Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Nineteen – Invitation

Zaeem’s pov :

Aneesha left from airport to her home and I am little worried for her. I hope she won’t get in trouble for leaving house for two days without their permission.

I looked at Zohaan who was so excitedly looking outside the window it seems he have not gone out much. He is sweet and smart kid. It will be really tough for a boy to understand our situation but he has taken everything maturely which is very rare in kids. I am really lucky to have him as my son even though he is not my own blood. His biological father really unlucky to miss such gem of son.

Strangely he looks alot like me his eyes, his hair and his smile is just like me. If I say that he is my son then no one will doubt.

I am curious about his father. Who is he? How they met? Why they got separated? I am little envious of him for being part of Aneesha’s life and having such cute kid. Unfortunately he lost them and now I have opportunity to make them mine which I don’t want to lose.

There is something in Aneesha. I have been surround by many girls from my childhood as I have good looks and money but I never got attracted to anyone.

My first wife was the first one to penetrate through my walls. She was there with me when I was at my weakest. I don’t have much memories with her but whatever time I spend with her is memorable. I really don’t understand why she left me? I can’t just remove her from my heart just because I found Aneesha now. She will always be part of my life and I feel like it’s unfair to Aneesha. After meeting Aneesha I felt like I can be happy even without my first wife. Aneesha is very special for me. I always feel happy in her company. She reminds me a lot of my first wife but still she has her own place in my heart now.

My thoughts came to halt when our car stopped at home. I took Zohaan hand in mine and walked towards entrance.

Once my mom saw us, she said, “Finally you came. You left so abruptly you got me worried. Where you went ? who is this boy?“..

I said,” My son..Zohaan ”

She was shocked and said,” What? ”

Just then my father entered and he looked at Zohaan and then me and I said,” he is my son”

He said, “what nonsense?”

Zohaan said, “Are they my grand parents?”

I said, “yes”

He said, “Assalamwalikum grandma and grandpa”

Mom smiled looking at him and said, “walaikumassalam.” then she looked at me and said, “How is this possible? I told you to change your player ways but you didn’t listen. Now see what happened? You can’t even take care of yourself how will you take care of him?”

I said, “Don’t worry mom. I will take good care of him”

Dad said, “who is the mother?”

I said, “I can’t reveal it yet. May be after few days you will get to know by yourself”

Dad shouted, “Have you lost your mind? Who the hell is your mother?”

He asked last question looking at Zohaan. He flinched and hid behind my legs.

I said, “Dad you are scaring him.” I took him in my arms and said, “we are tired from journey so I want to rest . We will talk about it later”

I was about to climb stairs when mom said, ” have breakfast before sleeping”

I said, “we had food in plane”

When we reached room. We got freshen up and sat on bed. Zohaan said, “Grandpa is very scary”

I said, “he is”

Zohaan said, “I miss momma”

I said, “me too. Should we call her?”

Zohaan said, “but mom told us not to call her”

He is right. I don’t want to cause trouble to her.

Zohaan said, “papa please can we play game on play station?”

I said, “sure. I also need distraction”

We were playing till noon. I didn’t even notice time.

We got to know it’s already noon when mom called us for lunch. Lunch was too awkward everyone was silent.

After sometime Dad said, ” How irresponsible of you? You have a son without marraige. Have you did DNA test? ”

Mom said, “stop scolding him in front of his son”

Dad said, “I will scold him even in front of his grand children if he make mistake”

I heard Zohaan laugh and what more shocking is my dad also smiled at him but next second he composed himself and left from there.

We also went to our room after lunch.

At evening I got call from Aneesha I was so happy. Me and Zohaan chatted with her for whole one hour. She was so normal while talking to us like nothing is wrong in her life. I really like this quality in her. She always tries to stay positive and confident that everything will be fine.

Next day in the morning I was reading news paper when someone rang the bell. Mom opened the door and said,“Aneesha..finally you got Time to come here. How is your father? Please come inside and who is he? ”

Oh no Afnaan came with her. I took Zohaan to our room and told him not to come out. I came down stairs. Afnaan and Aneesha were seated on sofa and Mom sat on chair.

When he saw me he purposely placed hand around Aneesha’s shoulder to make me jealous and it’s working. I want to kill him for touching her.

He said, “Oh Zaeem.. You are here. I personally came here to invite you for our wedding”

A gasp left from my mom.

She said, “Aneesha you are getting married to him. ” then she composed her self and said,“Oh sorry.. Congratulations. I am happy for you”

Aneesha half smiled and nodded. Then she looked at me and mouthed ‘don’t worry I won’t ’.

I want to believe you but I am scared. I am really scared of losing you..

I came and sat on chair beside Aneesha. Afnaan placed card in my hand and said, “Please attend all functions we will be very happy to have you. Am I right ,Aneesha?”

He said taking her hand in his. I clenched my fist to control myself but didn’t say anything.

Aneesha said,” yes”

Afnaan smiled and said, “see.. She also agreed.”

Then he looked at mom and said, “Please come aunty along with uncle and Zaeem. We are really thankful to you for allowing Aneesha to stay here.”

Aneesha hugged Ammi and said, “please come Aunty. You should not miss my wedding”

Ammi nodded.

Afnaan said, “Aneesha let’s go. Sorry Aunty we will leave now. We have many cards to distribute”

He placed hand on Aneesha’s waist and both of them left.

I went to my room and Zohaan said, “what happened papa? Why are you sad? What momma said? I wanted to meet her. It’s okay. Now just three days left.. Then she will be with us”

Unknowingly I said, “will she? What if she got married to him”

He said, “No momma will not marry him. Momma loves you a lot”

I said, “How are you so sure?”

He said, “momma told Granny that she loves you alot and you are very good person.”

I sighed. I should not doubt her. She is not like my first wife. I should trust her. She will not leave me but still I am insecure may be because of my past. Please Aneesha don’t leave me. I can’t go through another heart break.

Zohaan said, “please trust momma. She loves you alot”

I took him in my lap and hugged him and said,“I am scared Zohaan. I know she loves me but still I am scared of losing her”.

He is just a kid but I need to share my feeling with someone. This boy has become so close to my heart in just one day.

His small hands wrapped around my neck and he slowly patted my back. He is so cute.. My baby.. My son

I said, “let’s go for shopping”

He nodded.

We went to mall and looking for the dress to wear in marriage and I almost tried 14 dresses but Zohaan is not liking any of them. Now I am going to try my 15th dress.

When I came out of trail room I was shocked to see Aneesha in red bridal dress standing infront of me.

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