Oakleaf Academy For Boys (BxB)

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Quinn was gasping for air as Kit’s strong arms held his hips in place, restricting his movements. A moan bubbled up his throat and Kit paused momentarily, slamming his hand over the smaller boy’s mouth. “Be quiet.” He hissed, his other hand trailing back down to his bare waist.

Kit continued to rock his hips rhythmically as Quinn pressed down against him, his arms wrapped around the nape of his neck for support. He whined and whimpered as his nerves buzzed with adrenaline and pleasure shot up his spine. He was panting and trying his best not to moan when Kit finally took his hand away from Quinn’s mouth. He wanted to tell him go harder, but knew it was pointless. This is how Kit liked it.

He’d never even dream of being rough with the boy, which was ironic considering his clear disinterest in Quinn unless he was fucking his brains out. He practically pretended he didn’t exist. But then they were caught up in the moment and Kit would pour everything he had into making sure Quinn was happy and comfortable. It didn’t make sense. And Quinn hated it.

“Oh, fuck, Kit.” Quinn winced, feeling a heavy bundle of bliss build at the pit of his stomach as he arched his back off the bed.

Kit swooped down to plaster his lips onto the other boy’s neck, softly kissing up and down as his hand slipped between them, inching towards Quinn’s neglected crotch. Soon, their pants and stifled moans grew thick and they both grunted as one final jolt of pleasure shook them to their core.

“Holy shit.” Quinn grumbled, running his fingers through his messy hair, trying to neaten it up a little. Kit groaned as he peeled away, quickly cleaned himself up and started getting dressed. Quinn tried to push down that familiar feeling of sadness as he watched the taller boy leave him once more. He sat up from his position on the bottom bunk, using the covers to partially hide his naked body. “You leaving?”

“No, I’m staying here with you and your psycho roommate.” Kit scoffed sarcastically. “What else would I be doing?”

“Diesel won’t be back for at least another hour. You can stay...if you want.” He added self consciously, wrapping his arms around himself mindlessly.

“Why would I do that?” Kit asked in genuine curiously as he buttoned up his jeans, his chocolate skin glistening with sweat. “You want another round?”

Quinn sighed in exasperation, “No. Not everything is about sex—”

“Course it is, Starr.” He contradicted. “That’s why I’m here.”

“But we don’t—”

“You’re not catching feelings, are you?” Kit demanded sharply, his eyes narrowing. “Because you know we have to stop if you are.”

“No.” Quinn snapped, yanking his boxers up and slipping out of bed. “That would be stupid. I could never fall for such a dickhead.”

Kit smiled sweetly, messing up Quinn’s light locks, “Good.” He congratulated patronisingly. “Because without our little meetings, I genuinely think I’d go insane.”

He meant it too. The only girls around were wrinkled old teachers who wore sour expressions and clothes from the eighties. His deal with Starr was the only thing keeping him going. He knew Starr felt the exact same way and it was a relief to know he wasn’t leading anyone on. They shared a strict no-strings-attached relationship and it worked. It worked perfectly.

Quinn sighed heavily as Kit leant forward to peck him on the cheek teasingly. And then he left.

He never meant to feel this way. It just happened. One minute he saw Kit as an object, a sex toy, a thing. And the next, it feels like a part of his soul is being torn away every time Kit leaves. He wanted him to stay and chat and laugh and kiss like a real couple. And whenever his thoughts ran away with him, he’d have to kick himself. They were friends with benefits. That’s it.

Hell, they weren’t even friends.

As Kit shut the door behind him, he smiled dulcetly to himself. He knew he shouldn’t go near Starr. If Diesel ever found out what he was doing with his best friend, he’d be beaten to a pulp. But damnit, Starr was the best fuck he’d ever had. He’d risk it.

As he glided past to get to his own room, he brushed against a new boy he didn’t recognise. Blue hair and silver eyes, standing out like a sore thumb in a place like this. He looked him up and down, not bothering to hide his clear curiosity before shoving past in disinterest.

Lucky watched the boy disappear down the corridor before continuing to his dorm, running his fingers through his wet curls. He’d just come from the shower, trying to drown out his messy thoughts with the sound of pounding water. His first day of lessons had been uneventful. He showed up to classes, silently endured lessons, ate by himself at lunch and returned to his room straight after. Lucky found that if you treated it like normal school, you’d slowly manage to trick your mind into believing it.

Once he’d fiddled with his key for a few moments, he twisted it in the lock and pushed the door open, only to freeze straight after. Steel was getting changed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers as he rummaged through his drawers. Lucky stared at the toned abs and twitching muscles of his roommate, trying his hardest to rip his eyes away.

“Fucking hell, stop doing that!” Steel scolded the second he heard the door click shut again. “What did I tell you about knocking?”

As he turned around and a pair of flaming eyes met his, Lucky was able to quickly compose himself. “I live here too, you know?” He snapped back. “I’m not going to knock every time I need to get in.”

“Well, I was here first.”

Lucky scoffed, “How old are you?” He spat, sarcasm lacing his words. “If you don’t want me seeing you naked, change in the fucking bathroom.”

