Oakleaf Academy For Boys (BxB)

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“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Benji shook his head furiously as he picked out all the vegetables on his tray and loaded them onto Lucky’s. He handed over his cup of chocolate mousse too, before starting to rip apart the slab of meat sitting in front of him. “I don’t know what to do, he scares the shit out of me!”

“He says you owe him?”

“H-He set me up.” Benji mumbled. “He planned this.”

“Fuck, Pup. You need to stay away from him.” Lucky ordered, stabbing a piece of broccoli with his utensils, “Did he tell you anything?”

Benji shook his head faintly, “N-No. Just something about my mouth, it didn’t really make any sense.”

Lucky froze, his fork midair, his cheeks bulging with food like a chipmunk. “Shit.” He cursed, his voice muffled as he quickly gulped down his mouthful. “Fuck, I gotta go.”

“What? Lucky—”

“I’ll see you later.” He rambled, his mind elsewhere as he grabbed his bag and stumbled out of the canteen, holding his blazer under his arm. Benji was left alone with two trays and an empty seat, feeling like he was being watched by every pair of eyes in the room.

Lucky was staggering as he sprinted to his room, zigzagging past kids and stumbling up the stairs clumsily. Once he reached room 112, he started fumbling around in his pockets for his room key. But then he froze. He took a deep, reluctant breath and banged on the door, waiting patiently for an answer.

If he wanted Steel’s help, he was going to have to play by his rules.

Steel answered a few moments later, his confused face appearing on the other side of the door. He was utterly baffled at the concept of Lucky knocking for once. “Uh...yeah?” He rose his brows, letting the blue haired boy in and shutting the door behind them.

“Diesel.” He panted, completely out of breath, “He’s one of them. One of the leaders.” He spluttered.

Sebastian’s brows drew into a deep frown as he folded his arms over his chest, “You’re not making any sense.”

“The drugs.” Lucky confirmed in irritation. “He’s the one who helps get them in, isn’t he?”

Sebastian’s face hardened, a muscle in his jaw twitching uncomfortably, “I don’t know anything about that—”

“But it’s true. You know it is. Of course, he’s not the one who blows the guards. He gets other people to do it, doesn’t he?”

“Look, Blue, I have no idea what you’re—”

“Please, Sebastian, you have to help me.” Lucky begged.

“I told you not to call me that.” He snapped.

“I don’t care! He’s gonna make my friend do it, I know he is! You have to stop him, he can’t—”

“Hey!” Sebastian interrupted sharply, advancing towards Lucky until he was cornered, his back pressed against the wall, “If your friend managed to get himself into that situation, then it’s his own fucking fault! What makes you think I have any power over Diesel’s decisions? He doesn’t listen to anyone!”

Lucky stared up at the figure looming over him, his teeth gritted, his jaw starting to ache from the pressure, “C’mon, Steel.” He begged quietly, his voice almost as low as a whisper. “This kid’s probably never even seen a dick before, it’ll scar him for life!”

Steel rolled his eyes and inched ever closer, his chest almost pressed up against Lucky’s, “The only thing you can do is volunteer to take his place.” He whispered back, accompanied by an artificially sweet smile, “But if I were you, I’d leave the situation the fuck alone. You don’t want anything to do with Diesel, alright? He’s dangerous.”


“No, Lucky!” Sebastian cut him off, his voice so authoritative that Lucky had no choice but to obey, “I’m warning you, if you get involved with this, I can’t help you! He’s dangerous and I won’t let you be an idiot and get yourself hurt!”

Lucky stared with wide silver eyes, his lips parted from the sudden outburst. He gulped nervously and after a few moments of contemplation, nodded hesitantly. “Okay.” He whispered. “Okay, I won’t get involved.”

It felt like Sebastian was snapped out of a trance. He realised how close he’d gotten and more worryingly, how protective he’d gotten. He hastily stepped away and gave Lucky some space. “I’m just...I gotta go...lunch. I’ve gotta go to lunch.” He coughed awkwardly and headed for the door, stumbling over his words.

The second he left, Lucky let out a sigh of relief and slouched down to the floor, sliding down the wall glumly. His breathing was still heavy, his mind still doing laps like crazy. He was confused about his encounter with Steel, but more importantly, he was worried about Benji. He wasn’t sure how he’d ended up at Oakleaf, but he knew the boy was as innocent as they got. He couldn’t let him be used by Diesel like that. He was his friend, and Lucky protected his friends.

But like Steel had said, Diesel was dangerous and he shouldn’t get involved. It would accomplish nothing but pain.

As he sat there on the floor, his eyes level with Steel’s bed, he noticed something. It looked like a scrap of thick paper, nestled between the bed frame and mattress, like it was being hidden away. At first, Lucky thought nothing of it, assuming it to be a page ripped out of a dirty magazine or a forgotten piece of homework. But his curiosity got the best of him, and eventually, he crawled forward and pulled it out of its hiding place.

It was a photo.

A photo of a curly haired boy with a killer smile and a sparkling belly button piercing.

Lucky stared down at it for a long time. He just stared and stared and stared until his eyes dried up and prickled with the need to blink. He thought up all the possibilities, but none of them seemed to fit. Was it a brother? A friend? An enemy who’s face he never wanted to forget for revenge purposes?

But he knew. He knew the photo was screaming intimacy and love. It was shadowed with sexual desire and playful laughter. The hickeys staining the boy’s neck, the scruffiness of his clothes and the missing trousers were all hinting at a relationship. A relationship Steel clearly wanted to preserve. Someone he didn’t want to forget.

Sebastian Steel was gay.

Or at least, not completely straight.

Lucky wedged the photo back under the mattress, exactly where he’d found it. He then slouched back onto the floor and stared up at the grotty ceiling, his lower lip caught between his teeth.

