Stuck WIth Love

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This is the Journey of Zaeem and Aneesha who fell in love at first sight. Does only love will be enough to have a successful relationship? Can Love exist without Trust...? Zaeem and Aneesha were in love but They didn't trust each other. Mistrust doesn't let them stay together and Love doesn't let him stay apart. Join me in the Journey of this unique couple who are stuck with Love. Sneak Peak: Zaeem said,"I lost the trust in you and you can never gain it back because whatever you say I never gonna believe you. I don't care if you have got married to him. You are just mother of my son nothing else. We will interact only Infront of him and stay out of my life. I will stay out of yours. Do what ever you want I don't care until it concerns my son so now you got all your answers get out from my room" I just stayed glued to my place. I can't believe my ears. My Zaeem hates me. He said,"you are not going to go on your own .Okay fine." He got hold of my hand and dragged me out of his room and banged the door on my face. He hates me. He don't think of me as his wife. It hurts so much. Why? Why can't I have the one whom I love with my whole heart?

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Melodious Song
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Chapter One – My Dream Boy

Zaeem’s pov:

I am nervous..I am getting married today. I am just 19 years old and I feel it’s too early to get married but I trust my dad whatever he decides for me has always turn out to be for the best. I really love him and admire him. He is my bestfriend and inspiration.

I am almost ready but there is a very strange feeling in my heart. Don’t assume it to be love because I have just met the girl once on our engagement. She didn’t even talk to me or looked at me. May be she is too shy. I didn’t find an ounce of happiness on her face. Is she really happy with this marraige? I told my concerns to my dad but he just brushed them off saying I am thinking too much. I really hope that is the case.

I wanted to have a love marriage with a girl who loves me like crazy. Isn’t this every teenage boy’s fantasy? I wish my to be wife make my dream come true.

We reached the wedding hall but bride and her parents are not here yet. Where are they?

It’s been more than 3 hours but there is no sign of them. I looked at my father and said,“Dad is everything fine?”

He looked guilty and said,“I am Sorry Zaeem but I just got call from Mr. Saleem and he told me that his daughter ran away from home.”

I was shocked and confused,“But why did she do that? ” I asked

He said,“She have a boyfriend but his father didn’t like him so he arranged her marraige without her consent. He didn’t thought that she will embarrass him like that and run away from marraige”

I said,“You knew about this but you didn’t think it is important to tell me. Dad I trusted you. you didn’t think that this marraige will spoil my life? Why Dad? Why?” I shouted the last part.

He said,“Our Company need his support and that is his condition to help. I wanted to get you married to his daughter. Please try to understand Zaeem my ancesters hardwork was on stake. I had no choice but to agree.”

His each word broke my heart into pieces. He gave importance to his company than to my happiness. I trusted him blindly and he broke my trust. Will I be able to trust anyone again? I want to get out of here.

I ran from there. It’s so embarrassing whole media was here and I will become the laughing stock in the world by tomorrow when this news is spread that my bride ran away.

I want to calm my nerves and my bodyguards are following me everywhere. How am I suppose to relax?

Then I saw a pamplet of Mask party which was held at the nearby club. This is my queue to get away from them. I quickly ran away from them and boarded the running bus but I got down soon before they can notice. They started following the bus in the car thinking I am still inside. I walked towards that club whose location I saw minutes before. I hope this helps me to forget everything that happened today.

Aneesha’s pov:

Today Afnaan turned 18 and he was going out with his friends to club and I also want to go to club so after lost of insistance Afnaan agreed to take me and Zaiba with him. I really want to go to club. I have never went to one but I heard a lot about them. Afnaan promised me that he will talk to Dad and convince him. Afnaan and Zaiba are my best friends and their parents and my parents are friends as well. They are twins and They lost their parents when they were of ten years old from then they are staying with us. Mom and Dad love them just like they love me. My parents want me to get married to Afnaan one day so I will be with them even after marraige as I am their only daughter but for me it’s a big no. He is not the type of guy I want.

I always dreamt of a prince charming who will sweep me off my feet with his one look. Who will make my heart beat faster by his one smile. My dream boy and I am hundred percent sure that I will recognize him the second my eyes fell on him. Afnaan is not my dream boy.

Me and Zaiba both of us share same thoughts but she thinks Afnaan is the one for me and I should give him a chance but it’s a big no from me.

Me and Zaiba were anxiously waiting for Afnaan to get the good news of our parents approval and once he entered the room he shouted on top of his lungs that we got approval. I was damn happy finally one of my wish is coming true.

when we reached there we got to know that today’s theme is mask. so we all wore masks.

Everythings was so new to me.I was very excited and Afnaan warned us not to drink anything from anyone.

It’s very dark here and people are dancing like crazy. Most of them are drunk. Why do people drink? I am regretting coming here there is no fun. Afnaan asked me to dance with him and I agreed. We went to the dance floor but the place is too congested and by mistake my body is touching others so excused myself from there. I want to go back but I saw that Afnaan is enjoying here with his friends so I dropped the idea as I don’t want to spoil his plans . Let him have fun he took lot of effort to convince Ammi and Abbu.

I was sitting near the bar drinking orange juice when Zaiba came and sat beside me.

She said,“What are you doing here sitting alone?”

I said,“I am bored.”

She laughed and said,“It was your wish to come here.”

I rolled my eyes and said,“I know and I am regretting it now.”

She said,“I don’t know why are you regretting it.There are lot of handsome guys here. Let’s have some fun. I said,“I am not interested.”

She said,“come on.”

I just ignored her request so she said,“Fine. Let’s just sit here and look around.”

After few minutes she said,“Eeshu look at him.”

I looked at the direction she was pointing and I felt like my heart just skipped a beat. He is so handsome actually very very handsome and hot. He is not wearing a mask and weardily wearing Shervani who wears that to club and how they allowed him inside? he looks upset. It felt like he is sitting alone and drinking up his miseries. I know the second my eyes fell on him that he is the one. My instincts are very strong that he is my dream boy.

Zaiba said,“God.. he is so handsome Eeshu. I wish atleast I can just date him for a day”

I didn’t like what she said. I felt a pang of jealousy he is mine and mine alone. it’s weird that I am so posessive about him in first look but I am.

I said,“oh shut up. he is mine”

She said.” I saw him first so he is mine.”

I said,“oh please. I don’t care who saw him first but he is mine”

She said,“let’s approach him one by one and see what happens. As I saw him first I will go first”

I tired to oppose but she left. idiot but I just wish she won’t succeed in her plan.

I was looking at them as far as I can see he is not showing any interest in her after sometime I saw him getting angry on her.What she might have said that got him so riled up? but whatever it is she came back to me and said,” He is too rude. Don’t go Eeshu. he will hurt you. ”

No way what ever it is I will never let him go. I never felt this mesmerized by someone. I never felt this strange feeling in my heart which I am feeling right now. I know I am rushing too fast but whatever happens I am not going to regret. I was never so sure about anything in my life as I am right now about him. it’s not only about his looks there is something in his eyes which is pulling me towards him. I just can’t explain how I am feeling but I want him that ’s it.

I didn’t pay much heed to her warning and walked towards him .Zaiba tried to stop me but I am not in any mood to listen to anyone.

She said,“fine Do whatever you want to do. I am going to washroom. My make up got spoiled because of tears.”

she left from there. I walked towards him and sat beside him. it’s been more than fifteen minutes but still he has not looked at me for a second. so I think I only have to initiate conversation with him.

I said, “You are very handsome”

he said, “Excuse me”

I said, “I like you.”

She said,“You are so blunt. I don’t like such girls ”

I said,” Will you marry me? ”

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