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WARNING: Not a standalone book. This is a compilation of one-shots of The Southern Werewolves Pack Series. Love conquers everything. The Southern Werewolves Pack Series: Our Family (One-shots). This book is the one-shots compilation of Characters from The Southern Werewolves Pack Series. It's still a rough draft and expects some grammar and punctuation mistakes. Our Family is following the lives of the Southern Werewolves Pack Series. The first few chapters follow the lives of Cohen Kingsley with his mate, Mira Kingsley, and their kids.

Romance / Drama
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The Kingsley's Family

If you haven’t read the predecessor books, then read them before reading Our Family to understand the stories better.

Book 1: The Alpha’s Mate (Completed)

Book 2: Taken (Completed)

Book 3: Claiming Her (Completed)

Book 4: The Blind Bandit (Ongoing)

Mira smiles as she studies her own reflection on the mirror. Her belly is getting bigger as she carries her fifth child which was revealed to be a girl. When she heard the gender of her baby last month, she was excited to welcome a girl into the family. Well, she’s already blessed with four boys. Her youngest son, Enzo, is already three years old while her triplet, Mathias, Ryker, and Tanto are six years old.

Their level of understanding and words are something beyond Mira’s imagination. Whenever Cohen is away for duty, their boys understand it. They know what their father is doing for a living and don’t make a fuss when Cohen misses the dinner or important dates. They know their father is carrying a heavy duty to protect their family and pack. Every time he comes home late, they refuse to sleep before seeing Cohen’s face or saying how much they love their father.

It makes Mira smiles each time she listens to their conversation.

After having four boys into the family, Mira thought it was time to have a girl. It’s not like she could predict if it was a girl or a boy when she got pregnant. Either way, she loves her fifth child just as much as she loves her entire family. Life has been better and easier for her especially when Cohen is helping her every now and then. Every day is an exciting day for him despite he has many responsibilities now as an Alpha, a father, a mate, a Councilman, and a warrior. Everything lies on his shoulders but he never complains about it. Mira tries to reduce his workload by taking the matters of the Council into her own hands. At least, that gives Cohen a little bit breather and spends time with the family.

She comes out of the bathroom to see the Alpha is sitting on the bed, facing the bathroom’s door. He looks up to her and smiles. There’s soft music playing in the bedroom, something he always put on during the morning.

“Do you have to be so gorgeous in such an early morning?” He says as he catches her hand and pulls her closer.

Mira is just three months away before delivering their daughter to the world. Both of them have been busy setting up the new nursery in the lake house. He also expanded their home to accommodate their expanding family. Mira is not sure how many children he wants to have. He doesn’t seem to want to stop at the fifth child.

“I’m gorgeous because you make me gorgeous,” She dips her head and captures his lips.

Mira comes closer to the point she’s sitting on his lap. Her weight has never been a problem for a strong man like him. His lips engulf hers passionately to show how much he loves, cherishes and treasures her. Mira never gets enough of his kisses and touches. Maybe it’s the hormones. Or maybe she’s just horny for him all the times, pregnant or not.

“You’re driving me crazy every day.” Cohen murmurs against her lips and pecks them once more. “I can’t believe you’re mine.”

“Yours and always be yours,” She knows how much he loves to hear that.

They don’t always speak the words of love. ‘I love you’ comes in many forms. Mira always tries to find a new way to show him how much she loves him. It does not have to be ’I love you’ all the times. Cohen understands she’s still learning to show her affection even though they have been together for so long.

“Daddy loves you too, princess,” He kisses Mira’s bulging tummy. “You’re going to put daddy in troubles once you grow up.”

There he goes with his overprotectiveness on their first daughter. He never ceases to amaze Mira. Every morning, he wakes up and talks to her tummy as if he’s talking to their daughter face-to-face. Then, before he goes to sleep, he does the same thing.

He stands up and pecks Mira’s lips once, “Do you have a plan today?”

“Not that I know of,” She replies as he spins her.

