrapped around me instantly. My imagination happening before me in more ways then one. Gently sliding my tongue over the sem of her lips. Her hands pulling on my hair suddenly had me groan. My anatomy tightening as she grinned against it eagerly. Parting my lips for her to sink into my mouth. A smile lifting on my lips that she was an aggressive woman taking control. Letting her pace the kiss deeper till I forced her back. Following into her, tasting sweet strawberry and champagne.

Pulling for air she kissed down my jaw and to my neck. My fingers digging into her hips as I felt the nibbles of her teeth. Bringing my nose to her hair smelling chemicals but a hint of cherry blossoms. It being my new favorite smell, finding the shell of her ear nibbling on it myself. Another moan leaving her lips as now I was beyond hard by everything she was doing to me. Lust and desire something I’ve never had to control. But it seemed tonight she was firing my blood easily with her mouth fastening over my neck, feeling her softly suck on it. The sensation shuttering threw my body wanting nothing more to suck a few sweet parts of her.

Then slowly she let go, sliding her tongue along my skin back up to my lips. With out hesitation I took them sharply. Sliding my tongue into her mouth to taste every part of her. One of my hands going into her hair to coil around my fingers. Her lips moving in sync with mine as if we were in tune to each other. Our body’s tightly held together feeling her squirm against mine just as aroused as I. Knowing she was wet for me if I went by the warmth of my pants slowly become drenched spot.

I don’t know how long we kissed for till we ran out of air again. Pulling apart, panting for a much needed breath. Her cheeks flush, no longer ruby red lips but pink plump ones swollen from our greedy kiss. Her eyes blown out to see specks of yellow like a sun around the center.

“Now you should have no problem with the woman coming after you.” Her voice husky pushing me back to slide off the counter. Straightening her dress as I wondered what she meant.

“What? How?” Watching her settle the neckline of her dress lower, exposing more of those beautiful mounts I craved to feel but, held myself back confused on what she had said.

“Look in the mirror, pretty boy.” Lifting on her toes once more with a peck to my cheek, quickly slipping out the bathroom leaving me in a slight daze onto what just transpired.

Turning to the mirror I instantly understood why. On my neck was a large red hickey. My hair looked thoroughly played with. Along with a smeared red lipstick on my lips. The rest of me was wrinkled and my pants in fact had a dark spot on them. In all I looked like I had just fuck the daylights out of someone. And right now I definitely wish I had seeing the tent in my pants.

Wait a second...

Looking to the door, reality set in.

She just fucking left me.

The little tease just left me in here!

Damn it!

She was dangerous.

Dangerous to my fuck mind. And damn she could kiss like no other. Her body I could almost still feel in my arms, perfection. Her soft moans still echoing in my ears and the feeling of her legs were like a ghost wrapped around me.


I was screwed if I didn’t find her. Because I had a feeling if I didn’t, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

With that thought I stepped out the door quickly. Women still lining the wall turned to me. Happily though looked away after a very distanced of disappointment. Smiling, I strutted out the hallway and back to the main room. My eyes scanning the dance floor for her. And I wasn’t disappointed.

In the middle of the crowed she stood dancing to the song that fit perfectly. Standing out in the sea of people by the way she moved her body to the beat. My eyes mesmerized, watching every dip, every sway of her hips with her hands sliding into her hair. Her eyes closed following the music perfect.

Unable to help myself. I made my way to the dance floor. The crowed slightly parting till I reached her. My hands sliding onto her hips from behind pulling her flush against me. A moan leaving her lips with her head falling back on me. Grinding against each other in a dance that wasn’t going to help my aroused state for her then it already was. My lips finding her neck as I peppered kisses along it till her head turned towards me taking those lips once again. But this time it was short lived as a giggle left her lips pulling away. A teasing smile on them waving away, sliding into the sea of people disappearing.

I had a feeling she was going to play hide and seek with me. I actually didn’t mind following the way she went but came up empty. For an hour I searched but found no raven hair beauty I was looking for.

Shit, what if she had left.

No, I wouldn’t have it.

I needed to find her.

But after another thirty minutes I found myself at the card tables. I had told her that’s what I wanted. Maybe she would come to me if I waited. I was playing a table with four other people. All of them wise poker players like myself. I played hand after hand. Keeping back as I felt out each one. I had always been good at reading people. Just a subtle movement to there cards. Once I had each of there movements categorized, I made my presence known to them.

