Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Eleven – Feelings

Aneesha’s pov:

It’s been a week and still Zaeem is not talking to me. He is avoiding me. Even if I come in front of him he ignores me. On the other side Afnaan kept on calling me to meet him. Here we go again, My phone rang and it’s showing Afnaan calling. I lifted the call. He said that he wants to meet me. let’s just finish this off so I agreed to meet him.

He came to pick me up then he took me to a beautiful house. I was confused that why he brought me here?

I asked him, “whose house is this? Why are we here?”

He said, “Our house. We are going to stay here. Do you like it?”

I was beyond shocked, “what do you mean by we will stay here? We still have two years what’s the hurry”

He said, “Not two years my darling. Only this month”

My heart started beating rapidly this can’t happen. How can I marry him?

I said, “I don’t want to marry so soon”

He said,” Fine. Then stay with me without Marriage”

I shouted, “Have you gone mad how can I stay with you without Marriage?”

He said, “If you can stay with him then why not with me?”

I slapped him, “Shut up.what do you think of yourself? His family stays with us and we have separate rooms.”

He rubbed his cheek and said, “no problem. we too will have separate rooms. You have only two choices. One you can marry me and we settle here and you can fulfill your dream. Second stay with me here without Marriage and continue your studies.”

Tears started flowing from my eyes, “why are you doing this?” I asked

He said, “Because I love you”

I said, “Please don’t do this. I don’t love you.”

He said, “You will learn to love me once we are married”

I said, “List-”

He interrupted and said, “no, you listen. You have two days to decide.”

I can’t stop crying.

He said,” Come I will drop you. You can start packing. In both cases you have to leave that house”

I glared at him and said, “I can manage. No need of your help.”

I walked towards exit when he said, “Your choice. You have two days. Don’t forget.”

I came home and I can’t stop my tears. I was about to enter my room. I came across Zaeem. I tried to avoid looking at him I don’t want him to know that I am crying but he caught my hand and said, “Why are you crying?”

He talked to me after a week. I didn’t look at him. He lifted my face by placing hand under my chin. He wiped my tears. I can’t stop myself once I looked at him. I hugged him and started crying. He rubbed my back to comfort me.

He said, “Why are you crying? What happened?”

I said, “I can’t live like this anymore. I want to die. Why this is happening to me? Why can’t I be happy? Why?”

He said, “You are scaring me. What happened?”

I broke the hug and wiped my tears and said, “Nothing. I want to be alone. Please can you drop me at your other house?”

He said, “But why? Please tell me what happened?”

I said, “Don’t ask me anything. Please take me there. Please” I started sobbing.

He said,“Don’t cry. Okay I will take you there”

He brought me to his flat and said, “You can stay here. Please call me if you need anything.”

I nodded and got down from car but he came to me and said, “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”

I said, “No. I want to be alone”

Zaeem’s Pov:

I left from there but I am still not fine leaving her alone. Her words I want to die’ kept repeating in my mind. I am scared. What if she did something wrong like commiting suicide.

I turned my car back and reached there as soon as possible.

Once I reached I ran inside the house I didn’t even bother to lock it in hurry. I can’t find her anywhere. I am looking crazily for her but she was no where to be found. Atlast I found her sitting alone on swing on terrace.

I walked and sat beside her. She looked at me and said, “You came. I was missing you. I was wishing you might come. ”

She looked at me with so much affection. Why she always look at me like that. I asked her, “Why you always look at me like that? ”

She asked, “Like what?”

I said,“Like you like me”

She said, “Yes I like you”

I unknowingly said, “You are so blunt”

I recalled my memory when I said same thing before.

I was sitting alone and drinking. Today was the worst day. I was hurt. She came to me and sat beside me. I ignored her. After sometime she said, “You are very handsome”

I Said, “Excuse me”

She said, “I like you.”

I said,“You are so blunt. I don’t like such girls ”

She said,” Will you marry me? ”

I came out of my daze and looked at her.

I said, “you can’t like me you are engaged”

She was also in deep thoughts. She slowly leaned her head on my shoulder and said,” I am confused”

I said, “what happened? Tell me already”

She sighed and said, “I don’t love him. I have no choice but to marry him. My life is so complicated.”

I said, “Why?”

She said, “Something happened in my past after that my parents don’t trust me. My mom want me to get married and Afnaan is ready to accept me even after knowing my past. I wanted to study further. My mom’s condition is that I should marry him before leaving for studies. I convinced to wait for two years but he wants me to move in with him with marriage or without marriage otherwise I have to go back.”

It’s so unfair. He can’t force her like this. What’s her past?

I said, “Why you don’t want to marry him?”

She said,” He is too different from the man I wish to have as my husband”

I said,” Who is your choice? ”

She said,” Someone who loves me unconditionally, who take care of me. Who dislike blunt women. Who get hurt easily. soft hearted but strong. Innocent. Trust worthy, Who can’t see tears in my eyes and can do anything for me.”

I said, “You know someone like that?

She said,” I know but I don’t want to talk about him”

I said, “Okay. If I was in your place then I will go with my heart. If you marry him to fulfill your dream then you can’t find happiness even if you succeed in life. Marriage is an important decision. We should not take them in haste. Just follow your heart.”

She said,“hmm”

She suddenly kissed me on cheek.

I said, “What are you doing?”

She said, “Following my heart” and she closed her eyes then said, “I am sleepy”

I said, “Let’s go home now”

She said, “I don’t want to. I want to stay here”

I said, “I can’t leave you alone here”

She said, “then you too stay”

I said, “No. We can’t. Let’s go.”

She said, “just 30 minutes. I want to sleep.”

She slept on my shoulder and one hour passed but still she is sleeping.

I don’t want to wake her up so I brought her to my room and placed her on bed. I slept on couch.

After sometime I felt touch on my cheek and my eyes snapped open. I was shocked to see Aneesha’s face close to mine. She was carassing my hair and other hand was on my cheek. She looked startled now and took her hands away then stood up.

I said,“What are you doing here?

She said,“Sleep on bed”

My eyes widened and I said,“What?”

She said,“Please..I don’t like sleeping alone and I know if it will too uncomfortable to sleep on sofa.”

I said,“But that’s not right. How can I?”

She said,“Please I will not touch you. I will stay at a distance. you sleep comfortably without any fear. I will not pounce on you.”

I laughed at her words. She is size of peanut and telling me to not fear her. She is cute.

I slept beside her. There was distance between us but after sometime She placed her head on my chest and snuggled closer to me. I looked at her and her eyes are closed and her breath is even. I think she is asleep. I like the feeling of her being with me. I don’t feel guilt but I feel happy and very contended when she is with me. I feel like she belong here in my arms. Why? What is her past? I wanted to know but she is already upset. She is in pain. I want to make it go away.

Afnaan’s pov:

Aneesha is not lifting her phone. Where is she? I called at Zaeem’s home I came to know Aneesha is not at home and Zaeem as well. I am sure both of them are together. I called my private investigator friend to get details of Zaeem and recent places he visits. I got to know he has his own house where he use to stay before and he is right now there with some girl.

Aneesha I am coming. you did a big mistake by cheating on me. You see now what I will do?

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