Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Ten – Pain

Zaeem ’s pov:

I was not able leave from there . She met the same guy with whom she came to the club. I know she was lying to me. I don’t know why I am so curious to know what relationship they both share. I saw him wearing ring in her hand. I was so upset. I don’t know why it’s affected me so much..

He came closer to Aneesha and their faces are just an inch away.

My heart started beating rapidly looking at them like this. I don’t know why I am feeling like this but I clenched my fists and wanted to kill him for thinking of touching her. I was thinking what to do that time my gaze fell on the mobile phone of Aneesha left on the seat so I took it and quickly ran towards the cafe.

When I was about to enter I saw Aneesha pushed him back and said, “We are in public. Behave”

I came to their table and she gave me a smile and looked surprised. Why my heart flutters whenever I see her smile and why my blood boils whenever I see her with someone else. I just know her from one day but still she effects me.

I said, “You forgot your phone so I came to give you back”

That irritating guy said looking at her, “why he has your phone?”

Aneesha said, “He dropped me here. I might have forgot my phone in his car.”

That guy said, “Why he dropped you?”

I butted in and said, “She is staying at our house so I was going in the same way so I dropped her”

He looked me and said, “You are staying in the same house”

I said, “It’s my house. Where else you want me to stay?”

He looked angry. He said to Aneesha, “You are staying with a guy. Have you gone mad? I will talk to Aunty about this. I can’t tolerate this. You can’t stay with him in same house.”

Who is he to decide?

I said,” it’s her life let her decide what to do. Who are you to interfere in it?”

He was about say something but Aneesha stopped him from saying and said, “It’s nothing like that Afnaan. His whole family stays with us. Please don’t say anything to Ammi. Please..”

His name is Afnaan

He said, “I can’t allow my fiancee to stay with some other guy”

I was so shocked.

I unknowingly said, “Fi.. Fiancee??”

He said, “Yes she is my fiancee. Now you understood who I am to decide for her”

I said, “Here is your phone. I am leaving”

I am feeling betrayed. I am trying to control my anger. I was about to leave but her hand on my arm stopped me.

She said, “I am coming with you”

I should have refused but I want to know why she hid this from me.

Afnaan said, “Aneesha. I will drop you”

She glared at him and said,“No.I will go with him. When you are ready to listen to me We will meet. ”

I Jerked her hand and went to car she silently followed. Once we are in car, I started the car. She said,” Zaeem”

I asked her the question which is bugging me, “Why you lied to me?”

She said, “I didn’t lie. I never said he is not my fiancee”

She is getting on my nerves now.

I said, “Let me rephrase why you hid it from me that you are engaged”

She said, “I.. I don’t know”

Ha that’s what you say when you have nothing to say. I know why she did and that’s what I told her.

I said, “You hid from me because you wanted to play with me. You know that I might not show interest in you if you are engaged. So you hid it from me. You wanted to toy with my feelings.” I shouted.

I don’t know why I am behaving like a broken hearted lover who got cheated.

She was shocked and then her expression changed to anger. She said, “I don’t play with feeling it’s you who plays with people’s heart. You are a player so you know how to play with feelings. We are not in relationship so stop behaving like I cheated behind your back”

I said, “Yes you have not cheated on me but you cheated on him.”

She said, “What the hell? When did I cheat on him? with whom?”

I said,” With me. Don’t you remember what you did yesterday? What you said to me? ”

She said,” I...I was drunk. ”

I said,” If you are drunk then you will do anything and then it’s not your responsibility. You can just shrug it off saying you are drunk. Do you have any idea how the other person feels? ”

I am getting emotional. Stop it Zaeem.

She said,” Do you think before playing with girls? No.. So if someone is playing with you then you deserve to get played”

How dare she? She should not have said that. It touched the chord which pains me a lot. She also might have thought like this that is why she left me. I was so mad right now. I want to be alone.

I stopped the car and shouted, “Get out”

She was shocked but I said again, “Get out right now”

She said, “I am sorry. I didn’t mean that.I..”