“You got to be kidding me!” The older male yelled, standing with rage in his eyes as I had whipped the table clean of there chips.

“I never kid with cards. My name says it all. I’m an Ace at it.” I smirked pulling all my winnings towards my side staking them up.

“There’s no way you had a straight.” He continued being a sore looser as the rest of the table placed money down for more chips.

“If you can’t take a lose, then your at the wrong table.” I grinned back, seeing his eye twitch in anger.

“Your Ace Harper! You fucking prick! I’m going to ring your neck, boy!” Charging at me suddenly, holding up my hand with a finger. Seeing him pause before it.

“How about I loan you ten grand and you can try and win the rest back.” Watching his mind work with a grin slowly raising on his lips.

“Deal.” He said confidentially pushing over the chips for him. The moron was to loss more and now I had him in my debt.

We played a few hands letting him have a few wins. Stacking his chips again feeling he was winning. A few of the other players taking in the opportunity. Then when I was down to a few thousand.

“I guess you just had a good winning streak.” He grinned reflecting it back.

“Are you now feeling lucky?” Titling my head knowing now he felt he had me.

“Well I’m the one now with all your chips.” He chuckled to the table as they followed along.

“Lets make it interesting then. I go all in right now. Winner take pot, loser takes debt for the same amount. Sound fair.” I said slowly as his eyes flickered to his hand with a glint in his eyes keeping my expression neutral like threw out the whole game.

“All in.” He sneered, pushing all his chips into the center. The others folding as they didn’t want to get caught in a dead hand.

The dealer then placed out the rest of the cards. The guys face growing on the river. His eyes lighting with two cards he must have needed to win. But he was in for a reality check not once caring for what was on the table to begin with.

“Read them and weep.” He grinned. Throwing down a full house. Already greedily pulling in the chips before him.

“Sorry but, I think a royal flush trumps your full house.” Standing, nodding to the dealer as she pulled in all the chips to her side. Smartly counting them up and placing it into a black bag.

“You little shit!” He growled standing once again over the table towards me.

“How much is that dear.” Keeping eye contact, watching her drop in the last chip.

“Six hundred twenty-five thousand and eight hundred dollars sir.” Placing it on the table as I took it from her. Grabbing out a thousand dollar chip, flipping it to her.

“Now add the ten thousand I loaned you and that is now how much you owe me.” Grinning ear to ear seeing his face change a nice shade of red, turning to leave only to pause back to him. “Oh and you can make an appointment to drop it off to Prince Luciano in two weeks. Enough time for you to come up with the money.” Nodding my head to the dealer and stepping down from the table.

“You son of a bitch!” He growled.

“No, your mother just raised one.” Walking away smartly from the Texan man that I had a feeling wanted to take me outside and think I would meet his fist. But tonight I had other plans. It just seemed they didn’t want to work out so well thought.

“You look like your waiting for a good time.” The voice of Drake grinding on my ears as I turned to see his prey for the night. The second I did, I was livid.

Stepping back into the night club area, I spotted Drake talking up the raven beauty I had been searching for all night. A grimace on her face as Drake leaned into her. A little to friendly for my taste and it seemed she felt the same way. Not a second later after he leaned into kiss her he was meet with a resounding slap. His eyes narrowing, grasping her wrist tightly in control.

“Baby a week is all I need with you. Not that much of your time is needed.” He said arrogantly, watching her face contort in rage.

“I wouldn’t want to touch you for a day you rabid dog.” She roared having a enough of his man handling. Grasping his collar. pulling him away.

“The lady doesn’t want any of your useless time Drake. Nor does any other. So why don’t you put that tail between your legs and walk away. You know what will happen if you don’t.” Narrowing my eyes sharply on his as he knew I meant business knowing who I was.

“She’s the one asking for it... Fucking tease.” He grumbled turning to her as he whined.

“Are you okay.” Letting Drake drop to the ground to cup her face, looking over her quickly.

“Nothing I haven’t handled before.” She breathed not liking the answer but, took it only to groan.

“Harper! We’re going to finish this out side like men!” The Texan man yelled, coming into the dance area locking eyes on mine.

“Another friend of yours?” Seeing a teasing smile on her lips, guessing she knew that answer anyways.

