Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Two – Marry Me

Aneesha’s pov:

I said,” Will you marry me? ”

The look on his face was so funny. I think he was beyond shocked and he is not the only one. I never thought I will propose someone whom I just met to marry me directly but I just don’t want to lose him.Seriously I was not expecting to say that. How can I ask someone to marry me in the first meeting itself? I seriously lost my mind but I want him. I am scared what if someone snatches him away from me before I get a chance with him. Once we are married he can’t go anywhere. yup this is right thing to do but my parents? They will never agree but once we are married they have no choice but to accept us.

he looked very angry and said,“if you are doing this for bet then you choose the wrong person. Please leave me alone.”

I said,“I am not doing this for bet. I really like you”

he shouted,“Don’t you understand I want to be alone .Leave me alone. Get lost”

I am not going anywhere.

I said,“you look very upset. What happened? you can tell me. you know I am very good at solving problems”

He sighed and said,“Fine. you don’t want to leave. I will only leave”

He stood up and left. I marched after him.

When I came out I was not able to see where he went. oh shut I can’t lose him.

Just then I don’t know from where some five people came and started misbehaving with me.

I tired to go back but they dragged me with them. I was shouting for help when my prince charming came there and saved me.

He said,“Are you okay?”

I nodded.

He said,“come I will take you back to the Club”

I said,“Will you marry me?”

He said,“Are you mad? We just met”

I said,“Please ”

He muttered,” Ya Allah what to do with this girl?”

I said,“What’s your name?”

He said,“you don’t even know my name and you want to marry me. I have never seen such crazy girl”

I said,“I know. I asked your name”

He said,“Zaeem”

I said,“Nice name .My name is Aneesha.”

He said,“okay. if your introduction is done then let’s leave from here. They might come back”

I said,“okay but I don’t want to go back. I want to be with you”

He said,“just stop it okay. I am being nice doesn’t mean I like you”

I said,“See you are very upset about something. At this time you need a good friend by your side. Who can be more friendly than me my name itself state that”

He said,“I want to be alone. just go”

I said,“Please Give me a chance. I know you are very handsome but I am not that bad.”

He said,“I can’t see your face. you have mask”

I said,“but I want you to like me as I am so I won’t remove my mask. okay fine don’t marry me but just spend some more time with me to get to know me. if you still don’t like my company then I won’t force you. Please just give me one chance. I don’t want to regret life long that if I had chance then we might have worked out.Please one chance”

He said,“okay anyway It will be better not to be alone when my mind is not working but don’t get your hopes high. I am agreeing for the company not for the marraige.”

I was on cloud 9 when he agreed.

We went to beach and we sat there in silence.

I said,“so tell me What made you so upset?”

He said,“How can I tell you about myself so easily? ”

I said,“by sharing pain will lessen. if you will allow me I will take all your pain and fill your life with happiness”

He said,“stop there. don’t talk like that”

I said,“Is it affecting you?”

He said,“I was suppose to get married today”

I was so shocked. Does it make me bad person for feeling happy that he is not married today”

I said,“it’s good then otherwise we have not met and I would have lost you.”

He smiled. that is the first time I saw him smile.. h god I just felt 1000 butterfiles in my stomach just by his smile.

He said,“you are one piece.. you are crazy”

I smiled and said,“Don’t you think it’s good that you got to know she is not right person for you before marraige. what if you got married and she left with all your money.. you have been saved. you must celebrate and here you are brooding over your good luck”

He said,“you have a point we should celebrate. Your friends are right you have something in you. wait I will just come”

He brought ice cream for us.

I really love ice cream. He just got bonus points for it. Zaeem and Aneesha. Zayeesha..Wow I like the sound of it.

We both started taking about our dreams..what we want from our lives. What I am studying.. but sadly we never talked about our family or parents. It would have helped to avoid upcoming trouble only if we shared that detail.

I said,“Will you marry me now?”

He said,“Why you want to marry me?”

I said,“Because I love you and I don’t want to lose you ”

He said,“How are you so sure? we just met. it might be attraction”

I said,“I am sure about my feelings and I promise you that I will only love you forever.”

He said,“but still it’s too early”

I said,“if we both want this then I don’t care if it’s early or late. Do you want to marry me?”

He said,“No. I am just 19. I want to get married once I am settled in life.”

I said,“Are not you afraid to lose me? How do you feel if I get married to some other guy?does not it bother you?”

He didn’t say anything. How to make him understand?

He said,” What if we get to know later that we are not meant to be and we get divoced. our life will be spoiled. We are too young to take such decisions. We just met. you are so naive.”

I said,“Why are you talking about divorce? I have no doubt in it. I will never divorce you. if you want I can give you in written that I will not divorce you even if you beg for it. never.. once you get married to me you are stuck with me forever. get that straight. I will never leave you and that’s a promise. we will be together forever”

he said,“How are you so sure about me?”

I said,” My heart says so and it’s never wrong. I never felt like this before but I am 100% sure you are the one for me. I love you.”

He just kept staring at me without saying anything.

I said,” What are you thinking?”

He said,“That should I take you to mental asylum? How can you love me? you know nothing about me this is just attraction.”

I said,“Okay Let’s assume for a second that it is attraction. I don’t love you but I want to marry you. I promise not to divorce you but you can divorce me if you think you are not happy with me. I will leave your side without saying a single word but on one condition you should never cheat on me. I can never let go that otherwise we are safe.”

He shook his head and said,“No..Never. I like you but that’s it. I don’t love you and I am sorry but I can’t marry you now.”

I said,“but-”

He stood up from his place and said,“it’s nice meeting you but I have to go now.”

He took few steps when I said,“If you leave now without marrying me then I will jump in the water.”

He turned around and said,“Have you lost your mind?”

I said,“Please marry me.”

He said,“Ya Allah where I am stuck? Who is this girl? She is driving me crazy. ”

I walked towards him and said,“Marry me and I promise I will never be burden to you. Let’s give it a try. if you don’t like it or feel suffocated then you can leave me. if you want then I can give you in written. ”

He said,“Why are you so desperate to get married to me?”

She said,“Because I love you and don’t want to lose you. even though if we get separated in future I will have memories with you.”

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