“You ready, Fe?” His friend grinned darkly, not even waiting for a response before sprinting at full force towards the gas station.

“Shit.” Felix muttered, quickly running after Basil into the store. They usually had more people, but today, they were alone. “Take the front!”

Basil smirked and started shouting orders at the man working behind the counter, telling him to empty the cash register as he held a knife in the palm of his hand. Felix ran to the fridges at the back of the store, his feet gliding along the linoleum floor and skidding slightly.

He grabbed bottles of vodka and tequila, loading them into his bag quickly. After stealing hundreds of pounds worth of alcohol and a few chocolate bars, he seized handfuls of cigarette packets and emptied them into the same bag. He then joined Basil’s side again, yanked his arm and sprinted from the shop.

The two boys laughed ecstatically as they ran at full force, hearing the vague sound of sirens fading into the distance. They only ever robbed gas stations. The ones in the middle of nowhere with no customers and no security cameras. They’d always go a few weeks prior and pretend to buy some things, glancing around casually to look for any surveillance cameras. Once they were sure there were none, they’d make the decision to target it next.

Once they’d reached a small patch of grass, littered with small bushes, they collapsed onto the ground. It was meant to be a park, but it was pretty clear that it was vacant. Partly because it was the middle of the night and partly because it was was the shittest park anyone had ever seen.

“Fuck!” Basil screamed into the deadness of the night before laughing like a maniac, “We did it! Again!”

“We’re unstoppable!” Felix laughed along, emptying the bag of stolen liquor and fags.

“Damn, that was lucky as hell.” Basil panted as Felix lit a cigarette and held it to his lips. “When I go with the others, they’re always so clumsy. You’re like my lucky charm, dude.” He leant forward and ruffled Felix’s blue hair with a lazy grin. “Let’s go again!”

Felix laughed and fell down to the ground, laying sprawled out across the grass, gazing up at the stars. He felt like the world was in his hands.

And now, he was staring up at the beige ceiling. He assumed it was once white, but had faded and stained over the years. He wanted to reverse time and return to that night. He wouldn’t have robbed that gas station. He wouldn’t have robbed the five other gas stations either.

He wondered what his life would be like if he’d just followed the law and been a regular citizen. He’d probably be at a normal school with normal kids and a normal life. How boring.

He decided to stop moping around and get up. He left the room, slipping his key into his pocket and shutting the door behind himself. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but knew he needed to leave his dorm. It was too suffocating, especially with Steel’s boy toy staring at him from under the mattress. As he trudged through the corridor, he passed a boy he recognised to be Diesel’s friend. He vaguely wondered whether he was a part of Diesel’s plan for ruling over the entire school with his drug empire, but didn’t think much of it, and continued on his way.

Quinn finally reached room 113 and knocked on the door, fiddling with his sleeve as he awaited an answer. When the door swung open, he raised his head and opened his mouth, “I’m sorry.” He said quietly. “I’m sorry for...for kicking you in the nuts.”

Kit sighed deeply and rolled his eyes, opening the door wide enough for Quinn to enter before shutting it again.

“Is your roommate here?”

Kit scoffed and glanced round the tiny room, “Are you blind? Where would I be hiding him, under the bed?”

“A simple no would’ve—”

“What d’you want, Starr?”

Quinn sighed deeply and collapsed onto Kit’s bed, “I don’t think we should sleep together anymore.”

Kit hesitantly sat beside him, his eyes scanning Quinn’s face for any trace of dishonesty, “Why?”

“Because I can’t do it.” Quinn murmured shyly. “I just...I can’t do this without feeling shit and it makes me angry! Okay?”

Kit’s mind only fogged over further, his dark eyes swimming with confusion, “What’d you mean?”

Quinn grunted in annoyance, “I’m gay, Kit.” He admitted. “And you’re not. You use me to fuck and that’s it. But...but I actually like dudes. I actually like you, believe it or fucking not.”

Kit’s orbs widened in surprise, the whites of his eyes contrasting against his dark skin and black hair. “I don’t understand...”

“Neither do I.” Quinn snapped in annoyance. “I don’t understand how I ever fell for someone like you. You’re an arsehole and I hate everything you do and yet, I just...I like it. I like you."

Kit swallowed, hard. He felt dizzy and faint, completely taken aback by this piece of news. “Fuck sake.” He uttered to himself. “Starr, that was part of the fucking agreement. You weren’t meant to fall for me, it was just shagging.”

“I know.” Quinn hissed. “It’s not in my fucking control, Samuels.”

“Shit!” He kicked the bed in frustration. “I can’t believe you ruined this.”

“Hey, fuck you!” Quinn shot back venomously, “Just go back to wanking off under the covers, you prick.”

“And there’s no possible way we could just...continue?” Kit pressed, dismissing Quinn’s last comment. “You can just forget about those feelings and—”

“Oh, go fuck yourself, Christopher! I should’ve known you were a heartless twat. You probably don’t even know what emotions are.”

“I know what emotions are, you son of a—”

“Really?” Quinn laughed mercilessly, “How come I’ve never seen a single emotion? You scare them all of, don’t you—?”

“You’re talking absolute bollocks, Starr—”

“You pretended to care about me!” Quinn interjected.

“Don’t you dare say that I ever led you on—”

“But you did! You never fucked me! You made fucking love to me like a bloody pussy!”

“I didn’t want to hurt you—”

Quinn paused, but only momentarily, “If you really don’t give a shit about me, then hurt me. Bend me over and fuck me hard and fast, right now. No lube, only a condom.”

Kit froze, then grabbed a handful of Quinn’s hair and slammed his face roughly into the pillow, positioning himself behind the boy quickly. “You know the safe word.” He grunted, tugging at his belt.

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