“Differently not. Just a very sore losers. Drake keep this safe for me will you.” Throwing the bag into his lap as I took her hand. “Are you now persuaded enough to leave with me?” I questioned gazing into her eyes, then flickered to the man that was slowly making his way towards me threw the thick crowed.

“Will it be an adventure I’ll live threw?” She asked hesitantly only making a devious smile spread on my lips.

“Oh you’ll live.” Not waiting a second later to move after, seeing her lips spread into a promiscuous grin.

Quickly I parted the crowed threading my finger threw hers to keep her with me. The front doors in sight as the raging man roared behind us. Her giggles infectious making it out to the valet.

“Keys!” I yelled to one as he hastily grasp them from the hook, throwing them too me. Catching them in one hand I ran toward my black bike. Sliding the key into the ignition. Instantly hoping on.

“How did I not guess this.” She giggled grasping the helmet.

“Put this on.” Raising it over her head to slide it on, securing it under her chin.

“Harper! Your not getting away!” The Texan burst threw the doors, getting on my bike with a thunderous roar to the engine.

“Actually I am.” Feeling the girl slide on behind me, smartly wrapping her arms around my waist. “Can’t wait to see you in two weeks. Enjoy the rest of your night.” I chuckled revving the engine and taking off into New York’s midnight streets.

The sound of laughter filled my ears as I maneuvered around cars. Going threw all lights but, still safely at the speed I was clutching at. Making turn after turn till I made it to our destination. Pulling up slowly to the lone car park. Killing the engine as the sounds of waves filled the night.

“So you take me to the ocean I see.” Feeling her slide off, turning to grasp the helmet placing it behind me.

“The sound of the waves has always been very calming to me.” Kicking out the stand on the bike getting off myself.

“Well it was a good place to start with.” She mused bending down to unbuckled her shoes.

“Start with you say?” I chuckled sliding my hands into the pockets of my pants watching her.

“The night is still young.” She giggled taking her heels fully off and skipping down the stairs to the rocky sand.

Chuckling with a shake of my head I followed her. Sliding off my shoes and socks, placing them beside hers. Walking down I could see she had already made it to the water. Her petite feet fully submerged with a large smile on her pink plump lips.

“I can imagine it’s cold.” I said loud enough over the roar of waves crashing onto the rocks.

“It’s actually just right!” She called back, kicking the water high into the air to spray onto me.

“Was that deliberate to get me wet?” Grinning taking a few step towards her as a small smile spread on her lips.

“Maybe.” She said sheepishly stepping further back into the water.

“Don’t think going deeper in the water will detour me from coming after you. I’m not opposed to getting wet.” Seeing her bite that plump bottom lip, giving a squeal as I rushed after her. My hands grasping her hips easily lifting her into the air.

“That’s not fair.” She pout that looked adorable for the first time on a woman’s face. Letting her drop a foot closer to my lips.

“Life isn’t always fair when God made a woman that could tease me so easily as you do.” I countered, seeing the shake of her head with a blushing smile.

“That’s all the ammunition we get against your strength that can only be weakened by our sensuality.” Sliding her arms around my neck, pressing her breast further against my chest.

“Not true when you have an intelligent mind. You can out whit us too.” I retorted with a grin that had her turquoise eyes sparkling with mirth.

Slowly she leaned ever closer. Those mesmerizing eyes flickering between my own chocolate ones and lips. With her hot sweet breath softly caressing my skin. “And many other things.” As a ghost of a smile raised on her lips suddenly getting out of my grasp to splash into the truly cold water. “Now that you’ve persuaded me to leave with you is this all you had in mind?”

Kicking up the water at me playfully. Thinking of many other places in New York I could take her. One standing out that would be perfect. “Then take my hand and I’ll show you another side to this city.” Holding it out for her to do just that.

Hers fitting perfectly in my large one that warmed instantly to my touch. Going up the stairs, I held her hand as she slide on her shoes once more. Putting on mine, then hopping back onto the bike. Roaring the engine to life and back onto the city streets. Weaving in and out of cars till I came to a lone ally way. Going in between the two closely bricked buildings and parking under a metal staircase on the side.

“Where have you taken me this time?” She questions sliding off the bike handing me the helmet.

“You’ll see.” Getting off myself to round the bike jumping into the air to grasp the ladder that lead to the staircase. “Ladies first.”