I said,” Didn’t you hear me? I said get out”

She got down and I drove off. I came to my house where I have stayed alone for 3 years. I opened the secret door and I entered my secret room. This rooms holds the memories of my past which don’t let me move on.

This room doors have big frames of pictures of me with her. I have more than 100 copies of it not even one pic is showing her face. She is wearing the mask. I met her at a mask party. That night changed my life forever. Whenever I am in pain, sad, I come here and talk to her. It’s weird that she is the reason of my pain but she is the relief as well. I have a bed here sometimes I sleep here feeling like she is with me and nothing changed. I lied on bed and took her picture which is in small frame and let my heart out to her I wish she can really hear it.

I am back again. Sometimes I think what my life would have been if I have not met you that day . I was hurt I was in pain and you said you will reduce my pain but you increased it hundred folds.

You also must have thought like Aneesha that I deserve to be played that is why you played with my feelings.

I never want to meet you but if I meet you by any chance I wanted to ask you why you did that to me? Why you left me? Why you broke the promises you made to me? why you married someone else leaving me? But I think I got my answers today.

Just like Aneesha said you were playing with me. you had fiancee at home and you just used me for fun. You both think so alike.

You moved on. you got married.

It hurts like hell when I think of it. You are mine and always will be. We got stuck with each other that day. I got stuck with love, you.. I don’t know what you feels about that night.

I want to hate you. Hate you for what you did to me. I want to make you feel my pain like I am feeling right now.

It never hurts when someone calls me playboy but when Aneesha said that I felt bad. I am not a playboy I am showing as I am just for you to know I am leaving fine even after you left me
and to hurt my dad because of whom I was in this mess.

I really wanted to move on with someone but I can’t because of the promise which I made to you that I will always be yours. Never let me to move on. I should not bother about it as you broke all your promises then why can’t I just Break my one promise?

Other reason is that I can’t trust women anymore. They lie very well. Even if I don’t sleep with them they go on making rumors that I sleep with them. I tried one day I brought her home but I can’t do it. I just can’t. My conscious didn’t let me. My heart gave that right only to you.Stubborn heart don’t listen to me but still I hate you. I hate you and you will never have any place in my life. I will never forgive you for the heart break you caused to me. Never..

I drifted into sleep with that thought.

Aneesha’s pov:

Why can’t I control my mouth in anger? He must be angry. He didn’t come home till now.where is he? Is he with some girl? I did some research about him on internet and I didn’t like the facts I got know. He is a playboy. He sleeps with other women when it is only my right. I am his wife and he is only mine. How can he do this me? I want to hate him but I can’t. In anger and jealousy I told him all that but now I am worried.His phone is also switched off. Is he in some trouble?

O know he is hurt that I left him but Only if he know what I felt that day and what I have gone through after that. Because of that one night my life changed forever. My parents trust broke. My family faced many aligation from society. My reputation got completely shattered. We have to shift to other country. I have to leave my dream but I never regret what happened between us it’s best day of my life. I regret leaving him I should have stayed. I should not have left hotel. I was so freaked out that I just ran from there. You have no idea how much I hate myself and I regret the moment I left the hotel but I remember everything the promises I made to you. But I am sorry I broke them the very next day I made.I never broke my one promise that I will love you forever. I love you. I do till my last breath. I love you. I love you. I wish I can say that to you again one day. I just wanted to run back to you, hug you and cry my heart out. I was so scared. I needed you the most but you were not there and it’s my fault. The feeling that I lost you because of my stupidity has killed me from inside everyday. I just want your forgiveness. I hope one day we can be together

Afnaan’s pov:

Aneesha... the way she looked at him when he entered. The way she was afraid when I told him that I was her fiancee. The way she holded his arm so comfortably without any hesitation. This signs tell me that I should get alert and ge might the guy she got married to. I have seen him somewhere...on the day of accident he came to the hospital searching for his wife..Is he talking about Aneesha?

If it’s true then He might snatch her away from me. I have to marry her as soon as possible. Two years is long wait and they reconcile I will lose her forever. without her there is no life. I have to think of some plan so that Marriage can happens in this month itself. Aneesha you can’t escape from me.

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