Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fifteen – Promise

Zaeem’s pov:

I opened and saw beautiful face of Aneesha sleeping peacefully in my arms.I never thought I can ever fall in love again but there is something in her which attracts me and I was not able to stop myself from falling for her. She thinks she is too smart but nope she is too naive and innocent. She is too blunt for my liking but when she professes her love openly for me I really like it even though I scold her.

She is like a ray of hope in my life which was filled with darkness since four years. I wish it will always stay like this.

She stirred in sleep so I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. I can fell her breath on my face. She kissed on my forehead and said,“Good Morning my love”

I slowly opened my eyes and saw her brightly smiling at me. I quickly went inside washroom. She really makes me lose control especially when she smiles so brightly. I quickly did my morning course and went downstairs. She already made breakfast and was setting the table. She also got freshen up I guess she used the other washroom.

She said,“I made pancakes.I hope you like it”

I sat on chair and said,“I love pancakes”

She said,“is it? I too love them”

I smiled and started eating
She said,“Actually I want to tell you something.”

I said,“tell me”

She said,“I-I think I mean I got message from Afnaan that my parents came to his house and I have to go there”

I don’t have a good feeling about this. but I can’t stop her from meeting her parents so I said,“okay then you should go”

She said,“you have no problem?”

I said,“No.I don’t want to take away your freedom”

She gave me hug and said,“I am so lucky to have you.I love you”

She said,“I am going to talk to
my parents about you. It’s okay with you?”

I said,“yes yes..I have no problem”

She said,“Are you going to talk with your parents?”

My parents..I don’t know how to explain her that I don’t have good relation with them.

I said,“There is no need to talk with them Aneesha”

She sat beside me and said,“I am not forcing you to marry me,right? If you have any problem then let me know”

I turned towards her and cupped her face and said,“No. I have no problem. If you want I can marry you right now”

She hugged me and said,“Thank you Thank You Thank you”

I smiled she is such a kid.

she said,“Let’s finish our breakfast then please drop me at Afnaan’s place”

I said,“okay”

She said,“Please feed me with your hands and I will feed you”

I am not fan of eating from other’s hands but how to say no to her? she is looking so expectantly at me.

I said,“okay”

We both fed each other afterwards I dropped her at Afnaan’s place. I told her that I will join her but she said she want to handle her parents then I can meet them. I don’t know why but I have a very bad feeling about this.
I hope everything goes well

Aneesha’s pov:

When I entered I saw that Dad was sitting on Sofa, Mom was pacing the room and Afnaan was sitting opposite​ to my dad. Zaiba was sitting silently.

When mom saw me she angrily walked towards me and slapped me. I was shocked what happened?

Dad stood up from his place and came beside mom and said,“What are you doing? Slapping grown up daughter”

Ammi said,“If I have done this when she was small then I think she would not have done this”

I said,“but mom what I did?”

She said,“you don’t know..” She throwed pictures at my face and said,“ did this. you brought shame upon us”

I looked at the pictures..those are of me and Zaeem. sleeping together, holdinghands, hugging, kissing, shopping, even the picture of yesterday’s intimate moment on bed. who? how?

I said,“Mom I love Zaeem. He is the one I got married to.”

She slapped me again and said,“Just shut up”

I loooked at father,“Dad please ..I really love him. He is my husband and He is ready to marry me again. Please I don’t love Afnaan.I don’t want to marry him. Please dad”

Mom said,“Don’t speak a word I am warning you” then she looked at father and said,“I told you not to send her here and get her married but you didn’t listen to me. Now see what she has done?”

I said,“Mom why are you saying like this? Just meet him once. He is really good person mom. Please just once. We really love each other and you forget that we are already married.”

Mom said,“I told you to shut up. That marraige is not valid where is the proof? You might be lying. You have done enough. I know what to do. you are getting married to Afnaan in one month.”

I was shocked and said,“No No Mom why don’t you understand I don’t love him.I don’t want to marry him. I love Zaeem.I will not marry anyone other than him.I don’t care what you say I will never marry Afnaan. If you think our marraige then I can marry again.”

I saw Afnaan clench his fist

Afnaan said,“Have you seen her attitude Aunty. This is all because of that Zaeem. He is filling her ears against us.”

It’s useless talking to them.

I walked towards my dad and got hold of his hand and said,“Dad please. He is not bad person. Please trust me this once.Please meet him just once”

Mom said,“Just keep quie-”

Dad signed her to keep quiet and then he placed hand on mine then said,“I don’t want to meet him.I know about him well. He is biggest player changing girls like clothes. He is not good for you. You are still kid you don’t know anything about world. I can’t let my daughter spoil her life. A person who can’t respect his parents how will he respect his wife so this time you listen to us Eeshu Marry Afnaan. We know him from childhood. He is best for you. You will be happy with him. About your marraige if you are so confident then let’s get divorce from him.”

I removed my hands from my dad’s and said,“Dad why no one is understanding me? I don’t want to marry him..Please Please let me be with Zaeem”

Mom said,“Enough is enough Aneesha. you are not going out of this house. You are going to stay with us here till you get married to Afnaan”

I glared at her and said,“I am not marrying Afnaan. I am not staying a second in this house. I am going to marry Zaeem with or without your blessings.”

I was about to step outside of the house when dad said,“if you left now then you are no more our daughter. You have to choose either him or us. Are you willing to break all your relation for him?”

They will understand once they see how happy I am with Zaeem. They will forgive me but if I marry Afnaan they will regret their whole life for spoiling my life. It’s better to hurt them little now than to give them life long pain.

I said,“He is only person I can ever think of to get married and spend my life happily. I love you Dad but I can’t lose him”

I just took two steps when I heard my mom and Afnaan calling out for dad. I turned around and Dad has fallen on ground one placing hand on his chest..oh noo did he have heart attack?

I ran towards him but mom pushed me away and said,“What are you doing here? go to your Zaeem. You have given good punishment to your Dad for loving you unconditionally.”

Afnaan said,“I have called ambulance. They are coming soon.”

I was dumb struck standing there. We have taken him to hospital. After few hours doctor told us that he is out of danger. One he came into conscious he was taking my name.

Mom was reluctant but doctor told me to go inside.

When he saw me ,he said,“You are still here. You didn’t leave me. I know my daughter loves me more than anything.”

I said,“yes I love you. I am not going anywhere leaving you. Please get well soon”

He said,“Will you marry Afnaan?”

I said,“Dad I don’t-” then I remembered doctors words not to give stress to him. Anyway I still have one month I will think of something..for now let’s just say yes”

I said,“okay as you wish papa..You have to get well soon so that you can take care of preparations”

He smiled and said,“I will”

I hope I have taken the right decision. I am sorry Zaeem but I promise you. I will not marry anyone else other than you.

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