She could see the mischief I had in my eyes mirroring hers. Eagerly climbing up following behind happily. “Don’t look to hard or you my hurt yourself.” Hearing her giggle knowing all I could see was her perfect heart shape behind before me. The black dress at moments not covering up much to see a glimpse of purple lace underneath.

“It’s defiantly hard to look away.” Smiling cheekily to her playful narrowing eyes that was thrown over her shoulder. Climbing the low stairs five stories up. Both of us quiet as can be to the top as we passed the sleeping residents balconies.

“Wow...” Coming to the top too see what was hidden up here.

Standing behind I watched as she took in the beautiful art work on the ground. A mosaic tile work of brilliant colours laid beneath her feet. Sculptures of modern art stood tall around the middle with a large pillow bed in the center. A few potted plants scattered around not untouched by delicately placed tiles along its surface.

“Wow this is amazing! So much work and time went into creating all this.” She breathed walking over what appeared to be a stream of colourful fish to a depiction of a white dove caring a beautiful flower to the sky. Along the walls the sky line of New York’s different views and central park. Everything miraculously placed coming to the center of a swirl of colours under the large pillows. Happily sitting down to look up to the glittering stars above.

“I actually found this place by chance once.” Pointing up to a tall building a few blocks down covered in glass windows. “I was at a meeting with my boss when I spotted this place. This is actually my first time being here and seeing it up close.” Looking around for myself seeing how much it has grown sense last year.

“So your saying we’re trespassing right now.” Pointing to both of us walking towards her.

Leaning down before her. “We better be quite then.” I smiled softly seeing hers lift further in excitement. Turning to sit and lay down beside her gazing up at the stars.

We sat for a while in silence taking in everything around us. Feeling comfortable in just each others presence. Seeing a slight shiver of her body leaning forward instantly to slide off my jacket. “Your getting cold. Here take my jacket.” Draping it over her shoulders receiving a blushing smile from her as she pulled it closer.

“Thank you. You know what we should do.” She voiced suddenly seeing that blush raise once again in the moons glowing light. “Even if it makes me sound like a kid.” She trailed looking even more innocent then when I had first seen her.

“I’m already wondering how you got into the club seeing as you must be fifteen or sixteen at most.” I reflected hearing her sigh pulling her knees up closer to her.

“My sister Morgan has her connection.” She breathed having my head snap to her in shock. As I could see so far were polar opposite in looks and personality.

“Please say your not related.” Standing instantly to gaze over her.

“Step sister.” Noticing a kick to her lip at my reaction.

“Thank God.” Relief flooding me that there was no way they could be fully related. Her obviously getting the better genes from the opposite parent.

“Anyways as I was starting out with. On cold night like theses theirs only one thing you should get is hot coco.” Only thinking how adorable she looked just thinking about the delicious drink that sounded like her favorite.

“It’s one now. What place would be open at this time still.” Glancing to my watch to see the hands pointing one o’two now.

“I know the best place that’s open twenty-four hours.” Grinning at her suddenly excitement holding out my hand that she happily took.

“Tell me the streets and your wish is my command.” Giving them happily as I knew where that was. Pulling her back to the stairs seeming just in time as one of the owners lights came on in the apartment. Now rushing down to the bottom laughing as they yelled at us hooligans apparently to my bike. Hopping on and speeding off back into the city streets.

It didn’t take long till I stop beside the curb. Parking the bike a few shops down. The place seemed to be a hot spot even this late at night. The smell of fresh donuts traveling in the air sliding off the bike to head towards the front. Her taking the lead of ordering for both of us with whip cream and nutmeg sprinkled on top. Only moments later for both hot cups placed before us, paying the guy and to keep the change. Heading back out on the sidewalk as all the tables were taken inside.

“So I’m guessing you’ve lived in New York for a while?” I asked seeing her confidentially walk along the street as if she had done this a million times. Taking a sip of her drink with a smile surprising myself by how good it was. Not being one to like whip cream to begin with.

“I lived here in the city up until two years ago. My father telling my mother and I to move into a better area. I for one miss the hussel and bussel of the city compared to the quite neighborhood we live in now.” She explained being able to relate a bit.

“So a true city girl. I myself love the city life too. Originally born in South Carolina and then I moved here a while ago.” Seeing her eyes light up as we started to talk about ourselves. Loving everything I heard about her. Sharing a lot of likes and dislikes with her calling me crazy about whip cream. Divulging my uncanny dislike for its creamy texture. Loving her laughter that seemed to easily provoke my own.

