Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Sixteen – Ran Away

Aneesha’s pov:

I came out and sat on bench when Zaiba sat beside me and said,“I heard what you promised Dad. You took right decision.”

I said,“I am not going to marry someone else. No matter what.”

She said,“Bhai loves you Aneesha. He is crazy for you. Please Don’t break his heart. Please..”

I was about to reply when my mobile started ringing. When I looked at screen it was from Zaeem.
I excused myself and picked his call.

As soon as I picked the call he started bombarding me with questions,“What happened? why are you not lifting your phone? Are you okay?”

I said,“No I am not. Please can you meet me at city hospital.”

He said,“H-Hospital.Why? What happened?”

I said,“Please come soon.I will tell you everything”

He said,“Okay. I am coming”

Zaiba said,“Don’t go Aneesha.”

I said,“I am sorry but I have to go”. I left from hospital when no one was looking at me and was waiting for him outside the hospital.

Once Zaeem came out of the car I hugged life out of him. I started crying my heart out. Why is it so hard to be with him?

He looked panicked and said,“Please tell me what happened? Why are you crying?”

I said,“Let’s go to your house.”

He said,“Okay but tell me what happened?”

I said,“I will tell you everything once we reach there”

He drives as fast as possible once we reached his house. We went to bed room and both of us sat on bed our legs dangling and sides touching each other. I told him everything that happened today.

He said,” What we are going to do now?”

I hugged him and said,“I don’t want to lose you but I can’t hurt my dad either. Somehow we have to make them understand that you are the best husband I can ever get.”

He said,“How are you so sure?”

I said,” I know. I told you to make my parents to understand that you are best for me not to raise doubt in me. Anyway no matter what others say I know you are the best and no one can change my perspective.”

He smiled and kissed my forehead then said,“you are too stubborn”

I said,“Whatever”

He said,“Now let me drop you at hospital”

I said,“But I want to stay with you today. I am so scared.”

He said,“Not today Aneesha..Come on let’s go. Tomorrow I will come to meet your dad”

I said,“okay”

We came downstairs and now standing at the door of the car. I can’t stop myself so I turned towards Zaeem and placed my lips on his. He placed hand on my waist and pulled me closer and placed other hand on the nape of my neck and deepened the kiss but it was so bad idea because next second we were pulled apart and Mom slapped Zaeem and said,“Stay away from my daughter. Once again if I see you near her then it will not be good for you”

she dragged me with her and after we reached Afnaan’s place she locked me in room. Oh shut..I have to think something quickly. Ahh because of my stupidity Zaeem got slapped. I hope he is fine.

I glared at Zaiba who came inside with food.

I said,“Why you told them?”

She said,“I am sorry but my brother is my priority. I want his happiness and believe me one day you will realize he is your happiness. Zaeem is not for you. He is not suitable for you. May be he meant to be with someone else.”

I glared at her and said,“Someone else who? you..? I see you still have crush on him.”

She was about to say something when door opened and mom entered the room along with Afnaan.

She said,“We have decided you are getting married to Afnaan in one week.”

I said,“But mom dad’s health”

She said,“Just shut up not a word.He will get well in two days and can come home”

She left and Zaiba as well.

Afnaan smirked and said,“see I told you no matter what you do I will marry you. Now we are getting married in one week”

I said,“in your dreams”

He said,“Fiesty. That’s what I like about you. You won’t back out so easily but this time you can’t win”

I said,“Even if we get married I will not stop seeing Zaeem. Get that straight in your head no matter what happens he will always be my husband and my one and only love”.

He laughed evilly and said,“Once this marriage happens. I will definitely show you your place and don’t worry you can’t even think about anyone else once we get married. I will train you properly”

He tried to kiss on my cheek but I pushed him away.

I said, “Don’t even dare to touch me”

He said, “This is not the way to speak to your would be husband”

I glared at him. He smirked and left from there and finally tears started flowing from my eyes. I don’t cry so easily but today I feel like everything is going against me. One week is too less to think of any plan to stop marriage. I have decided I am running away. If I stay here then I will go crazy. Anyway dad is coming home after two days. Mom won’t allow me to go out of house so it’s better I leave from here.

I wrote a letter saying I want peace and I will be back in two days. I got down from window and took taxi for Zaeem’s parents house. I am quite sure he will be there.

Watchman knows me so he didn’t stop me then I climbed the pipe and reached Zaeem’s window but his window is closed.

Idiot now what to do?

I knocked on the window few times then he opened it. He was shocked to see me but I quickly got inside and hugged him. I said, “I missed you”

He looked worried and pulled me out of hug and said, “What are you doing here?”

I said, “I ran away from home temporarily”

He said, “what?? Why?”

I said, “I have not ate anything since breakfast. Please bring food for me. I am starving”

He said, “Oh God.. Do you have any idea what stupidity you have done?”

I said, “Are you not happy that I came to see you?”

He sighed and said, “Of course i am happy to see you again but -”

I said, “No Buts.. Listen now mom wants me to marry Afnaan in a week.”

He was shocked and said, “what? you came here to tell me this”

I said, “Idiot. I came here to tell you that I am going to my grand ma’s house. We have to think of some plan. I want to be clear minded for that. If I stay here then I won’t be able to do it so I am leaving. I thought you will be worried so I came here to tell you”

He said, “but you are going to travel alone. It’s not safe”

I said, “Don’t worry I will be okay.”

He said, “Are you sure?”

I said, “100%”

He said,” wait here. I will get food for you”

He brought chapati and curry and I started eating and he kept staring at me.

I said, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He said, “I am going to miss you. Be safe and call me incase of any trouble.”

I finished eating and washed my hands and said, “Okay baba. Don’t worry”

He said, “When are you leaving?”

I said, “Tomorrow morning”

He smirked and said, “Till then what are you going to do?”

I said, “You wanna know”

He said, “yes”

I walked closer to him and placed my hands around his neck and said, “I going to spend my time with my husband”

He said, “Husband??”

I said, “y-yes, You are going to be my husband, right?”

He smiled and said, “oh is it?”

I said, “Stop talking. I am sleepy.”

He said, “okay.. Okay.. Let’s sleep”

We both laid on bed and hugged each other..

I said, “Do you think I am not attractive?”

He said, “What? Why are you asking that?”

I said, “You never.. You know.. Come closer to me. When I try to come you push me away”

He said, “We are not married Aneesha. I am married to some other women. It’s not right to go forward. I feel like I betrayed her.”

I said, “but what about your affairs? Don’t you think that is also betrayal”

He said, “I never had any affairs Aneesha. I was faithful to her.”

I said, “but those papers and parties”

He said, “They lied. I just can’t do it. My heart never allowed me. I thought I can never move on from her but there is something in you that I can’t stop myself from falling for you. I don’t feel guilty or like I betrayed her when I am with you. It’s so weird I don’t understand why? but with you I feel everything is right. I don’t want to lose you. You have become important part of my life. I really like you”

I said, “You really had no affairs??”

He laughed and said, “You only heard that. You are too cute. Yes I had no affairs”

He pinched my cheeks and kissed my forehead.

I felt so happy. He is just mine. My Zaeem..My husband.

I kissed him again. I just can’t stop myself. I can never get tired of it. I love him so so much. I will fight for him till my last breath. I have lost him once but not this time. No one can force me to do it. My parents.. Afnaan.. No one. I will never let him go. Even if it makes me selfish.

With his thought I closed my eyes and fell in deep sleep in arms my love.

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