Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Seventeen – Kiddo

Aneesha’s pov:

I was sleeping peacefully when I felt someone shaking me and calling my name to wake up.I said,“let me sleep”

I heard his laugh and he kissed my forehead and said,“Heyy cutie. Get up before I pour water on you. You will miss your flight..get up”

I slowly opened my eyes and saw him sitting beside me smiling.

I said,“What’s the time?”

He said,“5 in the morning”

I snapped my eyes wide open I have flight at 7.

He said,“Don’t worry.We will reach on time. Get ready fast.”

I quickly got ready and Zaeem dropped me at airport. I just don’t want to go inside leaving him. I walked two steps and turned towards him again and hugged him. He hugged me back and by the way he is holding me I can tell he don’t want me to leave.

He said,“Do you want me to come with you?”

I said,“No. I don’t want to get you in trouble. Already I am feeling guilty because of me you got slapped.”

He said,“heyy. It’s okay. I don’t mind. I want to come with you”

I said,“No. Please..Don’t ask again. I won’t be able to say no”

He sai,“okay. Take care. Call me incase of any issue. Stay out of trouble and stay safe.I will miss you”

I said,“I will miss you too and I love you”

He didn’t say anything. I pulled back from hug and walked towards checkout.

I landed in Mumbai. This city has so many memories. I have spent my life’s 18 years here. I found my love here and I got married to him here. This city is very special for me.

I took cab to my grandmother’s house. Once I got down. I paid the money and rang the bell. The door was opened but I can’t see anyone. How so?

Then I heard someone say, “Who are you?”

I said, “I can’t see you”

The voice said, “Look down”

I looked down saw a little boy looking at me with green eyes.w

I said, “I guess I came to wrong house. Sorry”

I left from there. Oh God Eeshu it’s only been 3 years you forgot your grandmother’s address. Let me check address again in mobile. It’s correct only.

I rang the door bell again and that kid opened the door again.

He said, “You came on wrong address again. How foolish you are?”

I said, “Heyy. I am on right address but you seem to be in wrong house”

He said, “I am staying here since I am born”

How is it possible? Did grandmother change address. Her number also switched off. Ohh seriously what to do?

I said, “Please can you call your mother? I need to talk with her”

He looked sad when I said so.

He said, “I don’t have mother. Anyway wait I will call my Granny”

I said, “Granny?”

He said, “Great grandmother”


I said, “Please call her”

He went inside then I saw my grandmother coming with him.

I said, “Grandmother”
I ran and hugged her.

She looked shocked and said, “What are you doing here?”

I said, “I ran away from home”

She said, “What? Have you lost your mind?”

I said, “Grandmother please sit and listen to me”

She said, “okay”

That kid also came and sat beside her.

I said, “By the way who is he?”

She hesitated and said, “H-He”

I said, “Neighbor?? ”

She was about to say something when that kid said, “You are too stupid. I told you she is my Granny”

This kid is too rude.

Grandmother said, “Zohaan. I told you not to speak like that to elders”

He said, “Sorry”

I said, “His name is Zohaan?”

He said, “See she is too dumb. I am not lying”

I felt tears left my eyes. I miss you Zohaan. I hope you are in good place.

He was shocked and said, “I am sorry I was just teasing you. I didn’t mean to make you cry. You know I get bored, I don’t have anyone to play.”

I said, “No. I am not crying because of you.”

Before I can ask who is he?

Grandmother said,” Tell me why you came here? ”

I told her everything.

She said,” I think this time your mom is correct. What if that boy is playing with you. ”

I said,” He is not playboy. Stop taking your daughter’s side”

She said, “Did he know what happened to you four years back?”

I said, “No”

She said, “Do you think he will accept you even after knowing truth”

I said, “He will. I am sure”

She said, “Then why didn’t you tell him? ”

I said, “I don’t want to hurt him. It’s no use thinking about past”

She said, “But still you shouldn’t have come here without informing your mom.”

I said, “stop talking about her. She really irritates me. Why can’t she understand I don’t love Afnaan.”

That kid said, “Why are you saying like that? You are so lucky to have mom.”

I said, “Hey kiddo. Don’t speak when elders are talking.”

He said, “I am smarter than you”

I was about to reply him back when Grandmother told him to go to his room. He left.

I said, “Who is he?”

He said, ” If she is my Great Grand mother then I am her great grand son. You are too d-“.

I said, “Shut up. You are too rude”

Grandmother said, “Zohaan I told you to go to room”

He said, “Okay Granny.. I am going”

He left.

His name is killing me. I miss my Zohaan.

I said, “Why his name has to be Zohaan?”

She said, “You take rest. We will talk later”

I went to my room and saw that kid playing video game there.

I said,“What are you doing here? This is my room”

He said, “This is my room since I am born. Who are you? Why you keep irritating me?”

I said, “I am irritating you. Me? You must be kidding. You are the one who keeps taunting me since I came here”

He said, “I am not taunting you. I am teasing you because I like you”

He is just like me. I love to tease people whom I like.

He said, “Will you be my friend?”
He extended his hand.

I shook his hand and said, “I will be your friend because I like your name”

He said, “You only like my name?”

I said, “No. Now I like you too”

He smiled and hugged me and said, “You are my first friend. We should celebrate? ”

I said, “How?”

He said, “what you like?”

I said, “Watching movie”

He said, “Boring. I do that all the time”

I said, “You only tell me what you want to do?”

He said, “Let’s make cake”

I said, “I don’t know how to make cake”

He said, “offo.. We can see in net”

I said, “okay”

I took him downstairs. We started making cake looking videos in YouTube.

We both placed the ingredients in bowl and started mixing them. He insisted to do it. It was too cute to see his little hands trying to mix the batter after sometime I got hold of his hand and we both started mixing.

I said, “You love cakes?”

He said, “yes. They are my favorite”

I smiled thinking of Zaeem. He too likes cakes. He told me on our vacation.

He said, “Why are you smiling?”

I said, “Just remembered someone”

He said, “Who? Your lover boy”

I said, “Hawwww..” I covered my mouth and said, “You are kid. You can’t say like that”

He started laughing.

I said, “why are you laughing?”

He said, “your face.. It’s funny”

I took the plate and saw my reflection in it. I have batter all over my mouth.

He was laughing continuously. I got angry and I took the batter and applied to him.

We started throwing batter at each other and then heard someone say, “What you guys are doing?”

He said, “Granny she started throwing batter at me”

This kid he is putting all blame on me.

I said, “Grandmother he started it”

He said, “No she started”

I said, “He started”

She said, “Both of you just shut up. I don’t care who started it. Both of you gonna clean it”

We both nodded. Our grandmother becomes Jhansi ki rani when she is angry.

We both started cleaning the kitchen.

I said, “You made cake before? ”

He said, “No.. Granny don’t allow me to eat sweets much. She is too strict”

I said, “Yeah I know. She is too health conscious.”

He said, “It’s been too long. I ate cake last on my birthday.”

I said, “When is your birthday?”

He said, “April 25”

I was shocked that was the same day when my Zohaan was born and left this world.

I said,” How old are you exactly? ”

He said,” 4 years 2 months 4 days”

I don’t know how to feel.. It’s the same day..Same day my son was born.

I said, “C-Can you show m-me your pics?”

He said, “Okay” we went to our room. She showed me the pics and also the one which was taken when he was born. It’s the same pic which they showed me saying he died. They lied to me.

I went to grandmother’s room.

I opened the door and said, “Zohaan is my son. You lied to me. Why?”

She looked shocked.

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