“Or I can just drag a mattress in there and you could stay there instead.” He shot back. “This is not working at all, you’re a terrible roommate.”

He gritted his teeth, “Fine. Do it, you twat.” He retaliated.

Steel stared at him blankly for a moment before marching over to the bed and ripping Lucky’s mattress off the frame. Lucky watched in horror as Steel dragged it effortlessly to the tiny toilet and shoved it in. It barely fit, the edges were all squashed up against the walls of the small room and it took up the entirety of the floor. “There. Now stop bothering me.”

Lucky was shaking with pent up rage, looking for a way to release it on the unsuspecting boy. He’d never met someone so far up their own arse before, he wanted to rip Steel’s throat out. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He hissed, his voice trembling with anger. “I’ve done nothing wrong, you arsehole!”

“You exist.” He shrugged, as if that was reason enough to hate him. “And you’re annoying as fuck, alright?”

“You think that ’cause I’m smaller and weaker, I can’t fight back?”

Steel scoffed, “Yeah, pretty much.”

He didn’t want to admit that the reason he couldn’t bare to even look at Lucky was because he reminded him of someone he once loved.

And he knew that if he let himself get too close to the boy, history would repeat itself.

Without waiting another second to shoot daggers at the taller of the pair, Lucky spun on his heels and marched right out the room. He was sure he’d left a trail of heat in the wake of his fuming state of mind by the time he reached the end of the hall. He paused, his legs grinding to a halt before turning around and walking straight back the way he came. He repeated the process until he was pacing back and forth, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides.

Benji’s first day of lessons had been a nightmare. It seemed he’d gained his own nickname in only a day; Pup. In this case, he wasn’t sure Kit’s advice applied. Kit talked about nicknames as if they were poison on your tongue. They’re dangerous. And yet, here he was, with the most pathetic name ever.

He was surprised when no one even attempted to bother him. There were a few sneers, a couple of nasty looks and handful of poorly planned insults. But not a single person laid a finger on him. And he knew why. It was because of Kit. They were all too concerned about what he would do to them if they tried something - Benji had never felt more grateful towards an almost-stranger in his entire life.

He’d been reading in his room. The Shining. He wasn’t a fan of anything scary and he hated everything to do with horror. He was forcing himself to read it in a measly attempt to toughen himself up. Unfortunately, the effort only resulted in Benji becoming terrified to even walk down an empty corridor alone.

When Kit reentered the room, he was wearing a stony expression and Benji couldn’t help but notice his ruffled clothes and scruffy hair. He’d left half an hour ago, his uniform appearing to be perfectly in check - not that he wasn’t already looking a little rough and unkempt. But now, he looked like he’d just been rolling around outside.

“Hey.” Benji squeaked quietly, still shy around the new acquaintance. He knew Kit was nice to a certain extent, but had yet to figure out what that extent was.

“Hi.” He mumbled back, “How was it?” He asked vaguely.

Benji nodded lightly, knowing that Kit was referring to his first day, “It was okay.” He lied. He hated every second of it.

“No one gave you a hard time?”

“Not really.”

He nodded in understanding. He was distant and detached, his body still recovering from his session with Starr. His mind was flashing with images of murky green eyes and parted lips, almost wishing he’d taken Starr up on his offer to stay a little longer. He wasn’t at all interested in hanging out with the boy, but knew it’d inevitably end in sex. A second round might’ve been a good idea after all. “You should head to the showers now before it gets too busy.” He advised Benji. “It gets pretty crowded in there after dinner.”

Benji nodded and smiled in a friendly manner before dropping his book and grabbing a towel. The corridor was empty when he exited he room, save one boy furiously marching up and down the hall. Benji knew that to survive in here, you had to keep your head down and your mouth shut, and yet, against his better judgement, he glanced up and innocently asked, “Are you okay?”

A pair of silver eyes met his, glistening with rage, his blue hair damp and curly, “What?” He snapped.

Benji flinched a little, but tried to maintain his composure, “Are you okay?” He repeated calmly. “You just looked a little—”

“A little what?”

“S-Sorry.” Benji mumbled, desperately wishing he hadn’t opened his mouth like an idiot. “I just thought—”

“What did you think, Pup?”

Benji groaned internally, saddened by the thought of his new nickname travelling so far so fast. How did everyone already know who he was? He’d only been here a day. “It’s Benji.” He corrected boldly.

Lucky rose his brows, taking a few threatening steps forwards. He was usually a bubbly, happy person, buzzing and feeding off other people’s joy. Since he’d been in here, his energy had been drained. All that was left behind was bitter resentment. Plus, Steel had put him in a terrible mood, all he could do was take his anger out on someone else. Someone smaller and more vulnerable. “Excuse me?”

“M-My name.” Benji forced himself to straighten his spine, conjuring all his courage to not take a defensive step backwards and reveal how weak and frightened he really was. “It’s Benji.”

Lucky rolled his eyes, finally taking a heavy sigh and extending his hand to the light brunette, “Lucky.”

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