Her back rests against his chest as they sway to the music. Cohen has many daily routines. Other than talking to their unborn daughter in the morning, he spends thirty-minutes of his time to dance with his mate.

“Let’s go out today with our boys.” He murmurs, planting a kiss on her shoulder. “We can go to the amusement park, picnic and things like that.”

“Is this why you were so eager to get your paperwork done last night?” Mira turns around to face him with a smile.

Her arms curled around his neck. The wrinkles on his face are getting evident as he ages but Mira unable to deny he’s still as handsome as the first time she saw him. He’s growing a beard and his hair is getting slightly longer. He has been busy with the work until he does not have the time to properly groom himself.

He shrugs his shoulders, “I mean, we’ve been busy teaching the triplet to control their powers. Besides, it has been a while since we go out. Now, the pack is in a good state with no rogues’ trespass or anything close to it. I guess it doesn’t hurt to enjoy a little.”

Mira’s eyes go to the clock on the wall. It’s just seven in the morning. Their boys won’t wake up before eight on the weekend. Guess, she still has enough time to prepare.

“I’m sure the boys are going to be excited,” She tells her mate.

Cohen kisses her once again, “Perfect. I’m going to prepare the stuff we need.”

“No, no, you go and get a shower. And shave this—” Mira touches his growing beard. “It’s ticklish when you kiss me.”

“You didn’t complain when I kissed you elsewhere despite the beard,” He smirks.

Mira blushes, “Hush it, Mister. I was being nice before.”

After all these years, he still can make her blush crazily. Cohen laughs as he smacks her bum before going into the bathroom to shower. Mira shakes her head and exits the bedroom. Despite they have mated over six years, they’re acting like those who are just newly mated.

Mira goes to the kitchen and lets out a relieved sigh. At least, her triplet boys didn’t summon their Lycans out. She couldn’t comprehend how crazy her morning was when the boys summoned their Lycans by accident. For the past few months, they have been learning how to not summoning the Lycans out as Mira fears their human bodies won’t get in perfect sync with their Lycans form. That can create a big rift between two different beings.

But, her youngest son, Enzo, is a whole different story. He’s mixed of Mira and Cohen. His blue eyes and pale skin are just like hers while he has face structure and hair color just like Cohen. The triplets are the exact copies of their father. Mira remembered she compared Cohen’s baby picture with their triplet’s. The resemblance is uncanny. There is no need for a DNA test.

Mira isn’t sure if Enzo was born a demon wolf. Stefano could not confirm it but he did tell her Enzo is reeking with powerful magic aura, unlike the triplet. She suspected her youngest son might be a werewolf with magic power because he inherited a white witch’s blood from her. She feels his wolf is calling for her but she can’t feel whether it’s a demon wolf or not. The confirmation is yet to be revealed as Enzo never shifts or summons his wolf out. It seems like they have to wait until he’s older to find out about his wolf.

As she prepares the foods for the picnic, Cohen’s mother, Georgia, comes as usual. The former Luna has retired from her humanitarian aid profession and passed the torch to another woman in the pack to continue. Cohen’s father, Eric, also retired from emissary work. Georgia and Eric have been delightful to babysit their grandsons as Mira and Cohen go out for their work.

“Good morning, mama,” Mira greets her mother-in-law.

“Good morning, honey,” The former Luna smiles. “What are you doing?”

“Preparing the foods. Cohen wanted to bring us out for a picnic. Mama and papa should come along too.”

“No, honey. I have a plan with your papa today.”

“Ooo,” Mira squeals. “He’s bringing mama for a date?”

The seventy-one years old woman tucks her hair shyly, “It’s not a date. Just going out for breakfast and go to watch the movie.”

“Still counts as a date,” Eric comes in from the front door.

“Goals,” Mira laughs.

Georgia slaps Eric’s arm causing Mira to chuckle at the older woman. Cohen inherits his charm from his father. That is one of the many things Mira is assured of. Eric can make Georgia blushes despite their age.

“Where’s Cohen?” Eric asks for his son.