The night not too cold, sipping on our hot chocolate. Walking along the side walk in a big circle around the shops. Only a few still open of being a pizzeria and ice cream parlor. My brothers favorite place, a Chinese take out restaurant I ordered from some times that we passed by too. Making it back to my bike just as a bicyclist flew right by us, making our cups splash with the last of its contents on us to get out of the way.

“Fucking prick! Not even apologizing.” I yelled, only to hear her soft giggles. Whipping the droplets of chocolate from her chest to the ground.

“It’s fine. This isn’t even my dress.” Looking her up and down again, only thinking of one other person that would wear something so revealing and body hugging.

“Let me guess, Morgan’s?” Lifting my chocolate splashed shirt from my skin that was becoming sticky by the second.

“How’d you know?” Noticing her pull the dress down further that wasn’t doing much to cover anything.

“It has fuck me written all over it.” Pulling my jacket that was still on her closed to hide those breast she was showing more of every time she fixed her dress. Any second I had a feeling they were to just pop out. Even though I didn’t mind much but had a feeling she might.

“Morgan said the same thing. She had to drag me out of the house literally to keep me in it. And it being skin tight doesn’t help it now covered in chocolate.” She grumbled clinching her legs together to keep warm with her arms crossed before her.

“My apartment isn’t far from here. I can give you some cloths and wash the dress. Even take a shower if you like.” Handing her the helmet that she took with a raised eyebrow.

“That sounds like a good idea right now. I’m freezing.” Placing it on her head as I slide on to the bike. Her hands going around my waist turning it on.

It didn’t take long to get to the underground parking structure. Turning off the bike to feel her slide off. Doing the same as well and taking her helmet with a brilliant smile. Noticing on hers that looked playful.

“It seems events of tonight are turning you into a lucky man.” She voiced taking her hand and walking towards the elevator.

“Don’t worry, I don’t expect to get lucky tonight.” Pressing the bottom only for the doors to open a moment later.

“To bad, that’s exactly what I was expecting.” She said disappointingly stepping into the elevator seeing her turn facing me with a mischievous smile.

“You know, you shouldn’t tease a man that’s been on the edge sense our heated kiss in the bathroom.” Placing my hands on the metal doors. Keeping them open as I watched her unbutton the jacket to fall apart. Her creamy breast coated with a sheen of chocolate sliding her hands out along the elevator bars. Long tone legs pressed together in those sexy black heels. In all she looked like she was putting herself on display for my eyes to feast upon. Only to fully harden by the husky voices the lured me in like a siren.

“Who said I was teasing.” Her eyes darkening with a slight bite to her bottom lip.

And I was a goner.

Dropping my arms form the door only to grasp her tightly to my body. My lips capturing hers as all the pent up hunger from earlier was released. Her fingers once again going into my hair. My hands sliding down to round her ass only to lift her in the air. Her legs wrapping around my hips. Completely lost in kissing her.

“I think you need to press a button to go up.” She breathed in between, pulling away for a moment to press the top floor. Instantly going back to her lips.

The elevator finally going up till the ding rang out for my floor. Feeling her slide down. Pushing me back and out the elevator. Slamming against the hall wall sinking my fingers into her soft raven hair. Tilting her head back to deepen the kiss further. Only to pull back moments later to look around. Seeing the direction I needed, grasping her hand to pull her to my door. Giggles leaving her lips as I hastily dug into my pants for the key. Finding it and opening the door.

She was once again in my arms. Slamming the door shut with her body only to leave it, peeling off my jacket to the floor. Her own fingers working at the buttons of my shirt discarding it in the same manor as we made it to my room. The only light coming inside from the floor to ceiling windows of the city.

“Damn, your just straight muscle aren’t you?” She mused running her fingers over my stomach. Making my muscles tighten by how good it felt against my skin. Soft and assured taking a hold of my belt buckle, grasping her wrist quickly.

“Not so fast, I want to lick that sweet chocolate off first.” Doing just that to skim my lips across her cheek and down her neck.

A breathy moan leaving her lips as I let my tongue glide along her thundering vein. My hands molding her body to my own. Locking my lips to where her neck and shoulder meet. Feeling her go soft in my arms. Her head going back as my fingers found the seem of her dress pulling the zipper down her back. Feeling the dress slowly loosen to lick along the chain of her necklace to the middle of her breast. Chocolate coating my taste buds with another unique flavor that was of her skin. The skimpy black dress falling to the floor as we took steps towards the bed. Pushing her back gently once her legs hit the mattress. Falling back, now seeing exactly what the dress was hiding.

