Oakleaf Academy For Boys (BxB)

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twenty six



“Are you angry at your parents?” Quinn asked lazily. “Y’know, for giving you up.”

Kit sighed and slouched in his chair, balancing on the two back legs. They were sat in maths, side by side, their thighs occasionally brushing together. “I try not to think about it.”

Quinn nodded hesitantly. “I’m sorry.”

“Why?” Kit scoffed.

“I’m just sorry.”

“Okay...I accept your apology?” Kit rolled his eyes, pretending to focus on the equation in front of him.

Quinn watched him sadly before focussing on his own work, nudging his boyfriend with his knee. “Kit?”

“Yes, Quinny?” Kit sighed.

“What happens when we get out?”

“We live our lives.” He replied simply. “It’ll be over. This place won’t exist to us anymore.”

“Will we be over?” Quinn asked timidly, biting his lip nervously.

Kit chuckled and turned to look into Quinn’s big childlike eyes. “No.” He said plainly.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Kit rolled his eyes. “Wanna go to the greenhouse today?”

Quinn grinned and nodded enthusiastically. “I’ll meet you there after lessons.”

“Fucking hell, Quinny, you don’t have to be so good all the time. Let’s just skip.”

Quinn hesitated for a moment, his cheeks flushing. He wished he was able to break the rules more often, but something was always holding him back. Something that made him reluctant to step too far out of line. “You’ve met my parents. What would they think?”

“Does it matter?” Kit scoffed. “They’re not here. Forget about them. Do something for yourself.”

Quinn finally agreed and the two boys headed straight for the greenhouse the second their maths lesson was over. They zigzagged through halls of rowdy boys, passed a fight and eventually made it out into the fresh, crisp air. The wet grass clung to their shoes and the clouds above mumbled with the sound of an oncoming storm as they crossed the grounds to reach the small glass hut nestled on the edge of the woods.

Their noses were pink and their cheeks freezing by the time they finally made it. Once the door was shut, they glanced at each other with almost unreadable expressions. Kit’s eyes glinted with hunger, his lip curling into a smirk as he strode forward and hooked his fingers into Quinn’s belt loops, pulling him impossibly close. “It’s been too long.” He whispered into Quinn’s ear, their cold cheeks pressed together.

Quinn gulped in excitement, tingles of electricity running down his spine. Kit was right, it had been far too long since they had done anything intimate together. Recently, they’d been focusing on the relationship side of things. Talking and laughing and playing card games. They’d been napping in each other’s arms and doing homework together. But not sex. They hadn’t done that for a while. It was almost as if both boys were trying to prove that they were more than just their bodies. As if they were trying to prove that they could exist without relying entirely on sex.

And now they knew they could, they were eager to get back into old habits. Kit tugged on the other boy’s tie to undo it as Quinn just stood there, blank and fuzzy. He wasn’t registering what was happening as Kit began to kiss down his neck and fiddle with the buttons of his shirt. He eventually managed to pull himself together and hastily grabbed onto Kit’s top to try and take it off. “Steady on.” Kit snorted, pulling away with a grin to take his blazer off and let it fall to the ground.

“Sorry.” Quinn blushed and leant forward to connect their frozen lips, cold and chilling. Both of them were shivering and shuddering in the harsh weather, until Quinn finally spoke up, “Look, mate, I’m not being funny but I’m freezing my arse off. Can we keep our clothes on?”

Kit grunted in annoyance, “Fine.”

Quinn rose his brows, “What, you want to get hyperthermia?”

“No, I want to see you naked.” He corrected seductively. “You have a nice body and I miss seeing it.”

Quinn smiled lightly to himself and fumbled with Kit’s belt. “Shut up.” He whispered embarrassedly. He was ashamed to admit how much Kit’s compliments still affected him, even after all this time he still got butterflies, his cheeks still glowed red and his heart still began to beat faster in his chest. “I miss your body too.” He slipped a cold hand up Kit’s untucked shirt and traced his tight abs with his fingertips.

Kit grabbed Quinn’s wrist and halted his movements before nudging him up against the wall, kicking away an old plant pot in his path. Soon, Quinn was panting and moaning as hickeys begun to stain his neck and blossom from his clear, pale skin. He was at Kit’s mercy, just like always, begging for more and whimpering when he didn’t receive enough attention.

“Fuck, I love you.” He hissed, falling to his knees and tugging at Quinn’s belt buckle.

Lucky was staring at his friend incredulously. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Pup.”

Benji laughed and propped himself up onto a table, “I know what you’re thinking—”

“That you’re insane?” Lucky leant back against a bookcase and it creaked with his weight. “Benji, you can’t run a library.”

“I can, Lucky.” He promised. “It’s the best distraction I’ve got in here. It’s this or drugs.”

“Then do drugs.” Lucky shrugged. “It’s a shit ton easier than this.”

Benji rolled his eyes, “Diesel will help.”

“Don’t you think you’re putting too much faith in this relationship?” Lucky asked curiously, collapsing into the librarian’s chair behind the desk and beginning to play with the ancient computer.

Benji glanced up from the handful of books in his arms, “I really like him.” He admitted bashfully.

“I know. And that’s great. But it’s early days, Pup. Things change all the time, this could just be one of those month-long relationships you won’t even remember in a years time.”

“But what if it’s not?” Benji replied softly, filing books into shelves alphabetically. He’d barely even scratched the surface of cleaning the place up; there was still broken glass and debris on the floor, dusty books and ripped up paper littering ever surface. “He makes me happy. I need that.”

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t date him. If you tell me you’re happy then I believe you. Just...keep the expectations low, yeah? Always prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Benji scoffed, “And that’s what you did with Steel?”

“’Course.” Lucky shrugged. “The higher the expectations, the further to fall. At least if I keep them low, it’s not as heart wrenching, right?”

Benji just laughed to himself, “I mean...I guess. But how can you enjoy something if you’re holding back?”

Lucky just waved him off and began flicking through a crinkled magazine sitting on the desk. “So, Diesel’s gonna help you clear this place up?”

“Yeah. He said he would.” Benji nodded, carefully stepping over some glass.

“I suppose it’s a good...uh, bonding experience?”

“I know you think I’m crazy—”

“Only partly.”

“But I like Diesel. And that’s all there is to it.”

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