Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twelve – Confused

Aneesha’s Pov:

I woke up saw I was in someone’s arms. This is the third time it’s happening. My Love is in front of my eyes. I love waking up in Zaeem’s arms. I love him so much. Why wouldn’t I he is my darling husband whom I love the most in this world. I want to tell him that I am Aneesha, his wife and want to explain my situation why I left him after our wedding night but I am scared. I don’t want to lose him. I can’t marry Afnaan how can I? when I am already married. If I say no also I know Afnaan will not leave me alone. My Mom wants me to marry so there is only one solution which can solve all my problems if somehow Zaeem agrees to marry me but he is stubborn, he will not agree so easily after what happened last time.

Whatever I will think later for now let’s make breakfast for my hubby. It will be my first time cooking for him so I am little nervous and excited. I don’t even know what he likes. I am such a bad wife I don’t know much about him. For now let’s make my favorite. Pasta.. I love pasta. I hope he likes it.

I started preparing. After I finished cooking I turn around a gasp left me. Zaeem was standing near entrance looking at me. He looks so handsome, he has not changed much. I was so attracted to him when I first met him. Love at first sight. I was so sure that he is the one for me and I don’t want to take risk so very hardly I convinced him to marry me right then but because of my stupidity I lost him. I feel so much anger whenever I think about it.

I was in my own thoughts when I heard him say, “Are you alright? What are you doing here in kitchen?”

I smiled and said, “I prepared pasta. Let’s eat.”

He said,“oh good. I am very hungry. I didn’t have my dinner because of somebody”

I felt really bad because of me he skipped dinner.

I said, “I am sorry”

He said, “it’s okay. Quickly serve now.”

We both sat on dining table and started eating. I want to start conversation with him but I don’t know what to say. Zaeem say something..

Zaeem said, “Are you okay?”

I said, “yes”

He also looked like he want to ask something but stopping himself from doing that.

I asked, “Do you want to ask me something?”

He said, “You really meant what you said yesterday?”

What I said? Afnaan? My past? My love?

Regarding what is he talking about?

I said, “What?”

He looked uncomfortable but finally he said, “That you like me”

Like no... I love you Zaeem.

I said, “Yes I do. Do you like me? ”

He said, “It’s complicated”

I said, “What does it mean? It either yes or no”

He said, “I don’t know what I feel for you. Leave it you won’t understand”

I said, “Tell me.. I will try to understand”

He said, “You remind me of someone whom I thought I have loved but I am confused whether I like you or I am seeing her in you. There is no doubt that I like your company” hurts to hear that. He don’t love me anymore. Both persons are me so I have no problem whom you love but I prefer if he likes the present me.

I said, “I have a solution to your problem”

He said, “What?”

I said, “We can go on vacation somewhere so that we can spend time alone and get to know each other. Faraway from all this tensions.. You can also clear your feelings what you think about me. What say?”

I looked at him expectantly. Please please please agree. I just want to go far away from Afnaan and I will have time to make you fall for me.

He said, “No. It won’t look good. It will surely spoil your Image in society. I can’t risk that.”

I said, “Why are you saying like that?”

He said, “Leave it Aneesha...”

I said, “now you have no problem calling me Aneesha”

He said, “I.. I.. It just a name. I have over reacted before”

I said, “Please let’s go on vacation.
I really need break from this drama. Please”

I know him too well. If he wants to do and just saying no thinking about consequences you can win by persuading him.

He said, “Don’t you have college...?”

Nothing is more important than you but I can’t say this to him.

I said, “Fine. If you don’t want to come with me then I won’t force you. I am really upset and feeling depressed. I thought it might be a good change but it’s okay. I can’t force you. It’s your choice but it would have been nice if you have agreed.”

He said,” No need to be dramatic. Fine let’s go but where are we going? ”

Where? Where? I think a cold place will be best..I can be close to him and I can blame it on weather. Yes.. Yes.. I can’t wait for this Vacation.

I said,“Switzerland”

He said,“but that place is for couple you know”

Yes I have seen in many Indian movies. It’s a romantic place. We are from India. I met him first there only. We got married there but because of my fault our family shifted to Turkey. It’s all in the past. It will be like we are going on honeymoon. Oh my God I am so happy. I have dreamt of this. I will meet him again.