“Damn your beautiful.” Her body was perfection. Unblemished as if she had never been in the sun before. Sexy purple lace held those round breast with the same fabric thinly around her hips. “So perfect. Where have you been all my life?” Her skin flush with raven hair spiraled upon the white sheets.

“I’m here now, aren’t I.” She replied huskily sliding up the bed more to the pillow. Grinning as I placed my hands on the bed before her.

“Yes you are.” Crawling up to plant a kisses to the inside of her thigh. A moan leaving her lungs as the same leg moved to kiss further up. My tongue licking up from her belly button to in between her breast. Only to capture her lips as I covered her with my own body.

I was lost in just kissing her. Those legs bending to tighten on my hips. Dropping my weight on her lower half, provoking another moan. Her lips parting as my tongue came out, groaning at the mixed taste of her mouth.

Chocolate and other flavors assaulted my senses. Her fingers crawling up my back as I moved against her. My belt buckle rubbing against her bud of nerves. While one of my hands went down between us, hearing her gasp when my fingers slide under the thin lace. So warm and wet as her legs parted for me. Running my fingers along her soft flesh, pulling from my lips hearing her pant.

Her eyes tightly closed, invested in the sensations I triggered in her curvy body. Moments later rocking in a motion to grind against my fingers for more. Plump pink lips red from being abused by our kisses parted in pleasure.

Kissing down to her neck as I parted her drenched folds to sink a finger inside of her. Another gasp leaving her lungs as she clenched around me. Becoming ridged for a second. Bringing my thumb to her bud of nerves to stroke. Feeling her once again relax and move in the rhythm she had created, going in and out. Sinking another finger in on a moan. Moving down her feverish body to kiss to one round breast.

My eyes flicking up to her hooded ones. Using my teeth to free a pink nipple. Her eyes widening when I sucked the hardened tip into my mouth. My fingers once again clinched as a moan left her in pleasure. Continuing my assault of my fingers in and out of her with my thumb now relentless. Feeling her now grind against my hand as she became closer to release. Moving to the other nipple, give it just the same attention.

Her body shuddering, letting it free to watch her come apart before me. Her moan so loud it filled the room. Her hands fisting the sheets as she raised from the bed. A look of pure bliss on her face being the most erotic and rewarding expression to see in my life. The smile that lifted her lips, one I would remember to see her eyes open to the brightest blue I’ve ever seen.

But it didn’t last long to see as she pulled my face to her. Capturing my lips savagely. Small fingers going to my belt as this time I let her. My length harder then ever before, springing forth as it was finally released. Groaning when she wrapped them around it, so warm and soft compared to myself.

Not waiting another second I unclasped her bra, marveling at there bouncing released. Beautiful breast, fuller then I had thought. Taking one pink nipple into my mouth as I felt her kick off her underwear. now becoming impatient to be inside of her.

“Condom.” She breathed, glad one of had remembered because I didn’t think I could hold back. Turning to my side draw, searching around for one in it.

“I’ll be right back.” Getting up to the bathroom. Trying to remember were one was. I never brought anyone to my apartment and I wasn’t one to have one night stands like my boss. Searching everywhere and in my closet threw my cloths.

Finally I found one in one of my jackets. Remembering when Lawrence had handed me one thinking I would use it that night when he gave it to me months ago. Well now it would be used, tearing the package as I came out. Pausing to admire her in the moonlight. Marking every detail to memory.

“Whats wrong?” Leaning forward as she snapped me out of my thoughts. Sliding the condom on to crawl over her, capturing her lips in a deep kiss.

“Nothing can possible be wrong right now. I was just mesmerizing every perfect curve and soft smooth skin to memory. Its as if you’ve never been touched by the world. So perfect of any imperfections.” Feeling her hands wrap around my neck to draw me in closer to her.

“How about you fuck me and mesmerized make me feel good again too.” She said against my ear, only to nip it. Sending tingles of pain and pleasure to my groin. Lining myself up with her entrance that I could feel was still drenched from her orgasm moments ago.

“With pleasure.” Taking her lips as I thrust into her to hear her yelp in pain. Her body suddenly clinching around me stiff, pulling back to see tears in her eyes.

