Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirteen – Vacation

Aneesha’s pov:

We have landed in Zurich airport.

We are staying here in hotel and right now we are sitting in back seat of car which moving towards our hotel. I leaned and tried to place my head on his shoulder but he moved away then said,“keep distance. Let me think properly that this is not mere attraction”

I sighed and said,“okay” but for now he is my greatest attraction. It’s like he is magnet and I am metal. I just can’t stay away from him. There is a strong force that pulls me towards him. He wants me to stay away..ahhh..but I can’t go against his wish.

Once we reached the reception. Zaeem said,“We have two rooms booked under the name Zaeem Hasan”

I said,“Two rooms why?”

He said,“Because we are two persons”

I said,“I know that but I want to stay with you”

He said,“No”

I said to receptionist that “We only want one room cancel the other”

Zaeem said,“Aneesha listen to me”

I said,“NOO..NO way that I am staying alone in this big hotel. I came with you it’s your responsibility to take care of me so we are staying in one room. No more arguments”

I said,“Please cancel one room. We are staying together”

Zaeem shook his head but didn’t say anything

We went to our room and once I saw bed. I can’t stop myself and lied on bed.

Zaeem said,“How can you just lie like that? go and change”

I said,“I am tired. I can’t move”

He said,“if you want to stay in this room. you have to maintain cleanliness because I can’t stand dirt and mess”

I said,“I know I know.”

He said,“How do you know?”

This mouth really don’t know when to stop.

I said,“Aunty..Humna aunty once told me while talking”

He said,“if you know then get up from dirty how can you lie just like that without washing your legs.”

I said,“I am sorry. I will keep it in my mind. Sorry to disappoint you”

He said,“okay okay It’s fine. Get up now”

I got up and went to washroom.

Once I came back I saw he is still standing in same position.

I said,“Why are you standing?”

He said,“I was waiting for you to come”

He went inside washroom and I lied on bed. His actions reminded me of our wedding night. He reacted the same way like now. Everything came to my mind. What we did. How he felt. I suddenly felt hot. God what are you doing to me Zaeem. I want him.

I am out of my trance when Zaeem said, “Where are you lost?”

I said, “Nothing feeling tired”

He said, “Don’t you want to go on sight seeing”

I said, “I don’t mind as long as you are with me.”

He cleared his throat and muttered, “This girl had no filter on her mouth.” the said,” We are going out get ready”

I sighed and took my clothes from my bag and went inside washroom. He is so unromantic but that night he was not like this..

Once I came out I saw he was already ready wearing maroon t-shirt and jeans. He looked like an apple. I had strong desire to bite him.

He said, “Are you ready?”

I nodded.. He took his coat and said, “Let’s go”

I grabbed my coat and followed him.

We were roaming to lots of places and I am enjoying his company but his condition that I should not touch him is taking toll on me. He is really really very hard to resist. He is mine but I can’t say it loud. I am getting jealous of the females who are staring at him. They have no other work than to stare at my husband. I want to pluck their eyes out of their sockets.

End of the day we went to club. Once I really loved to go to clubs but after I lost Zaeem. I avoided going there but now I started liking them again. Anyway they have special place in my heart because here is where I met my husband.

I said,“Let’s dance”

He said, “Okay..but you should not touch me”

I am getting irritated with his behavior. I thought I am gonna enjoy here with him but no he has to spoil it. I glared at him and said, “Fine.. If you have so much trouble with my touch then hen I will find someone else to dance”

I was about to go when he said, “No. Don’t go.”

I said, “Why?”

He said,” You are my responsibility. It’s not safe”

I sighed in disappointment and said, “That’s it Nothing else”

He said, “What else there could be?”

I said, “I want to go back”

He said, “Okay”

We returned to our room and I got freshened up then lied on bed. I was feeling very very disappointed.

Then I thought it’s okay. At least now I can lay beside him.

But he took the couch. You have no idea how much anger I felt.

I said, “Are you really going to sleep on couch?”

He said, “Yes”

I didn’t talk to him and lied on bed then closed my eyes. He also didn’t say anything and slept.

Idiot.. Don’t he know I was angry. He should come here and console me but no... Ahh..I hat - no I can’t hate him. How can I love such idiot? I sgoukd check my brain.

I slowly drifted to sleep.

Next day I woke up. He is already ready and was reading news paper.

He said, “Good morning”

I didn’t reply to him and directly went to washroom. Now the game begins. If he is going to act like stranger then I will also don’t talk to strangers.

Once I came back he said, “What you want for breakfast?”

I didn’t reply and silently sat on bed and started scrolling through Facebook on my Mobile.

He said, “Can’t you hear me? Hello.. I am talking to you”

I ignored him completely.

He came and sat beside me then said, “Are you angry?”

Finally you noticed??

I turned my back to him. He chuckled and held my hand but I jerked away.

He said, “Heyy.. What happened?”

I didn’t reply.

He said, “You will not talk to me?”

I shook my head in no.

He said, “why? ”

Nerve of this guy. He really don’t know or acting innocent infront of me.

I read so many things about him in magazines, newspapers and on websites. He is a playboy. He has many affairs and he is very often has one night stands as well. Now with his own wife he is acting all proper and shy. When he allowed strangers to touch him which was only my right. Tears started flowing from my eyes.

He said, “Heyy.. Why are you crying?”

He came and tried to hug me but I moved back and glared at him. He lifted his hands in surrender and said, “Okay Okay I won’t come near you but please tell me the reason why you are so angry with me?”

I said, “You didn’t allow me to touch you”

He sighed and said, “I told you I want to think properly about us. Is this just physical attraction or something more. I want to see that will I be happy staying with you and like your company even if there is no physical contact.. That’s it”

I said, “So what you think? Do you love me?”

He said, “I need more time to think.”

I said, “okay but we don’t have much time just six days.”

He said, “I know”

After that I didn’t try to move close to him. I didn’t even know how 5 days passed and today is our last day here. Tomorrow morning we are going back. I thought this trip is going to be our honeymoon but it turned out something else. I am little disappointed but I really loved to spend time with him.He is the best company one can ever have. I love everything about him.

While we were walking in corridor to reach the parking lot. He held my hand. This is first time he touched me in this 5 days. I felt strange tingles and butterflies in my stomach.

Today he is being very touchy.. It’s not like I am not liking it but my question is suddenly what happened to him?

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