Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Eighteen – Family

Aneesha’s pov:

I said, “Zohaan is my son. You lied to me.. Why?”

Grandmother said, “You are not suppose to find out this.
Aneesha we just wanted to protect you. You were just 18 when you had Zohaan. Too young you had your whole life ahead.”

I said, “Lies.. Lies.. Everything is a lie. You knew everything. You knew how much I loved my son. Even if he is not born. He was the only thing which was keeping me sane. You were with me through out my pregnancy. You knew that I wanted him more than anything in my life so stop this lies that you did it for me and tell me the real reason. ”

She said,” Aneesha why don’t you understand? ”

I said,” I want truth”

She said, “Afnaan don’t want Zohaan in your life. Afnaan told your mom that he can accept you but he don’t want Zohaan in your life so your mom told me to keep Zohaan and lied to you saying he died. She just wanted to secure his daughter’s future. I hope you understand her.”

I can’t believe this.. Just because Afnaan was not ready to accept my son. They told me he is dead. I can’t stop my tears.

I said, “I clearly understand your intentions. You did all this just to save your respect. She is afraid that what will people think about them if the truth is out that I have a baby. I told you many times that I am married but no one believed me. I know why she is helping Afnaan. He is blackmailing her that if she don’t get me married to him then he will tell everyone about me. I also know that we shifted to Turkey because people started to get suspicious about me and mom didn’t want them to know. I always tried to understand her but keeping my son away from his mother is not acceptable at all. She spoiled my life when she decided to get me married to Afnaan even after knowing he is not good for me. She just want to save their name in the world. I don’t want such selfish people in my life. I have decided what I have to do. I am taking my son with me. ”

She was about to say something but I don’t want to hear anything.

I went to Zohaan’s room. I hugged him tightly. My baby. Mine and Zaeem’s baby. Symbol of our love. Zaeem’s precious gift. My life. My happiness. He is not dead. My baby.

He said, “Friend.. I can’t breathe”

I said, “Sorry” and moved away and placed him in my lap and said, “Zohaan, I want you tell you something. Please listen to me and try to understand, Okay?”

He said, “Okay”

I kissed his cheek and said, “My smart kid”

He smiled making me smile.

I said, “Zohaan I am your mother.”

He was shocked. I thought he will be angry but he sqealed and hugged me then said, “I have a mother. I am so happy but why you came so late? ”

I said, “I was stuck somewhere but now I am here and I won’t leave you ever again”

He said, “promise” showing his little finger. I said, “Promise” and intertwined our little finger.

I said, “You have to come with me. Will you?”

He said, “But Granny”

I said, “She will be okay but I want to stay with you baby but I can’t stay here so will you come with mom?”

He said, “Okay. Do I have papa?”

I said, “Yes baby. You can meet him but you have to wait to call him papa. I can’t explain everything to you. I mean-”

He said, “yeah. Yeah. I understand. Elders secret. Granny used to say that every time I ask about my parents.”

I said, “but soon everything will be fine. Let’s go”

He said,“okay. I will tell to Granny and come”

I said, “okay”

I don’t want him to know how selfish his Granny and grandmother are.

Once he came back. I was worried about how to get him passport to take him with me but shockingly Grandmother gave me his passport and said, “I knew someday you will get to know the truth and you will take him with you so I made passport for him. I am sorry for everything”

I didn’t say anything.
I called Zaeem to take his help regarding Zohaan’s Visa. I don’t know what he did but after few hours he called me and said he is sending his private jet and he have taken care of everything. He is the best. He didn’t ask any questions like why? Who is he? He just understood that I need time.

I got Zohaan’s bags placed in my car and Zaeem called me when we reached airport.

I was shocked to see Zaeem there.

He smiled and hugged me.

I hugged him back.

Zohaan cleared his throat and said, “So he is your lover boy. I like him”

I said, “Zaeem you are saved.”

Zaeem looked confused and said, “Who is he?”

I said, “Zohaan. He is my son”

Zaeem said, “okay.” then his eyes widened and said, “What? Your son?”

I said, “yes..”

He was silent and I got scared.

He said, “Why you didn’t tell me about this before?”

I said, “I-I was scared that you won’t accept him”

He said, “You think so low about me...? If you are okay with me being married and having affairs then why can’t I accept your son?”

I want to tell him that it’s our son but I don’t know how he will react? He gets angry whenever I try to bring up his first wife who is me.

I said, “I am sorry. I just didn’t want to lose you” he hug me and said, “it’s okay. This time I let you go off the hook easily. Next time I will not be this generous. I hate when someone hides truth or lies to me.”

Should I tell him about truth now. No. No.not today.

Zaeem said, “let’s go. Champ come here”

He took Zohaan’s hand in his. They look cute together.

Once we sat in the plane. Zaeem said, ” I have to finish some work you take rest in room if we want to sleep.”

Once zaeem left I asked Zohaan,” Do you wanna rest? ”

He said,” No but I want to see the room”

We went to the room. It was beautiful and has all necessary things.

Zohaan said, “your lover boy is rich.”

I said, “Zohaan. Don’t call him lover boy..”

He said, “okay”

I said, “You want to eat something?”

He said,“I am not hungry but I really want to eat cake. ”

I said,” okay I will just come. Don’t go anywhere”

He said, “I am not kid. I am grown up boy”

I smiled and said, “yeah.. Yeah.. I know but I am your mother and you always will be my baby.”

I was about to go when he said, “Mom”

I felt very happy to hear him say that. I felt tears in my eyes. I stopped in my tracks.

He said, “can I call you mom?”

I ran towards him and hugged him and said, “ofcourse. You can call me mom. I am so happy that you accepted me as your mother.”

He said, “You are my mom”

I said, “yes”

He said, “My cake?”

I said, “oh sorry I will bring it”

I brought cake for him. I started feeding him. I want to tell him that Zaeem is his father but how?

I said, “Zohaan I want to tell you about your father but please don’t be angry. I mean he is not bad person but you know -”

He interrupted me saying, “Lover boy is my father, right? and he don’t know that..”

I was shocked. How he know that?

He said, “Don’t be shock mom. It’s not so hard to guess so my dad don’t know that he has a son. You don’t want me to tell him but why?”

I said, “it’s complicated”

He said, “That’s what elders say when they don’t want to answer.”

I was shocked he is too smart.

I said, “I will tell you one day but not today”

He said, “okay”

On same time door opened and Zaeem came inside and said, “Eating cake alone.. Leaving me?”

Zohaan said, “You can join us. We have lots of it”

Zaeem came and sat with us.

Zohaan said, “Can I call you dad?”

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