“Shit! Why didn’t you say something?” Seeing her skin turn deathly pale by the sudden sharp pain. Her entrance so tight it was suffocating to my length and size. Tingles shooting up my back by how good it felt to be inside of her, a wonder on how I had stilled so fast. But I knew why by the sudden pain that took hold of her in one blunt force, widening her walls that have never been done before.

“Please don’t stop. I didn’t tell you because I thought it wouldn’t be as painful.” Seeing right away that she was, stilling as much as I could not to hurt her further.

“But you acted...”

“I know, I just. I wanted to loose my virginity to someone I choose.” She said quickly, licking her lips and whipping away her tears. Tightly holding both my arms on either side of her up.

“And you chose me?” Now completely confused, watching her hand come up to curse my jaw softly. Groaning by the way her touch made me feel. Even with the shock my manhood unfazed as she raised to rub herself against me.

“Please don’t stop. It doesn’t hurt now.” Kissing the corner of my lips, turning to look into those turquoise eyes.

“Are you sure?” Seeing her now fall back to the pillow with a nod of her head. Moving gently in hesitation, glad to feel her body relax further as she became comfortable under me. Slowly becoming used to my thrust inside of her.

Gently I lowered to kiss her lips softly. Moving in and out gently as she become familiar to the new sensation. Her hands going up my arms and around my shoulders. A moan leaving her lips as she rocked against me. Finding a rhythm as she became more slick as I thrust into her. Hearing her moans and pants of pleasure in my ear picking up my pace. Bring on my own build of pressure finding a rhythm that felt amazing.

I wanted to be gentle, trust me I tried. But it was like my body was listening to hers, begging for more. Her nails digging into my back that was a painful pleasure. One of my hands sliding down to plum on round globe that lifted her further against me. Creating a new angle that was deeper and seemed to be just right. Our skin become slick with sweet as we slide against one another for a build up of pleasure.

“Oh Fuck! Don’t stop!” She cried, unable to even if I wanted. Tingles raking my body as it pooled in my groin.

Her walls clinching around me that felt beyond amazing till I couldn’t hold it anymore. Slamming into her hard just as she screamed. Tightening around me like a vice. Milking every drop of my release as she pulsed around me. Feeling lighter and amazing by the second only to collapse in exhaustion. Sliding my arms under her as not to crush her with my full weight. Both of us panting heavily as I felt the sweat dripping off us.

“Now I understand why so many of my friends love sex.” She breathed chuckling, pulling out of her to roll over and bring her into my side.

“I guaranty it’s nothing like that.” Taking my free hand to slide off the condom, looking over to throw it into a waste bin beside by my night stand.

“Why do you say that?” Feeling her turn to look up to me, bringing a large grin to my face. Her hair a mess, with plump red lips now, framed by pink cheeks appearing satisfyingly fucked.

Or should I say loved?

Because that wasn’t just fucking.

No, fucking was hard and uncaring. Just a cheap way of feeling quick meaningless pleasure.

This was something more as I looked into her eyes. What we just did, didn’t feel meaningless. Never once loosing control blindly to thoroughly pleasure someone else’s urges.

That’s exactly what I felt, was working up her pleasure to sparked my own. Not having to work for a release that just came naturally and that was a whole other level of cumming. It felt euphoric and special. Even more so that she had given herself to me.

“Because I think I’m already falling in love with you.” I breathed watching her till up fully facing me with a curious expression.

“Are you sure?” Biting her lip hesitantly flickering her eyes to my chest.

Raising my hand to her cheek to bring those expressive eyes back to mine. “I’m sure.” Pulling her closer to me to kiss her softly. Glad to see a cute blush on her cheeks as she pulled away.

“Well then, I think I’m falling in love with you too.” Feeling her hand slide over my chest to line up with my hand to lock our fingers together.

“Well aren’t we a pair then.” Making her giggle brightly as if she was glowing inside by how big her smile was.

“We are now. I need to sleep though. That was a work out for sure. Sex is a very rewarding activity.” She mused snuggling into my side till her whole body was perfectly close as possible against me.

“In more ways then one, angel.” Kissing her forehead as I tighten my arm around her. Closing my eyes in bliss for the first time to sleep with someone in my arms.

Nothing felt better then this right now and the prospects of waking up in this large bed with someone even sweeter.

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