“He’s showering,” Mira replies as she resumes her cooking with Georgia’s help.

Five minutes later, Cohen comes down while cradling Enzo in his large arms. The blue-eyed boy has his arms wrap around his daddy’s neck. Out of the four, Enzo is an early bird just like Cohen. Even if Enzo spends the previous day playing and running around, he still wakes up early in the next morning.

“Son, can I have a word with you?” Eric asks.

“Sure, dad,” Cohen passes Enzo to Mira.

As the two men leave the house to the front deck, Georgia squints her eyes as if her mate is plotting something with her son.

“He’s plotting something again,” She tells Mira who joins her to look at the two men.

“Papa does make a good plot each time,” The redheaded Luna replies. “Come on, mama. You know his plot is always lit and you blush crazily at that.”

Georgia sighs, “I’m too old for fun things, honey.” She turns and picks Enzo, “But not this little Prince though.” He giggles as she tickles his sides. “He’s going to be strong and stubborn like his mommy and daddy. He’s going to have so much fun.”

By the time Cohen comes back inside, he has a grin from ear to ear. Eric isn’t any different either. Mira tries to decipher what they have planned but nothing comes to her mind. Cohen shuts his thoughts off from her in the mind link.

“Okay, off you two!” He ushers both of his parents to the door.

“Have fun, sweetie!” Eric shouts to Mira and waves as he guides Georgia to the car.

“You too, Papa!” Mira replies before turning her attention to her mate. “What did you two plan?”

“Nothing,” He resists grinning again. “I’m going to bath the boys,” He cradles Enzo to the second floor.

Something is going on and she can’t find it out. Persuading Cohen to spill the beans is like talking to the wall. He knows how to keep things as secretive as her. It needs more than just words to get him to spill it out. Under the current circumstances, Mira doesn’t want to persuade him yet. Otherwise, they never leave the house and the picnic would be long forgotten.

After she’s done preparing for the foods, Mira goes upstairs to pack some clean clothes. She can hear Cohen is reenacting a story as he bathes their boys in the bathroom.

“You shall not pass, mortal!”

Mira leans against the doorframe and sees Cohen is standing with a plastic sword, an eye patch covering his right eye and a towel acts as his cloak. His plastic sword is pointed against Mathias’ sword who she assumes is the hero of the story.

“I’m going to save my brothers from a bad Captain like you!” Mathias shouts, raising his sword higher.

Enzo claps his hands happily as he soaks inside the bathtub. He throws the yellow rubber duck to Cohen who is then roared in pain as if the rubber duck explodes on his face.

“I’m hit!” The Alpha feigns a painful expression.

“The bad Captain is injured!” Ryker hits Cohen’s leg with his plastic hammer.

“Defeat him!” Tanto joins in.

Mira laughs as Cohen accepts the assault from the triplet boys as he lies on the floor and makes fake painful noises.

He cranes his head up and grins. “Hey babe, we were just—”

“The Queen is saved!” Ryker cuts him off.

“The bad Captain has been defeated and the brothers have saved the Queen,” Mathias concludes.

Mira’s eyebrows furrow, “I thought you were saving your brothers.”

“Saving my brothers is just a mere diversion, My Lady,” He smiles cheekily.

This is what Mira said about her triplet boys level of understanding and words. They speak as if they aren’t six years old. They didn’t have a pronunciation problem when they spoke their first words. At first, Mira thought it was weird to consider her kids speak fluently at such a young age. Then, she realized the magic they inherited from her is affecting them. Plus, they have the blood of an Angel too. That can be the reason why. Enzo still has difficulty in speaking. So far, he speaks two words; ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’.

“I am honored to have such valiant warriors like you all,” She plays along with them. “Come on, finish up your bath.”

“Right, bathing,” Cohen gets up from the floor and takes off his costumes.

Mira shakes her head in amusement. Sometimes, he’s just too caught up with reenacting the stories until he forgets the thing he’s supposed to do. That is just one of his many daily routines.