I said,” It’s not compulsion to be couple. We are going there. No more arguments.”

He said,” You behave like a typical wife. Demanding and commanding”

I said, “That’s who I am”

He said, “What?”

My stupid mouth always blurting nonsense.

I said, “I mean demanding and commanding. That’s who I am”

I said, “We are leaving tonight. I will book flight”

He said, “Tonight?”

I said, “I don’t have much time”

Time.. My biggest enemy right now I have to act fast before Afnaan does something. He is very stubborn and arrogant I have known him form childhood. If he want something then he never let go. He will get it by hook or by crook but I am not a thing I have feeling and I can only love Zaeem and want to be his forever.

He said, “Tonight is too early.”

I said, “Don’t worry. I will handle everything”

He said, “Nope. I will handle everything. We will leave tomorrow morning for one week trip.”

I moved towards him and hugged him then kissed his cheek and said, “Thank you”

He smiled and said, “Let’s go home now”

We came back home and went to our rooms. Strange no one said anything. I didn’t got any call from Afnaan which is weird. He is not type of person to be calm. I hope it’s not silence before Strom. Don’t think much Eeshu. Just focus on your trip. Let’s go for shopping. Let’s drag Zaeem as well.

I knocked on Zaeem’s door. He opened it and I said, “let’s go for shopping”

His reaction was hillirious.

He said, “Just now we came back. I want to rest”

I said, “We don’t have time to rest. Let’s go please. I have lots of shopping to do. You want me to go alone?” keeping my best innocent face

He sighed and said, “Fine we will leave in an hour”

I smiled and hugged him then said, “Thank you”

He moved back and said, “We are at home”

So embarrassing. Control yourself.

I said, “Sorry”! and I happily left to my room.

I got ready and applied light make up. I have to wake up my make up and dressing skill. I have to seduce my husband. I have left bothering about myself long time back. It’s been 4 years but I want to look hot and presentable that Zaeem can’t take his eyes of me.

We went for shopping. It’s looks like he don’t like shopping. I almost bought couple wear. Zaeem was like we are not couple but I didn’t bother to pay attention. I am so happy with my shopping. I got some lingerie as well. I know nothing of that sort will happen but why take the change let’s be prepared. It’s not like we are doing for first time. We have already done it after our marriage. Oh my all the memories are flashing in front of me. My cheeks are turning hot. Aneesha focus what are you doing?

Zaeem asked, “Are you okay?”

I instantly replied, “Y-Yes..”

We came back and this felt like longest night. I can’t sleep for a second. I was just waiting for Zaeem to come and we start our vacation.

Now we are in flight sitting together and I am sleepy. I placed my head on his shoulder but I can’t sleep as many thoughts are running through my mind. I am little scared about Afnaan. He gave me 2 days time and here I am leaving for one whole week. I bought new Sim and left my old Sim at my room. No one can reach me. I am taking big risk by doing this but I am tired of others deciding for me. I know what I want from my life and I am going to get it. He is with me. That’s what matters. I fell into sleep with this thought.

Afnaan’s Pov :

I was pacing back and forth waiting for my PI friend to bring news about Aneesha. I heard knock on my door.


He came and said, “I don’t have any good news. They are going on vacation for one week to Switzerland.”

I closed my eyes to calm down and said,” Do you have the pics? ”

He said” Yes” and gave me an envelope.

I opened it and my eyes flared with anger. One pic both of them are sleeping in each other arms. Second she is hugging him. Third she is kissing him on cheek. Fourth she held his hand while he is carrying bags and bright smile plastered her lips. There are so many pics like this.

Aneesha why it has to be him?! I was so better than him. I love you from so long. I can do anything for you. you are meant to be mine. He came in the middle. He took what is mine..Do you have any idea how I felt when you got pregnant with him. you are suppose to carry only my children and only I have right on you. He left you and I was there with you. Finally now You are my fiancee and we are about to get married. He came in the middle again. This time I will not let him go easily. He will pay for snatching you from me. Just wait and watch. He is taking my rights and my place and you are allowing it. I won’t forgive you for this. You both have to pay for this. The hurt I am feeling right now I will be make sure you feel hundred times worse than this. You are mine and I will marry you at any cost.

I said, “Follow them there..”

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