She dresses Enzo as he’s the first one to survive the long bath while his older brothers are still playing in the bathtub. They come out fifteen minutes later along with Cohen. It takes him twenty minutes to load everything up in the family’s car while Mira buckles up their kids at the baby seaters.

Forty-five minutes later, they arrive at the beach. There are already many people around as it’s a holiday season. Mathias is the first one to run towards the beach and follow by Ryker and Tanto. Mira carries Enzo in her arms as Cohen set up their spot.

“Boys, careful there!” She shouts as the triplet is reaching the water.

She knows they won’t go to a deeper level. Young werewolves tend to have a massive fear of deep water. It’s going to take many practices for them to get used to it. Demon wolves are no different. Mira did develop a fear of deep water when she was young. She overcame it after several assignments which involved her to jump off several cliffs and submerged into the water.

Her boys never go beyond knee-depth water. They won’t know what to do if the water rises over their knees. Cohen did try to teach them swimming in a deeper pool but they ended up crying.

“It’s cold.” Mathias runs back to the dry shore as the wave is catching up.

Tanto rushes back to Cohen to get something. A plastic bucket and a small shovel. Mira sits down on the resting chair as she watches them playing around. Enzo isn’t a big fan of the water either but he joins his brothers to build a sand castle.

It’s more like building a mountain of sand.

Mira feels Cohen’s jealousy is shooting up in their mating bond. Turns out, he’s jealous of the pairs of eyes watching her. This is one of the many reasons why Cohen seldom takes them to the beach during the holiday season.

“They’re young,” Mira mumbles, earning his attention. “They’re young and looking good but you know, I only have my eyes on you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He denies it.

“Darling, I can feel your jealousy,” She chuckles. “If it makes you any better, you’re getting hotter as you age. Besides, you’re only in your swimming trunk and flashing your body to those women.”

He smirks, “You’re jealous too, huh?”

“I think I’m going to find out their names and address. You know, for research purposes.”

“Let’s behave for the sake of having fun,”

He captures her lips as a mean of showing to everyone that she’s belonged to him. His kiss always makes her toes curled and butterflies erupt in her stomach. At a time, she feels giddy for some reasons just to think about his kisses.

Mira smiles as she leans her back on his chest, “Look at them, Cohen. Our future right there.”

“And right here,” He touches her bulging belly. “You know, before I met you, I thought this moment was impossible for me to have.”

“You never gave up on me despite I almost killed you.”

“I will never give up on you. Not now, not ever. You’re one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.” He kisses the top of her head. “Even if I live another life, I would find and mate with you.”

Their unborn daughter moves inside Mira’s belly. Cohen places his hand on her belly.

“See, even our princess is supporting her daddy,” He says. “She knows her daddy is the best.”

Mira laughs, bouncing her head backward. “And I wonder how your ego fit through the door.”

“You know I’m the best, especially in bed. We got five proofs.”

“Hey, just because I gave birth to four kids and carrying one, it doesn’t mean you’re good in bed. You forgot to wear protection.”

Cohen snorted, “Wow, babe. That’s hurt. Did I not satisfy you enough?”

Mira smirks but no answer comes from her. She’s unable to recall when Cohen ever failed to satisfy her in the bed. As far as her memories allow her to remember, Cohen never failed to satisfy her sexual desires.

“Daddy, can you be a mermaid?” Tanto runs to them and blinks his warm hazel eyes.

“Buddy, I will be whatever you want me to be,” Cohen picks him up. He turns to face her, “We’ll continue the talk later.”

He’s not mad. He knows he never failed to satisfy her. Mira just loves to poke his buttons. Nothing more fun than seeing the boys covering Cohen’s legs until his waist with the sand.

In the pack, they said Cohen was a stranger to the kids. He barely interacted with one. Even though the kids acknowledged him as their Alpha, they never come close to greet him. But, that was in the past. Looking at the scene unfolding before her own eyes, Cohen is an angel to their kids.

He does not care the weird glances he receives from those people. The only thing he cares about is making his family happy even if it means he has to be a mermaid in a public place like this.

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